Vintage Russian Headphones.

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  1. WoofkaF


    11 minuter sedan

    Dont use google translator. He's (it is) very "stupid".

  2. JaM DVA

    JaM DVA

    37 minuter sedan

    Ты только хрипишь, for acting you should get about E--.

  3. memr


    2 timmar sedan

    4:00 - a proper translation is not much better: something like "headphones for your head". Well basically, a headset.

  4. Andrey Osss

    Andrey Osss

    2 timmar sedan

    Yutub, zachem ti rekomenduesh mne eto? U menya uzhe est naushniki.

  5. Edwin Aviles

    Edwin Aviles

    4 timmar sedan

    I, As a Mexican who lives in the US, tried learning Russian. I really like it because I thought it was very interesting the way it sounds and how it’s written. Seeing all these Russian comments bring a smile to my face. I don’t really understand it but I try. I need to work on pronunciation but having heard DankPods say them makes me feel like I’m doing alright.

  6. FullStop_001


    7 timmar sedan

    The "tac 6" sounded like high quality elevator speakers lmao

  7. Tiratrone


    7 timmar sedan

    3:34 Стередохуические? Кстати ТДС-16 явно новодел, я лично не видел со штекером 3,5, или 6,3 или вообще DIN5

  8. Lord Azan

    Lord Azan

    9 timmar sedan

    Pov, you are an Audiophile

  9. Дмитрий Кушнир

    Дмитрий Кушнир

    9 timmar sedan

    TDS а не ТАС

  10. Вячеслав Шнайдрук

    Вячеслав Шнайдрук

    11 timmar sedan

    they re called TDS-6

  11. Alex Denich

    Alex Denich

    11 timmar sedan

    Удивительно что гражданин Австралии интересуется аудионаушниками из постсоветского времини.

  12. Николай Черевко

    Николай Черевко

    12 timmar sedan

    Лайк тільки за те, що не зрозумів руській))))

  13. Witalik


    12 timmar sedan


  14. T P

    T P

    13 timmar sedan

    Don't you ever dare to mislead polish language with rusian you f#cking moron. As a Pole I felt offended as fuck. I want nothing to do with russia

  15. Zerg_4ik


    14 timmar sedan

    Хочу что бы такие вдиео были в рекомендациях. обожаю такое) что может быть иностранец натыкающейся на русское?

  16. Jakub Popławski

    Jakub Popławski

    15 timmar sedan


  17. Smooth E

    Smooth E

    17 timmar sedan

    Funny how all foreigners are trying to say "Tri poloski" as it's someone's surname

  18. 14 Ronnakrit Juajuan

    14 Ronnakrit Juajuan

    17 timmar sedan

    Aussie Man Have Never Seen Such A Communism Things

  19. DoubleFamily


    19 timmar sedan

    А Абдулов в "Самая обаятельная и привлекательная" не слушал ли случайно ТДС17? Очень похожи.

  20. Бразилец


    23 timmar sedan

    There is no such language as Australian. There is English. You start annoying me.

    • Бразилец


      21 timme sedan

      @pineapple sideways this is English language. Australia doesn't have a dialect - they have about 100 slang words, used mainly by people without higher education. English spoked by Australians is fully identical to English spoken in any other country. Also, Chinese people can also have their own English slang, that doesn't mean that they speak Chinese when they speak English, or it is a separate language. You need to learn what dialect means, what language means, and what slang is. The only language that can be considered as Australian - is language of aboriginal people. Also, can you please name 3 countries in Europe without Googling?

    • pineapple sideways

      pineapple sideways

      22 timmar sedan

      Yes there is Australian, American all a dialect of English

  21. Runagate


    23 timmar sedan

    does this man not know different alphabets exist?

  22. Бразилец


    23 timmar sedan

    You need to realize that Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States are two different cultures, and that Russia has anything in common only with people of post-USSR - Georgia, Kazakhstan, etc. Polish people have nothing in common with us.

  23. nosville22


    Dag sedan

    WW>>>KitKat fight me I am ready

  24. Ivan Tsaryov

    Ivan Tsaryov

    Dag sedan

    sorry but most of all audio-devices engineered from ussr is a copy of japan/germany original devices hello from siberia)) p.s.: your translates is funny)))) and my funny too p.p.s.: no google man, no google

  25. Нови Сад Србија

    Нови Сад Србија

    Dag sedan

    no shit.... you arent russian

  26. Владимир


    Dag sedan

    чел ты просто не мог выучить русский?

    • pineapple sideways

      pineapple sideways

      22 timmar sedan


  27. Alex Golub

    Alex Golub

    Dag sedan

    It’s calling TDS, but TAC is also sounds cool! П means R, and Л means L. :)

  28. Андрей Титов

    Андрей Титов

    Dag sedan

    Очень смешное видео, смотрю его ночью, засмеялся прямо в голос, разбудил всех кто рядом. Однозначно лайк)

  29. Julia Sharygina

    Julia Sharygina

    Dag sedan

    this translating app is on crack XD телефон головной ортодинамический стереофонический headphone ortodynamic stereophonic

  30. Din0za


    Dag sedan

    Russians have had capacitors as letter "Д" for years if you think about it!

  31. You Like Me

    You Like Me

    Dag sedan

    Конечно обзор очень хороший и местами смешной, но я не вижу смысла сравнивать эти наушники с современными образцами.

  32. Lasha Zaridze

    Lasha Zaridze

    Dag sedan

    ПРАВЫЙ means LEFT 😮‍💨

  33. Христо Димитров

    Христо Димитров

    Dag sedan

    TDS not TAC the fuck...

  34. Алексей Карпин

    Алексей Карпин

    Dag sedan

    Echo TDS-16 Sovet Headphones

  35. Moonraker Deep

    Moonraker Deep

    2 dagar sedan


  36. Lesha Mitin

    Lesha Mitin

    2 dagar sedan


  37. Sia


    2 dagar sedan


  38. Климов Илья

    Климов Илья

    2 dagar sedan

    У меня есть ТДС-6 рабочие.

  39. orcaaaaaaaaaa


    2 dagar sedan

    Holy shit you are annoying

  40. Dymitr Samodzielny

    Dymitr Samodzielny

    2 dagar sedan

    I'm the Russian native speaker. Catch the translate. 0:03 (POLISH) "Fruit cup 100% Natural" - Kissel with fruit pieces. 0:15 (POLISH) "I have a break". 0:49 - (RUSSIAN) "TDS-6". 2:49 - (RUSSIAN) "Right" and on the other side "Left". 3:12 - (RUSSIAN) "Orthodynamic stereophonic". 3:20 - (RUSSIAN) Headphones "Echo TDS-16". Nominal resistance 16 Om, Date of produce 11-94, Price (Empty), Pricelist # (Empty), Item number, Quality assurance stamp. 4:26 - (RUSSIAN) Orthodynamic stereo-headphones. H16 - 16 O. "Echo. Guidelines". 5:13 - (RUSSIAN) "General notes. Make sure the headphones are working after purchase and ask the seller for it. Make sure you have a warranty certificate with a date and a seller stamp. Keep the headphones in a warm environment for a 1-2 hours. Don't fall it, don't allow liquids to enter inside the device." 5:18 - (RUSSIAN) 3. Specification. Diapason 20Hz, 1mWatt, Resistance 15-40 Om, Weigh - 750 grams, coefficient of harmony 0,3%. 5:23 - Safety precautions notes What not to do with device. 5:50 - Warranty ticket. An info from a plant is inputted, produced in August 1993, Quality assurance stamp is here. But seller info is empty and repairer info is empty. Is this device on your hands directly from the plant? Research Institute Experimental Plant "QUANT", Ukraine, Kiev, zipcode 252109, abonent box 649/01 for the appeals. 5:57 - Л (Left - Левый pronounce "Levy"), П (Right - Правый pronounce "Praavy"). 7:02 - "Headphones dynamical stereophonical Amphytone TDS-17". Nice naming. 7:05 Date of produce June 1990. Price 18 rubles (30$). Price with adapters (empty), Quality assurance stamp. 7:44 Warranty ticket. And against only with the plant info and empty seller info. 3 repeats. I don't understand why too. 8:11 - funny to see the schema of 3,5mm jack.

  41. NНΞЙ


    2 dagar sedan

    Ржал над тем, как он читает по-русски

  42. Troy García

    Troy García

    2 dagar sedan

    *the phone is on the phone*

  43. Marat U

    Marat U

    2 dagar sedan

    this is soooo hilarious for me, coz Russian is my mother tongue.

  44. Mick ey

    Mick ey

    2 dagar sedan

    Обожаю когда польский за русский приняли

  45. Cath L

    Cath L

    2 dagar sedan

    Did someone call the slavs?

  46. Steam On The Liquid

    Steam On The Liquid

    3 dagar sedan

    Лол, наудивление они звучат не плохо Lol, they aren't bad actually

  47. Wilson Anderson

    Wilson Anderson

    3 dagar sedan

    0:03 "Eastern Europe" _proceeds to show a blueberry drink sold in Poland_ Every Polish person who can understand English: *Why we must suffer from called "eastern europe" country"*

  48. Aisen41k


    4 dagar sedan

    tac-17 looks like they just put sponges and wires on a pair of earphones

  49. John Rice

    John Rice

    4 dagar sedan

    Телефоны головные динамические стереофонические... Как тебе такое Илон Маск!😆

  50. Евгений Иванов

    Евгений Иванов

    4 dagar sedan

    Да с таким кабелем по всей квартире можно было ходить)

  51. Folalsssa


    4 dagar sedan

    я русский путин крутой



    4 dagar sedan

    Saw Vintage and Russian in the title, had to click it.

  53. Spanish Inquisitor

    Spanish Inquisitor

    4 dagar sedan

    kisiel z kawałkami owoców "słodka chwila" firmy dr. Oetker. btw it's not TAC, but TDS

  54. Isaak Foster

    Isaak Foster

    4 dagar sedan

    Я тоже ничего не понимаю

  55. Glaurung


    5 dagar sedan

    I understand that your attempts to read Cyrillic are some kind of joke, but english words like "thoroughly" or "cucumber" would sound extremely weird and funny if I read them according to Russian phonetic rules. Your translation app sucks, look for better one. Not "TAC", but "TDS" (russian spelling is Te De eS). Ортодинамические is orthodynamic. P.S.: In Russia there is a meme which is a still from "The Bourne identity". Picture shows some kind of passport where in the line "Name" written something like "Ащьф Лштшфум". Then follows transliteration - Foma Kiniaev. And it looks like it was written by junkie. What's the problem to look into classic English-Russian vocabulary? The next funny thing is an episode when few years ago our Foreign Affairs minister Lavrov got a gift from Hillary Clinton - a symbolic button with word "Peregruzka" on it. "Peregruzka" in Russian means "overload". But indeed yankees meant "Reboot". Though I can't disagree, that "Overload" is a perfect word which precisely describes our relationships with the USA.

  56. Антон Приходько

    Антон Приходько

    5 dagar sedan

    You use worst translator i've ever seen

  57. Ivan Rogov

    Ivan Rogov

    5 dagar sedan


  58. bula sua

    bula sua

    5 dagar sedan

    Tzar @7:30 😂😂

  59. EDM


    5 dagar sedan

    Ебанутся, уши гнутса 😄😄😄

  60. La It

    La It

    5 dagar sedan

    Где ты это старьё откопал?)

  61. a_lex


    5 dagar sedan

    Funny. The text on the box is very strange, even for me native Russian) Телефон головной = the phone for a head, ортодинамически = right dynamic, стереофонический = stereo sound.

  62. Андрей Хохлов

    Андрей Хохлов

    5 dagar sedan

    SE-one, я не знаю, зачем ты засунул это видео мне в рекомендации, но спасибо!

  63. NIMKA


    5 dagar sedan

    But I understand everything

  64. Piesełninja Do. Everythink

    Piesełninja Do. Everythink

    5 dagar sedan

    Wow Polish stuff.

  65. Андрей Дибров

    Андрей Дибров

    5 dagar sedan

    Поржал, спасибо 😄

  66. The Milk Man

    The Milk Man

    5 dagar sedan


  67. The Milk Man

    The Milk Man

    5 dagar sedan


  68. The Milk Man

    The Milk Man

    5 dagar sedan

    I can translate for you lol

  69. goodbox55555


    6 dagar sedan

    Please make a video about F1 - "Limonka" unpacking and testing.

  70. HellRider69


    6 dagar sedan

    EXPLUAT !!11

  71. Monica Merolli

    Monica Merolli

    6 dagar sedan


  72. Monica Merolli

    Monica Merolli

    6 dagar sedan


  73. Edcola


    6 dagar sedan

    Perfect to listen to good proper Slav music i.e the Soviet anthem instead of that dirty capitalist pig music.

  74. ShwartZ Channel

    ShwartZ Channel

    6 dagar sedan


  75. Максим Бобров

    Максим Бобров

    7 dagar sedan

    Тоже хочу их послушать)

  76. Тøшá :3

    Тøшá :3

    7 dagar sedan

    Я здесь один

  77. DaVidAIO


    7 dagar sedan

    LOL 😂 i do actually understand the Russian language but when you are trying to translate it with that program it's better it basically making billion+1 mistakes but stull yts iz so fuuney... +1 sub 😉 +1 👍

  78. Trank


    7 dagar sedan

    that first one looks like some headset that you would wear if you're working on Aircraft carrier...

  79. Trank


    7 dagar sedan

    ngl, i thought the thumbnail was some old(probably soviet era) russian ammunition...

  80. Recs Oxripof

    Recs Oxripof

    8 dagar sedan

    Ого бля ! русские секретные технологии попали в руки американцам

  81. Action Whaldy

    Action Whaldy

    8 dagar sedan

    That comment from Russia. Hello! Левый - Left Правый - Right

  82. Samuel Marquez

    Samuel Marquez

    8 dagar sedan


  83. untonize


    8 dagar sedan

    Calling Soviet stuff Russian it's like calling Indian stuff British

  84. Jackof Blades399

    Jackof Blades399

    8 dagar sedan

    OwO cow

  85. Haralds Liepa

    Haralds Liepa

    8 dagar sedan

    There you go for future) Л - левое - Left П - правое - Right

  86. Video


    8 dagar sedan

    Кстати Русские есть?

  87. Video


    8 dagar sedan

    Наше производство!!!! 🤣

  88. zenosiege


    8 dagar sedan

    >owocow *tylko jedno w glowie mam....*

  89. Марго Блин

    Марго Блин

    8 dagar sedan

    This Russian person (me) really enjoyed the way your translator app translated things and how you red it. Why didn't you use GoogleTranslate tho?

  90. Салат Морковча

    Салат Морковча

    8 dagar sedan

    Ебать копать

  91. Zelm ART

    Zelm ART

    8 dagar sedan

    Всем привет!

  92. gnu lifestyle

    gnu lifestyle

    8 dagar sedan

    2:48 Listening this as a man who speaks Russian is really fun hahaha

  93. Безумные Русские

    Безумные Русские

    9 dagar sedan

    Страдай буржуй

  94. machamba82


    9 dagar sedan


  95. Geist Gefallene

    Geist Gefallene

    9 dagar sedan

    TAC!? TDS!!!! depressingly ... I thought the dumbass and the brute were exactly Russian. you convinced me. Your behavior and stupidity have clearly shown that such people can live not only in Russia.

  96. fila1445


    9 dagar sedan

    O kurwa Owocowy Kubek :D

  97. KYTL


    9 dagar sedan

    i live in Russia and i see this headphones first time...

  98. чёрный паровоз

    чёрный паровоз

    9 dagar sedan

    Bro , I’m from Russian, and that ridding like TDS

  99. SAO Systems

    SAO Systems

    9 dagar sedan

    I'm Russian and ex-owner of ТДС-6 ("Teh-Deh-Es-Shest", not TAC-Six!) headphones. Worst headphones I've ever had. ТДС-16 was mach more better!