I got Skullcandy Crushers...

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  1. yeee_51


    2 timmar sedan

    5:40 WUB WUB WUB

  2. TheOrisya


    4 timmar sedan

    Around 2006 I saw the colorful skullcandy headphones and think, those are cool and like to buy one. And then its available on local apple retailers. They also have demo products to try. So I try them out. Since then, I never have the desire to even look at this brand website.

  3. efftee


    8 timmar sedan

    I see that Bassline Junky gif

  4. Maestör Rasanen

    Maestör Rasanen

    8 timmar sedan

    Try Valco VMK 20. Absolutely great headphones made here in Finland!

  5. ihatetrolling


    9 timmar sedan

    i have these in terms of practicality, like how long the battery life is, how convenient the aux in is, cannot recommend them enough

  6. MaxSolar0713


    9 timmar sedan

    does anyone have a source for the gif of the guy dancing with speakers?

  7. Ishould getajob

    Ishould getajob

    10 timmar sedan

    This sounds like the headphones for me. I’m a bass fan.

  8. st1220


    12 timmar sedan

    b a s s

    • st1220


      12 timmar sedan


    • st1220


      12 timmar sedan


    • st1220


      12 timmar sedan


    • st1220


      12 timmar sedan


  9. Navi


    12 timmar sedan

    5:40 got me dying on the floor laughing!

  10. Pink Terran

    Pink Terran

    14 timmar sedan

    You should try Razer Naris now.

  11. Zepher Tensho

    Zepher Tensho

    15 timmar sedan

    I watched this video while wearing these headphones lmao. I've been using these for about four years, sadly had to replace them after about 3 because the black "fabric" or whatever it is that covers the ear pads wore out and fell apart, wonder if I could have prevented that by wiping them off after use. I usually keep the bass slider just below half-way-ish and it's pretty good. Battery life is good and the mic is good enough that I use it for conference calls on my work laptop and I've been told the mic quality is actually pretty good.

  12. Reksrat


    15 timmar sedan

    This is like the third time I've watched this video and the bass slider sound still surprises me.



    18 timmar sedan

    Didn't Sony have some over the ear headphones in the early 2000's that went around the back of your head that had a motor that vibrated the back of your head?

  14. Ross Ashland

    Ross Ashland

    22 timmar sedan

    Austrailians have such a colorful way of using the English language

  15. Alex Socha

    Alex Socha

    Dag sedan

    How bad are my headphones I turned the volume to max it did barely any thing

  16. Carson Casey

    Carson Casey

    Dag sedan

    Watching this with my skull crushers on 😃

  17. Juvi Cendejas

    Juvi Cendejas

    Dag sedan

    Okay but what about the evos

  18. Tyler Stephens

    Tyler Stephens

    Dag sedan

    Listening to the sound test on hurdur six hundos weirded me out, I think I like the skullcandies more

  19. ThatWaggoner07


    Dag sedan

    5:57 oh yeah that my type of music 😆

  20. B


    Dag sedan

    The xbox headphones really sound amazing! Just eq at your own taste. With Dolby Atmos they fly!

  21. Squirrely Bird

    Squirrely Bird

    Dag sedan

    I'm on my 3rd pair of crushers.. lost the first pair to a theif, and the 2nd pair to a house fire. There's no other headphones that can compare to them at the $100 price point.

  22. sid


    Dag sedan

    no one: skullcandy: bvvvvvrrr brrrmm boooooooov

  23. sxtq


    Dag sedan

    Such sad

  24. Ray Jesur

    Ray Jesur

    Dag sedan

    I just realized that the hesh 3 give you more battery life than crusher 10 min 4 hour

  25. wickeduploads


    Dag sedan


  26. Christina Carroll

    Christina Carroll

    Dag sedan

    put my headphone volume at max and the second i started playing i got scared so i turned it off

  27. Paul V

    Paul V

    2 dagar sedan

    they suck though, besides trap, they are very quality for any other kind of music

  28. Carnist Police

    Carnist Police

    2 dagar sedan

    For the price, all these headphones are trash

  29. BluCrystalMan


    2 dagar sedan

    I have these headphones and they're the best.

  30. spicy toast

    spicy toast

    2 dagar sedan

    it's beautiful

  31. Why Am I Here?

    Why Am I Here?

    2 dagar sedan

    Listening to early Korn songs on these would be impossible.

    • yeee_51


      2 timmar sedan

      Imagine the ending of Blind on those

  32. Woshemen


    2 dagar sedan

    The base on max sounds like 18-inch subwoofers in the trunk of a Toyota Camry.

  33. Just FAXX _

    Just FAXX _

    2 dagar sedan

    play ghostmaine mercury with them

  34. hollyn byers

    hollyn byers

    2 dagar sedan

    me literally wearing the same exact ones rn

  35. Not GamingGod

    Not GamingGod

    2 dagar sedan

    4:17 name of the music please

  36. M L

    M L

    2 dagar sedan

    Kind of want to add a pair of these to my collection. Love bass (4 15"s in my truck). Anyone else out there in a similar boat?

  37. The Boys

    The Boys

    2 dagar sedan

    When the headphones make my headphones shake: …

  38. Teo_Fock


    2 dagar sedan

    "aux in so it got some future proofing" litterally every new phone: "that? we dont need that!"

  39. Jordon J Njie

    Jordon J Njie

    2 dagar sedan

    Im sold

  40. Raul pavel 3d

    Raul pavel 3d

    2 dagar sedan

    Try the scullcandy chrusher evos it has beter bass

  41. OllieORT


    2 dagar sedan

    Step 1: play an earraped version of a song Step 2: turn up bass Step 3: "enjoy"

  42. SteelShot


    2 dagar sedan


  43. duck in gamestop

    duck in gamestop

    3 dagar sedan

    I have these! The highest I can go with the bass slider is about 2/3 of the way up, anything above that is just insane

    • duck in gamestop

      duck in gamestop

      3 dagar sedan

      Other note: after a couple years, the leather(?) started peeling off the ear cushions, they still work fine but I guess eventually it'll get to the point where the ear cushions will need to be replaced because they'll just fall off.

  44. Doin' it LIVE

    Doin' it LIVE

    3 dagar sedan

    Haha, feeling that test while I’m wearing my ANC crushers, I even wrote in my review on Amazon to people complaining about the muddyness, to use their brains and realize there’s a slider to EFFING TUNE IT LIKE YOU SAID, NONETHELESS, the newer anc’s have better range of movement on le moofs

  45. Cat central

    Cat central

    3 dagar sedan

    I'm listening to this with my own skullcandy crushers!

  46. C.J.Dingus


    3 dagar sedan

    Have some myself, they are awesome.

  47. Nickz1lla


    3 dagar sedan

    im currently using these headphones while watching the video and when you tested the bass i turned my bass all the way up and it was insane

  48. S Λ M U R Λ I

    S Λ M U R Λ I

    3 dagar sedan

    Could you please review the Adidas RPT-01 headphones? I've heard they're actually pretty good.

  49. Rider 02

    Rider 02

    3 dagar sedan

    "they fell better than beats by dre" anything thing feels better than beats by dre

  50. Keith Spain Jr

    Keith Spain Jr

    3 dagar sedan

    Exactly the headset I picked up from Wal-Mart. Listening to this with them was kind of 😎 cool. I'm very happy with them and I don't have a comfort issue complaint myself. I've only heard them powered by my phone as well so. I can only imagine what connecting them to a receiver would sound like. Had mine for right around a year now. I use them often.., I take care of them well.., batteries are still strong. I even work out with them on so sweat hasn't caused them any harm. Really has been a product that delivers on it's durable, accurately advertised, well-priced for what you get product. One of the best purchases I've acquired over the last few years., Love em.

  51. Robin


    3 dagar sedan

    best sound :D

  52. Travis Reichert

    Travis Reichert

    3 dagar sedan

    5:44 I laughed so hard my roommates complained.

  53. Hristo Tufekchiev

    Hristo Tufekchiev

    3 dagar sedan

    the frame of mine broke in like 2 months

  54. what.


    3 dagar sedan

    “It destroys music” You should’ve said it *crushers* music.

  55. Lucy


    3 dagar sedan

    i’m so confused why he does this on an ipod

  56. Dusty Films

    Dusty Films

    4 dagar sedan

    Bro my speakers legitimately started shaking. Please leave them alone.

  57. Tc_kidsolo


    4 dagar sedan

    My first set of good headphones was a set of sony in 1989 when i was 12

  58. Tc_kidsolo


    4 dagar sedan

    Monopro has a pair of substandard called stage right studio monitor flat response sound only paid $29.00 from the company happy with them replacement cables win i also own two pairs of sol Republic headphones one is a v 10 hd. The other is a v 12 they do not make em anymore with brand the v 12 is more clear less base then i own v moda m-80 crossfaders headphones great sound for travel

  59. Ethan Yetter

    Ethan Yetter

    4 dagar sedan

    I never had the fear of my headphones breaking until you turned that bass all the way up

  60. Jason Swiertz

    Jason Swiertz

    4 dagar sedan

    Every pair I've had breaks at the hinges after like, 2 years (of literal daily use). These things are pretty tough, feel great too.

  61. godofwar0678


    4 dagar sedan

    Until one side of the headphones dies

  62. T C Z

    T C Z

    4 dagar sedan

    The bass is so damn loud that i can't think straight at all, and i have to slide the slider down just to think at all. good headphones 👍

  63. BADKIDX8


    4 dagar sedan

    Oh look it’s my headphones that gotten replaced 3 time for the same reason =_= (one side breaks and it just dangles by the wire it still works but it’s not comfortable and I have to hold it up to my ear)

  64. That one vr guy

    That one vr guy

    4 dagar sedan

    You must test scary Gary with it. The song is super bassy

  65. bruce cryor

    bruce cryor

    4 dagar sedan

    Just got mine an hour ago and they fuckin BANG!

  66. Oskar


    4 dagar sedan


  67. Denis 96

    Denis 96

    4 dagar sedan

    Me watching this with wireless headphones p47 Lol

  68. Chui Throwaway8

    Chui Throwaway8

    4 dagar sedan

    The unable myanmar symptomatically afford because processing preclinically bomb athwart a obtainable helmet. breezy, sparkling medicine

  69. Jagielski Gaming

    Jagielski Gaming

    4 dagar sedan

    What microphone are you using? I am looking for something under $25 that has little to no noise (static) or buzz.

  70. InteriorCrocodileDankin8r


    4 dagar sedan

    Bass so hard they more like Skullcrusher Candies

  71. Mana Tehnika

    Mana Tehnika

    4 dagar sedan

    Whaaaaaaat? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Ed Fitzgerald

    Ed Fitzgerald

    5 dagar sedan

    Not my dumb self just ignoring the warning and assuming it’s a joke so I put my AirPods max at 100%. They broke. Applecare doesn’t cover this.

  73. Bap


    5 dagar sedan

    Damn, i just got a FNF jumpscare with that bass up to the max

  74. Bob Saget

    Bob Saget

    5 dagar sedan

    You can’t put skull candy against Sennheiser it does not make any sense lol they are worlds apart in quality!

  75. Souma Spiritus

    Souma Spiritus

    5 dagar sedan

    Literally the phrase "can you you feel it now Mr. Krabs?" made into headphones

  76. Lost Wanderer

    Lost Wanderer

    5 dagar sedan

    I'm selling my crushers ANC. They have less than 20 min use. I bought them to use at work but I can wear them with my hard hat. Everything including the packaging is in pristine 10/10 condition. DM if in USA. Get them at a discount.

  77. Amir Fakhri

    Amir Fakhri

    5 dagar sedan

    Jbl portable speaker.

  78. Michael Page

    Michael Page

    5 dagar sedan

    Skullcandy: *808 Intensifies*

  79. チトChito


    5 dagar sedan

    These earcups don't swivel enough

  80. Osiris Gamez

    Osiris Gamez

    5 dagar sedan

    "oh this aint gonna be that bad, right?" "OH JESUS CHRIST"

  81. TheDwarvenDefender


    5 dagar sedan

    Literally made me LUL

  82. Stardust


    5 dagar sedan

    You know what I'm a dubstep fan I genuinely think at some point I might invest in these

  83. James Phillips

    James Phillips

    5 dagar sedan

    These break at the folding hinge, Buy crusher Evo instead, no annoying wires sticking out of the headband. On amazon for £120,

  84. Reham can't pick a username lmao

    Reham can't pick a username lmao

    5 dagar sedan

    Can't wait to listen to hardbass music in these

  85. The Deer Zone

    The Deer Zone

    5 dagar sedan

    remember guys, loud bass = funny

  86. Okkie Dokie

    Okkie Dokie

    6 dagar sedan

    Built in deep frying

  87. quaks.


    6 dagar sedan

    can someone make the bass recording, a meme?

  88. AverageJoe


    6 dagar sedan

    5:44 no matter how many times I watch this vid I still belly laugh here

  89. SlyHikari03


    6 dagar sedan

    I mean, that’s what you want your music to sound like, right?

    • Bass Knight

      Bass Knight

      5 dagar sedan

      Believe me, they do NOT sound like that in real life

  90. Dezember-Zwolf


    6 dagar sedan

    You can get used Sony XM3's for $100-150 that would blow these out of the water

  91. Uriel LeBaron

    Uriel LeBaron

    6 dagar sedan

    I'm addicted to bass but even I feel a little overwhelmed by that lol

  92. Nobrev


    6 dagar sedan

    I listened to the max bass demonstration with my crushers with max bass and lived

  93. MitsuIsSleepy


    6 dagar sedan

    i hate high bass so much

  94. Somiaz


    6 dagar sedan

    The sound test where the bass is maxed is even better whne you have the exact same headphones and slide it up to max bass, ou get like 200% more bass.

  95. Dr. Aesthetic

    Dr. Aesthetic

    6 dagar sedan

    Oh, yeah Lorna Shore would sound sick on these

  96. Aaron


    6 dagar sedan

    I have these Slide bass all the way up Volume all the way up Play EDMs That how you go to heaven

    • Bass Knight

      Bass Knight

      5 dagar sedan

      Payday 2 OST matey

  97. D TerrorQuetz

    D TerrorQuetz

    6 dagar sedan

    bass boosted jazz

  98. Thomas Galea

    Thomas Galea

    6 dagar sedan

    Those microphones were surprisingly good. Bluetooth _headphone_ mics usually sound like your typical CS:GO blyat mic but they really didn't.