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  1. SpoiledCola


    Dag sedan

    “oh it’s brand new” *unbrands the new*

  2. General derailed

    General derailed

    Dag sedan

    Almost to a mill dank

  3. Miki K.

    Miki K.

    2 dagar sedan

    The iGuy is basically iSus iMpostor iMogus But with arms and not flying hands

  4. IIIII


    2 dagar sedan

    Audio Nugget?

  5. Eric Nichols

    Eric Nichols

    3 dagar sedan

    take a shot when: he says dingus he says nugget he says “OH WOW” he says “oh my pkcells…” he says “can you believe no one bought this” he does an accent

  6. licht


    4 dagar sedan


  7. JessicaFEREM


    5 dagar sedan

    funnily enough apple does have a different standard for their 3.5mm headphones, it's just for TRRS mics though but there is no reason for a TRS plug to be called an ipod connector

  8. Oʊdɪn


    6 dagar sedan

    i actually had and used that kaki case ngl

  9. sam Alexi

    sam Alexi

    6 dagar sedan

    Men these Chinese can built anything 😂

  10. Phi Nozomu

    Phi Nozomu

    6 dagar sedan

    Don't think anyone noticed, but it sounds like danks gotta cold in this ep

  11. Shlyukhahh 2

    Shlyukhahh 2

    6 dagar sedan

    when I bought my car it came with that retractable aux cord. I can say from experience that it was the worst thing ever

  12. Mark


    7 dagar sedan

    New potato is now my favourite hardware company

  13. zenosiege


    8 dagar sedan

    12:05 *i M O G U S*

  14. ruben sipos

    ruben sipos

    8 dagar sedan


  15. hero medley

    hero medley

    8 dagar sedan

    love that dankpods first instinct on getting hurt is to take the 1 grit

  16. Harsa


    9 dagar sedan

    I'm so sorry for saying this, but the iGuy looks like an amogus fella..

  17. senseUNcommon


    10 dagar sedan

    Those cardboard cutouts could be worth thousands in a few years

  18. William Peng

    William Peng

    10 dagar sedan

    Been using Fiio products for years, they’re pretty good

  19. Big Pineapple

    Big Pineapple

    11 dagar sedan

    awah my puckcell

  20. Stacy Zavisch

    Stacy Zavisch

    13 dagar sedan

    The freaking iguy looks like Quirrel with the face on his damn head.

  21. biG nikO

    biG nikO

    15 dagar sedan


  22. Alex334Streams #stanevil

    Alex334Streams #stanevil

    15 dagar sedan


  23. SoLuna


    16 dagar sedan

    iGuy lookin' thicc

  24. gus the capybara

    gus the capybara

    16 dagar sedan

    Get rid off arm and u got Amog us

  25. Edwin Lazaro

    Edwin Lazaro

    16 dagar sedan

    This is what i want to see you opening a good cesari i don't even think you can open the good that sorry but don't think you can't open the the good cesery so i am the let you open the garbage sensory

  26. Enrico Caritos

    Enrico Caritos

    17 dagar sedan

    3:36 poor tablet

  27. Jaxon Smith

    Jaxon Smith

    17 dagar sedan

    You should test the ipad

  28. Daddy chan

    Daddy chan

    17 dagar sedan


  29. Nyujuruno


    17 dagar sedan

    hey dank, can i suggest you a headphone to review? it's called "Armageddon nuke 11" it's pretty famous in indonesian gamer for only being 40 ish dollar but sounds okay, thanks :)

  30. Tuga_Ace


    17 dagar sedan

    It's so hard to open because if it were easy to remove everyone would've

  31. Newt


    21 dag sedan

    Did you have a cold?

  32. William Gage

    William Gage

    21 dag sedan

    Probably by far your funniest video, @DankPods. I was rollicking. Gut busting stuff, mate.

  33. Thetotallyrealchannel


    22 dagar sedan

    the thumbnail looking really sus tbh

  34. - - zigzagoon12 - -

    - - zigzagoon12 - -

    23 dagar sedan

    the iguy radiates gigachad energy

  35. Abdullah Elattar

    Abdullah Elattar

    24 dagar sedan

    I wish it was 2008 where ipod touches were at their peak and these accessories are charming for their time

    • IIIll IIIll

      IIIll IIIll

      23 dagar sedan

      ur a gay boomer

  36. Uros Markovic

    Uros Markovic

    24 dagar sedan

    The AMOGUS mp3 player is very sus

  37. Alan Stringer

    Alan Stringer

    25 dagar sedan

    When I still worked at Staples we sold all this same kind of trash. It really did matter if it said "iPod" or "iPhone," moms and grandmas will NOT buy something for their phone if it doesn't say it on the package. It seems stupid, but remember that almost half of all people are below average IQ, so...

  38. Chiang Edison 江鴻霆

    Chiang Edison 江鴻霆

    25 dagar sedan

    17:45 this thing would be a viable lunchbox for a whole meal of sandwiches, fries and the tiny spot for ketchup

  39. Padverus


    26 dagar sedan

    13:40 is that normal in Australia?

  40. HksF16


    26 dagar sedan

    12:13 AMOGUS!! SUS

  41. JemusDoesVr


    27 dagar sedan

    second favorite dankpods quote other than "oh my pkcell" "AHAHAHAHAHAH its got an ASS on it!"

  42. tmzilla


    27 dagar sedan

    You can get a video RCA cable that plugs into the ipod 3.5mm TRRS connector

  43. Coastaku


    28 dagar sedan

    *Looks at a Made in China badge* "Oh don't worry, we can tell" Made my day, I'll say that from now on

  44. Dumb Boi

    Dumb Boi

    28 dagar sedan

    1:50 SHEESH

  45. PonyFucker


    28 dagar sedan

    just get us amogus nugget

  46. Agent 8

    Agent 8

    29 dagar sedan

    I remember when iPad charging Carole were like this ___________________ wide

  47. BAC Klapof The Anti Good User Colilation Fan UTTP

    BAC Klapof The Anti Good User Colilation Fan UTTP

    29 dagar sedan

    Oh my pkcell

  48. MuffinCat


    29 dagar sedan


  49. john bowers

    john bowers

    29 dagar sedan


  50. SparkyCat


    29 dagar sedan


  51. Gabriel Garcia

    Gabriel Garcia

    29 dagar sedan

    I genuinely can't stop laughing

  52. just a guy who likes rockets

    just a guy who likes rockets

    29 dagar sedan

    Not gonna lie the thumbnail looks pretty sussy

  53. Brendon Haddix

    Brendon Haddix

    Månad sedan

    The I guy is so dummy thicc

  54. Dirty_Fitz


    Månad sedan

    All of the design budget for that boi went into its dump truck ass, legendary

  55. Velrisa


    Månad sedan

    the fiio got /'d and -'d

  56. Xenronnify


    Månad sedan

    anytime 1 grit comes out is a time to remember and cherish. I lost it at "AUUUUGH ITS VOLDEMORT" 🤣🤣

  57. T0SHD


    Månad sedan


  58. The Most Insane Person

    The Most Insane Person

    Månad sedan


  59. Devy_Max


    Månad sedan

    Ring ding ding ding ding ding ding, da da ding BOOM BOOM.

  60. John From The West

    John From The West

    Månad sedan

    So there's a convenience store near me that has old Nokia cases that have obviously been sitting on the shelf for 15 years like dude I don't think your gonna sell 'em

  61. Happe CJ

    Happe CJ

    Månad sedan

    12:13 When the IPod is S U S, DING DING DING DING DING DI DI DING

  62. Alex Sucks

    Alex Sucks

    Månad sedan

    holy shit among us

  63. Dr.Q


    Månad sedan

    Howard says to look at it closer, or cover the the arms. Howard also said, that in this "Floor" There Is No Escape From Them

  64. TKelos


    Månad sedan

    don't think it don't say it

  65. Zoë Woodrow

    Zoë Woodrow

    Månad sedan


  66. Lily haymanmMAN

    Lily haymanmMAN

    Månad sedan

    I just work's

  67. Ze


    Månad sedan

    iGuy lookin a little sus

  68. laksshayplays roblox&pk xd

    laksshayplays roblox&pk xd

    Månad sedan

    3:36 pkcell movin

  69. ProPlayerJustin125


    Månad sedan


  70. MadmanMortonYT


    Månad sedan

    Ive played this video so many times. Holy shit, this is hilarious!

  71. DarthFennec


    Månad sedan

    "Dazzlingly real gaming experience? But where's the crushing disappointment of actual losses?" We got that shit nowadays, just play _any_ japanese mobile game

  72. Eric


    Månad sedan

    In an age where the latest and bestest is popular, seeing these are great. Refreshing.

  73. MrHanBrolo


    Månad sedan

    This absolutely fucking slayed me

  74. Jany’s_Brother_Official


    Månad sedan

    Listening to the Sony bean with Samsung beans.

  75. Canadian coin collector

    Canadian coin collector

    Månad sedan

    Its got an arse on it dankpods 2021

  76. Renaldy Haen

    Renaldy Haen

    Månad sedan

    The iGuy is sus

  77. Salt


    Månad sedan

    it makes me sad when he puts his channel down, always fun videos and quality

  78. Bong Jovi

    Bong Jovi

    Månad sedan

    shit accessories for a shit mp3 player (in 2021 no less) from a shit company that charges way too much for their shit products

  79. Eminemma


    Månad sedan

    This video gives me a disproportionate amount of joy

  80. Mr Zark

    Mr Zark

    Månad sedan

    The best thing about the iGuy is the ass. 😂

  81. Stonkss


    Månad sedan

    It kinda looks like amongus

  82. squid dog productions

    squid dog productions

    Månad sedan

    thumbnail is among us

  83. Termin80r


    Månad sedan

    Started working at Best Buy about a month ago and you’d be surprised at how many people still think that “works with iPhone” means “only works with iPhone”

  84. Månad sedan

    Iiii want my baby bats baby bats baby bats from austin powerssss LOL

  85. monstahskrill


    Månad sedan

    I actually unironically LOVE the Iguy, it’s such a silly accessory.

    • Zero Bullet's

      Zero Bullet's

      14 dagar sedan

      hes very sussy

  86. panqueque445


    Månad sedan


  87. Diva and Conn

    Diva and Conn

    Månad sedan

    The stuff that never gets old is is AAA the duck and frank

  88. Your Dead?

    Your Dead?

    Månad sedan

    The thumbnail looks like a knock off verson of the beans in amoung us. Why would someone make a thing look so sus?

  89. J Haffer

    J Haffer

    Månad sedan

    Ugh-.. UHHh... AUUGGHHᵈᵃᵈᵈʸ my Pkcell!! OoWoO

  90. J Haffer

    J Haffer

    Månad sedan

    When does australia invent tweezers/pliers? Poor fellows

  91. Saifu


    Månad sedan


  92. Some Random On The Web

    Some Random On The Web

    Månad sedan

    I'm tempted to get the "iGuy" because it's funny.

  93. Roman Bukins

    Roman Bukins

    Månad sedan

    It's embarrassing how long I was laughing at the "I want my baby bats" bit X'D

  94. KSP Guy

    KSP Guy

    Månad sedan


  95. Qwerty


    Månad sedan

    i am wondering is his ipad even working?

  96. Darkerogue85


    Månad sedan

    My mom bought the Ihealth for some reason a few years back and it just sits there on the corner of her desk

  97. Jordan Coyle

    Jordan Coyle

    Månad sedan

    You should go over the jbl tune 225 tws

  98. Kiwi


    Månad sedan

    this accessory is sus.

  99. dead channel (maybe revived?)

    dead channel (maybe revived?)

    Månad sedan