Cashies Special Vol. 3

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  1. Water Man

    Water Man

    9 timmar sedan

    Haha you found me

  2. Rixilia


    14 timmar sedan

    Here in indonesia we called tazos with J instead of Z, so tajos.. good ol time

  3. ituwer


    18 timmar sedan

    Lol i found your 2nd channel first

  4. Mouse-Floof


    Dag sedan

    I spy red Evans Hydraulics on your kit :3 Nice choice.

  5. ออมสิน ๓/๒

    ออมสิน ๓/๒

    Dag sedan

    Wow you drive nugget?

  6. ออมสิน ๓/๒

    ออมสิน ๓/๒

    Dag sedan

    Lämp 2:21

  7. Ryan Flinn

    Ryan Flinn

    Dag sedan

    Hahaha wtf is up with that cash converters 😂

  8. Wheat Skywalk

    Wheat Skywalk

    2 dagar sedan

    i love the $%@&*!# dragon ball z ones too

    • Wheat Skywalk

      Wheat Skywalk

      2 dagar sedan

      And eats nuggets

  9. EmeraldGamer03


    2 dagar sedan

    He doesn’t just have the nuggets, he has the whole chicken

  10. Andreasepicgamin gr✓

    Andreasepicgamin gr✓

    2 dagar sedan

    He killed buzz lightyear

  11. Tapioka


    2 dagar sedan

    "I've been weaing hearing protection since i was 9 yeah" *drives a 2 ton hunk of steel liable to break down at any moment while going 60kmh* "I take caaaare of myself cause mate, this is the only good body you've got"

  12. ratmdex


    3 dagar sedan

    This man has chosed chaos..

  13. Gh0sTly


    3 dagar sedan

    JESUS CHRIST! $3,999 DOLLERYDOOS FOR A 34 YEAR OLD SAW?! Boi's, I work in the tree service industry, you could get a brand new equivalent to this bad mamma jamma for $3999. But gottdayum that bar is XBOX HUGE.

  14. Adrián Indi

    Adrián Indi

    3 dagar sedan

    Cashies is the only place where the person at the checkout dosen't give you a weird look if you buy these items together...

  15. WhoaJoe


    4 dagar sedan

    That bit about driving nuggets is so true, I sold my 93 and bought a 2022, so much harder to find in the parking lot

  16. eggsalad


    5 dagar sedan

    And when the world needed the nugget the most it vanished…

  17. Super Toad

    Super Toad

    5 dagar sedan

    Ad on the nanos scalet fire

  18. HPguy


    6 dagar sedan


  19. senseUNcommon


    6 dagar sedan

    Maybe you should use that purple mic more often in your videos

  20. In war we trust

    In war we trust

    6 dagar sedan

    I think that’s why he lost the beans

  21. Stacy Cat

    Stacy Cat

    7 dagar sedan

    The microphone had me at a smile. The nuggets are superb!

  22. Eve Lavellan

    Eve Lavellan

    8 dagar sedan

    Mr. DankPods plz be careful, that nugget seems dangerous

  23. Akram Safirul

    Akram Safirul

    8 dagar sedan

    I'm kinda jealous that you've got this dedicated store in Australia that takes any old junk and sell it

  24. Sam Cyanide

    Sam Cyanide

    8 dagar sedan

    Car Car

  25. imkoda


    8 dagar sedan


  26. Smoke-This


    8 dagar sedan

    That's obviously buzz AFTER sid blew him up with firecrackers

  27. Hank P

    Hank P

    8 dagar sedan

    8:48 I bought buzz

  28. Hank P

    Hank P

    8 dagar sedan

    Honestly I want a 126p

  29. rzabiniec


    9 dagar sedan

    Maluch! 😁

  30. Nathan


    9 dagar sedan

    that car is glorious

  31. Elijah Westbrook

    Elijah Westbrook

    9 dagar sedan

    Nintendo is what geneisn't

  32. Hayden Moon

    Hayden Moon

    9 dagar sedan

    At the start of this video I was wearing headphones and it scared me half to death 😂

  33. NateR 1307

    NateR 1307

    9 dagar sedan

    Make your own sleeping Aussie with that loom

  34. Mat Turner

    Mat Turner

    9 dagar sedan

    I just saw that commercial meat slicer listed for 400 bucks and almost shit myself 'til I realised it was in Aussie Bucks not Canadollars.

  35. Hannah Winter

    Hannah Winter

    9 dagar sedan

    > The ignition barrel died I legit looked up "motor struggles to ignite" upon seeing that agonising motor and google said it was either the battery of the barrel Checcs out if

  36. Hyung Kyu Lee

    Hyung Kyu Lee

    10 dagar sedan

    ok so I seen homeboy's videos before so I'm not jumping to conclusions. I think we're seeing a man slowly losing his mind. funny accent makes it lighthearted but it is what it is.

  37. Ryan Ng

    Ryan Ng

    10 dagar sedan

    Are those vents out the side of Frank's lip? 😳

  38. HeyItzRare


    11 dagar sedan

    8:48 "I bought Buzz." _strained laughter_

  39. PR Gaming

    PR Gaming

    13 dagar sedan


  40. MindBlower13


    13 dagar sedan

    Rece Vediin arabası ln buu laaaaaa

  41. Carl Perumal

    Carl Perumal

    13 dagar sedan

    Omg! I honestly thought Tazos was a South African thing!!

  42. Chris Welch

    Chris Welch

    13 dagar sedan

    9:37 Why does Frank look so pissed

  43. BAC Klapof The Anti Good User Colilation Fan UTTP

    BAC Klapof The Anti Good User Colilation Fan UTTP

    13 dagar sedan

    Cash converters (CASHIES) is my dream store.

  44. Caleb Barnes

    Caleb Barnes

    14 dagar sedan

    We do have Cashies in the USA, but Goodwill and The Salvation Army usually overshadows it.

  45. Fresco Nombre

    Fresco Nombre

    15 dagar sedan

    the intro is fabulous

  46. Pete Johns - Studio Live Today

    Pete Johns - Studio Live Today

    15 dagar sedan

    Th we are my faves.

  47. Brennan Schulz

    Brennan Schulz

    16 dagar sedan

    The engine mounts: "*please, PLEASE KILL ME*"

  48. Cri


    16 dagar sedan

    But if you connect the mojo to the red cool thing and.... yea ya know what i mean

  49. JeffDvrx


    17 dagar sedan

    That engine mount and subsequent *GUOOOOH* at 0:46 gets me every time lol

  50. Idky


    17 dagar sedan

    When one pair of his headphones is worth more than the nugget…

  51. Idky


    17 dagar sedan

    Well great… Now I want my own nugget…

  52. Karolina Jasińska

    Karolina Jasińska

    17 dagar sedan

    So nice to see Polish accent here! What a cute Maluch! :D ❤️

  53. revhead 7703

    revhead 7703

    18 dagar sedan

    anyone else notice he hits the ladder at the start

  54. MentleGan


    18 dagar sedan

    That engine is freaking swinging!

  55. Vanessa


    19 dagar sedan

    What is the track you play through the headphones all the time?

  56. FoxFella


    19 dagar sedan

    Therapist: ascended aussie isn't real he can't hurt you Ascended aussie: 9:47

  57. Gone2thebin


    19 dagar sedan

    Are tazos like pogs

  58. Fernando Aguila Gonzalez

    Fernando Aguila Gonzalez

    19 dagar sedan

    Graig now sells cars? Cool!

  59. CallMeJoe


    20 dagar sedan

    1:54 “Andy left me.”

  60. Askewkea08


    20 dagar sedan

    I think you SHOULD get a newer car

  61. Malkatrix musik

    Malkatrix musik

    20 dagar sedan

    Imagine you work at cashies, and some rando comes in and buys 9 apple earbuds lol

  62. Malkatrix musik

    Malkatrix musik

    20 dagar sedan

    H.r. Pufinstuf looks like he should stop puffing stuff

  63. Kurei-Z


    20 dagar sedan

    Compared to the Cashies here in Malaysia, that looks like Disneyland.

  64. Jonah


    20 dagar sedan

    We dont deserve this guy

  65. Blue Cherry

    Blue Cherry

    21 dag sedan

    She was reserved and pretty mean to be honest, I was obnoxious

  66. Joshua Taylor

    Joshua Taylor

    21 dag sedan

    They're actually expensive for the level of trash you're purchasing

  67. VividLight


    21 dag sedan

    If it works it works

  68. Tadashi


    22 dagar sedan

    o kurna..

  69. rufur2


    22 dagar sedan

    Poland stronk

  70. ConstantRime


    22 dagar sedan

    dude the fact that we drive the exact same nuggets is awesome

  71. Dromedda


    22 dagar sedan

    at the beginning of every mic test i always try to guess what the punchline is and suffice to say the standings are: Dankpods: 13 Me: 0

  72. Boss Coins

    Boss Coins

    23 dagar sedan

    I bought my first nugget on eBay today. A 5th gen iPod Classic that has a battery that is past dead.

  73. TheLoneSculler


    23 dagar sedan

    1:11 I had that EXACT microwave in my uni flat

  74. John Taylor

    John Taylor

    23 dagar sedan

    mr puffin scares me :-:

  75. Sam C

    Sam C

    23 dagar sedan

    Also next time do yourself a favour and just go looking online. There are many a nugget to be had. Just don't order anything from NSW currently we all know why

  76. Sam C

    Sam C

    23 dagar sedan

    2:45 that some fucken tazos??? Where the christ is this cashies I'm already on my way

    • Sam C

      Sam C

      23 dagar sedan


  77. Jay


    24 dagar sedan

    Woody will be hearing about the tragic death of Buzz, he's coming for ya mate

  78. Chocolate Chips

    Chocolate Chips

    24 dagar sedan


  79. guiltyjo


    24 dagar sedan

    Did you try putting it in H?

  80. Mat DB

    Mat DB

    24 dagar sedan

    PLEASE change your engine mounts my god

  81. deavil demon

    deavil demon

    24 dagar sedan

    DankPods has nuggets that are ugly he has nuggets that are ducks he even has old nuggets, new nuggets and nuggets you woulndt believe the size that they are and if this wasnt enough he drives nuggets too and we all love the nuggets he has because he is the best music nugget that exist :3

  82. Crowo Bar

    Crowo Bar

    24 dagar sedan

    I... i for some reason really want to own one of those nuggetcar... why am i like this.... and for some reason I half expected the car to have a ripcord ignition

  83. Jeremy Masson

    Jeremy Masson

    25 dagar sedan

    Are tazos like pogs

  84. HMVocaloid


    25 dagar sedan

    Those motor mounts are the most jiggly things I’ve seen.

  85. Robert St.Pierre

    Robert St.Pierre

    25 dagar sedan

    "it's easy to find your car at cashiers just look for the worst one " lol

  86. Aymen 2k

    Aymen 2k

    25 dagar sedan

    ''that ass can fart 😢'' 8:52

  87. D L

    D L

    26 dagar sedan

    you drive a fiat 126?!?!???!? lol that is amazing!

  88. Orpatt Maks

    Orpatt Maks

    26 dagar sedan

    Omg that fiat XD

  89. W L

    W L

    26 dagar sedan

    Don't see how you Aussies shift left handed. It's like choking the chicken with the wrong mitt. Left hand drive, right hand on the phallic... I mean the stick shift is the only way. And in between shifting you can touch your girl on her bikini parts. Just doesn't work South-pawed.

  90. Applecake


    27 dagar sedan

    heavily worn gear knob ends, why would anyone even want to pay for them, they should give you one if you buy 5 $2 Shrek DVDs

  91. Boop Snoot

    Boop Snoot

    27 dagar sedan

    *”And it was a public toilet, I wasn’t even in the store”*

  92. Mal Contender

    Mal Contender

    27 dagar sedan

    What the fuck is a Tarzoooh HAH it's POGS!!!!!!



    27 dagar sedan

    I just watched this video on a legit nugget :) yay iPod touch 4th gen! had to comment on pc though. too bad for the nugget.

  94. Jensi Oquendo

    Jensi Oquendo

    27 dagar sedan

    2:15 *Doomguy heavy breathing*

  95. R4K45H1 03

    R4K45H1 03

    27 dagar sedan

    I love going to cash converters. All kinds of cool stuff there.

  96. Katarzyna berlikowska

    Katarzyna berlikowska

    27 dagar sedan

    Not a nugget but a car 🚙 🚘🚗🚕🚖🚦🚥

  97. ha, thats funny

    ha, thats funny

    27 dagar sedan

    Goddamn i would want that blue ibanez tho

  98. Ian Darley

    Ian Darley

    27 dagar sedan

    I didn't know you had Crack Converters in Aus, I thought it was just a UK thing.

  99. dennis p

    dennis p

    27 dagar sedan

    every Cashies i have ever been to has a tall man with dark hair called Chris

  100. 4rsh1


    28 dagar sedan