I do stuff with portable music players.

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  1. Ivan Tsaryov

    Ivan Tsaryov

    Dag sedan

    sorry but most of all audio-devices engineered from ussr is a copy of japan/germany original devices hello from siberia)) p.s.: your translates is funny)))) and my funny too p.p.s.: no google man, no google

  2. Big Boy Hours

    Big Boy Hours

    Dag sedan

    Yeah can confirm

  3. James Park

    James Park

    Dag sedan

    Stadium Arcadium is a masterpiece

  4. Tyler Stephens

    Tyler Stephens

    Dag sedan

    bro.. did you really spend over 100$ USD on windows? do people do that?

  5. loganbaileysfunwithtrains


    Dag sedan

    I was genuinely sad when he didn’t use the FireWire cable

  6. Abel de Goederen

    Abel de Goederen

    Dag sedan

    5:35 how did you get these? How about buy them brand new form apple?

  7. Нови Сад Србија

    Нови Сад Србија

    Dag sedan

    no shit.... you arent russian

  8. mr1337357


    Dag sedan

    I remember a raycon ad on an asmr channel end with the host removing the raycons and putting in another brand of wireless earbuds to do the rest of the video

  9. Mouse-Floof


    Dag sedan

    I spy red Evans Hydraulics on your kit :3 Nice choice.

  10. Super Tune

    Super Tune

    Dag sedan

    The brightness changes is because of the janky adaptive brightness system on androids

  11. Kyle McGee

    Kyle McGee

    Dag sedan

    So close to 1 million nuggets!!!

  12. Bored Player

    Bored Player

    Dag sedan

    I feel the same to be honest. Im so tired of shows music and movies being pulled from all these services we pay a high amount of money for. I want to get something like a iPad or iPod and the BTR5. So I can just play music and video that i actually own on a device thatle last a long time.

  13. indeepj


    Dag sedan

    Do Gaming Headsets Need Microphones?

  14. Jack Sigmon

    Jack Sigmon

    Dag sedan

    How long does the battery last while its playing music? does it go the full 40 hours as advertised?

  15. Piotr Kubiec

    Piotr Kubiec

    Dag sedan

    If You really want to use it... Give that remote and the custom headphones to Your tech friend and ask him to solder the female jack to the custom remote plug.

  16. Big Things

    Big Things

    Dag sedan


  17. ﹰ

    Dag sedan

    2:01 Nope 0.1 hunge

  18. 秘密ッΛCE 集団

    秘密ッΛCE 集団

    Dag sedan

    Back when devices came with all the accessories and parts you ever needed AND a plethora of different charging ways like cables, wall blocks, batteries, extra batteries, external extra batteries, earbuds, more batteries, manuals, aux to aux, power to 12v, more batteries, aux to audio jack, audio jack to aux, audio jack fat plug, more batteries, microfiber cleaning cloth, protective films, dust kit, and more batteries.

  19. Tom Baldridge

    Tom Baldridge

    Dag sedan

    Ah, before the days of companies realizing if they make it cheap, you have to buy a new one

  20. Teafuse


    Dag sedan

    I had the Arctic 5 and it broke instantly.

  21. Narfire


    Dag sedan

    when i was a kid i always begged my parents for a drum set and ended up getting these from a Big Lots, my small child arms had to slam them down hard in the air to get them to work and taught me to be weary of cheap electronic products

  22. Владимир


    Dag sedan

    чел ты просто не мог выучить русский?

  23. Helios


    Dag sedan

    Your Sassy voice has to be one of my favourite things

  24. Shaun Rumleski

    Shaun Rumleski

    Dag sedan

    that DB test was like using an RTX 3090 to play tetris on a 50$ tv

  25. Weary Kirin

    Weary Kirin

    Dag sedan

    I'd add Sonarworks's SoundID to this list having a perfectly balanced set of headphones is incredible and will make your music listening experience so much better

  26. BeAsT thelegend27

    BeAsT thelegend27

    Dag sedan

    What if you used the dirty bud embigginers... With dirty airpods?

  27. BeAsT thelegend27

    BeAsT thelegend27

    Dag sedan

    If I can tell the difference between then with me smashing the vid our on my phone speaker... They're bad.

  28. Corey Portoghese

    Corey Portoghese

    Dag sedan

    0:08 See dees (it's) pretty nute. Cds pretty nuts. All I heard.

  29. Shaun Rumleski

    Shaun Rumleski

    Dag sedan

    if i owned them id sell them and buy a car

  30. seth potter

    seth potter

    Dag sedan

    I need me a new mate

  31. Christian Galaz

    Christian Galaz

    Dag sedan

    God I miss so much when companies actually gived you a complete product

  32. Dhexe0


    Dag sedan

    Hey Dank, you think you could do a vid on the JBL Tune 125 tws's? Love your work, btw

  33. Carson Casey

    Carson Casey

    Dag sedan

    Watching this with my skull crushers on 😃

  34. Sven


    Dag sedan

    what is the lore and story behind craig?

  35. Unknown


    Dag sedan

    Did anyone else get shriek pod vibes from this

  36. Mou Stashmol

    Mou Stashmol

    Dag sedan

    i had those

  37. Mister CAP

    Mister CAP

    Dag sedan

    Shouts to AvE for the education on plastics.

  38. Juvi Cendejas

    Juvi Cendejas

    Dag sedan

    Okay but what about the evos

  39. personwhodumb


    Dag sedan

    how about radio?

  40. Nicolas Winter

    Nicolas Winter

    Dag sedan

    the cliq was the best phone for price and had a full keyboard that worked great for emulators

  41. Ithirahad


    Dag sedan

    ngl,I would not want the shiny KZ faceplate sticking out of my ear. The rest of their housing looks excellent though.

  42. Tomorrow


    Dag sedan

    4:04 man I had that exact same Samsung in same colour and everything like 11 years ago (FIFA 2010 days) Nugget of nostalgia!

  43. Robert Wallis

    Robert Wallis

    Dag sedan

    As soon as I saw that box I shouted with glee, I knew this ain't no nugget, this was the GOOD SHIT in the 90s mate!

  44. Qas 1123

    Qas 1123

    Dag sedan

    The ear gunk isn’t tmi in fact it’s the reason why my AirPods should be in the trash but since my raycons cannot DISCONNECT from my phone and die I have to use them

  45. Chris Hill

    Chris Hill

    Dag sedan


  46. Mr. Nerd

    Mr. Nerd

    Dag sedan

    I have a 1974 Craig Mono Tape Recorder, its chunky as shit, and made of metal, and it's amazing

  47. Quent Halogen

    Quent Halogen

    Dag sedan

    i still don't have no idea which headphones i should get.

  48. aChillMango


    Dag sedan

    i love how excited Dank gets. Shows how much he loves what he does and it's just so pure.

  49. Black tank 101

    Black tank 101

    Dag sedan

    what do i jave to do for the fast traxx

  50. John Foster

    John Foster

    Dag sedan

    The modern flip phones now are just useless. It damages your screen peremently

  51. Lauren Glenn

    Lauren Glenn

    Dag sedan

    Yep. We used to have to know what brand of CD-Rs and CD-RWs to use. Also, yes! Dream Theater!

  52. MoutainMan3000


    Dag sedan

    Had a Sony DiscMan with a 10 second anti-skip memory. Bus rides to school were just holding the thing as steady as possible so I didn't miss out on my tunes! Good times.

  53. Why Am I Here?

    Why Am I Here?

    Dag sedan

    0:42 Limp Bizkit playlist

  54. PedigreedPig014


    Dag sedan

    Is it bad I use a iPod nano 6th gen as my daily driver iPod lol. But I do mainly use Apple Music on my iPhone with AirPods Pro’s

  55. Heor_15.9tl


    Dag sedan

    i just love the classic craig egg packaging

  56. SpoiledCola


    Dag sedan

    “oh it’s brand new” *unbrands the new*

  57. Sajalsahabd


    Dag sedan

    There is a Craig laptop

  58. Gevin Drabelle

    Gevin Drabelle

    Dag sedan

    You should give Soundcore Liberty 2 Pros a try. I think they would make for a pretty saucy review

  59. Lonnie Smith

    Lonnie Smith

    Dag sedan

    i wanted to see frank recorded on an ipod nano smh

  60. snap amp

    snap amp

    Dag sedan


  61. snap amp

    snap amp

    Dag sedan

    Buy one of the new galaxy a series phones like say, a51, I have one and it runs fine

  62. Flavio Akune

    Flavio Akune

    Dag sedan

    when you picked the first gorillaz album, i went OH, HELL YES Edit: then I realized, DMCA, and got sad :(

  63. Tim Walkey

    Tim Walkey

    Dag sedan

    2:24-2:36 I love that it has 'Strap Capabilites'. They were all in such a rush to put as much marketing BS filler on the packaging that no one thought to run spell-check and catch the missing i in capabilities.

  64. eggsalad


    Dag sedan

    Excuse me but i had a bit of a question how would i transfer music to my ipod exactly? Like in general

  65. Zrad


    Dag sedan

    9:25 been reading KBear as "K Bear" the whole time and just now realized that "KB ear" makes much more sense

  66. Wheat Skywalk

    Wheat Skywalk

    Dag sedan

    0:40 was me as I saw this video thumbnail.

  67. Wheat Skywalk

    Wheat Skywalk

    Dag sedan

    Kinda dumb what what is the Craig site

  68. random person 1216

    random person 1216

    Dag sedan

    Is the fiio a1 any good?

  69. random person 1216

    random person 1216

    Dag sedan

    At 1:20, analog is misspelled 😂

  70. JackiePea


    Dag sedan

    That thing built like a scale

  71. Adric101


    Dag sedan

    Do another cashes

  72. Marcus Schnierer

    Marcus Schnierer

    Dag sedan

    The "plastic film" that was on the galaxy fold was actually part of its screen...

  73. Chad Hill

    Chad Hill

    Dag sedan

    AirPods mini

  74. XGamin1


    Dag sedan

    Yo, Dank. I think Meze outdid the Empyrean...

  75. eet fuk

    eet fuk

    Dag sedan

    CDs nuts

  76. Ruben Koassechony

    Ruben Koassechony

    Dag sedan

    But u know if apple did it people would be bashing apple even more

  77. CTNTM


    Dag sedan


  78. Landon Harrold

    Landon Harrold

    Dag sedan

    Hey dank, I know you probably know about these but please talk about the Philips SHP-9500, they are great budget headphones and the sound does not take a bit at all due to the price, got my pair for $50-60 and have never been happier with a pair of headphones

  79. Adam Black

    Adam Black

    Dag sedan

    the red one sounds good ya ?