My Cheap Headphone Starter Guide.

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  1. just a jellybean.

    just a jellybean.

    8 timmar sedan

    i listen to your vids through beanie headphones.

  2. lester herman

    lester herman

    18 timmar sedan

    i have the KZs, its very good but the wire is annoying.

  3. Zrad


    Dag sedan

    9:25 been reading KBear as "K Bear" the whole time and just now realized that "KB ear" makes much more sense

  4. Landon Harrold

    Landon Harrold

    Dag sedan

    Hey dank, I know you probably know about these but please talk about the Philips SHP-9500, they are great budget headphones and the sound does not take a bit at all due to the price, got my pair for $50-60 and have never been happier with a pair of headphones

  5. Isaac Hartig

    Isaac Hartig

    Dag sedan

    I hear that most people that own those Philip's and also own the fidelios actually like the fidelios better

  6. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon

    2 dagar sedan

    KB ears, nah mate its KAY BEARS

  7. Weary Kirin

    Weary Kirin

    2 dagar sedan

    I second the Sonarworks recommendation it makes music sound so much better especially if your headphones aren't particularly balanced in the first place and the mobile app, SoundID works really well and is free

  8. GibDopaminePls


    2 dagar sedan

    For those outside of the US where the 58x shipping is yikes, the Sennheiser HD560s are bomb af and more globally available

  9. Malkatrix musik

    Malkatrix musik

    2 dagar sedan

    I don't know why but i can't help but feel like Dankpods And Videogame Dunkey are distant cousins

  10. AverageJoe


    3 dagar sedan

    Just got my superluxs in the mail. I love them so much

  11. Shaun Rumleski

    Shaun Rumleski

    4 dagar sedan

    another really freaking great thing about those KZ ear buds. they don't tangle in your pocket, almost at all. freaking great.

  12. Скрудж МакДак

    Скрудж МакДак

    4 dagar sedan

    i got those $50 Samsons and my brain went like 🤯

  13. James


    6 dagar sedan

    you should make a headphones tier list

  14. Love Crow

    Love Crow

    8 dagar sedan

    Where do you store your headphones?

  15. Oackgourmand I

    Oackgourmand I

    8 dagar sedan

    I have some grado sr 80e, I love them, the problem is they'r good part: they are so open that for travel are awful, if I go somewhere, I love listening with them, but they are not good

  16. Feathery Coffee

    Feathery Coffee

    9 dagar sedan

    I never knew my headphones could be better than squeezing your ears against the laptop speakers when listening through my 18 year old headphones that my dad threw at me when I asked for something to listen to music with

  17. Rylan Walkup

    Rylan Walkup

    10 dagar sedan

    Honestly just get a 15 dollar pair of onn. bluetooth headphones from Walmart are actually relatively nice.

  18. Bryan


    11 dagar sedan

    they’ve add a screen cap of this frame on their amazon listing 😂 makes it easier to find

  19. Pcwiz


    11 dagar sedan

    My sister had those exact same 19 dollar headphones from a brand called Sentry. This just tells me that they have one person manufacturing these and different companies selling them.

  20. Chris Maslennikov

    Chris Maslennikov

    12 dagar sedan

    I just want to thank you for all your contents I studied music technology for 3 years, never really learned about headphones to the extend you’ve taught me! Even just the basics! I used to live in the U.K. (now Spain) I’ve had lots of different makes of headphones in the past, (beats,house of Marley’s, skullcandys) and I took your advice and spent that little bit more money on some WH-CH710N’s and so far they’ve been great! So thank you! I’m tempted to buy some kz pros too for taking with me on walks and stuff, just want to thank you for all your contents! Keep it up!

  21. Bennett Idacido

    Bennett Idacido

    12 dagar sedan

    You think schools spend money? Nono we’re getting those $2.50 headphones

  22. Jeremy Elbertson

    Jeremy Elbertson

    12 dagar sedan

    Can you review the other skullcandy headphones please? Just a handful of em

  23. Comthefox2486


    13 dagar sedan

    This video made me buy AKG K72. These are the best headphones I've ever tried.

  24. stolen sweetroll

    stolen sweetroll

    13 dagar sedan

    you just made me spend seventy-five bucks of my brazilian currency on headphones I didn't even needed i love you mate

  25. Kye JT-R

    Kye JT-R

    15 dagar sedan

    Was thinking of getting Raycons and discovered this channel from Raycon vids, because I was looking for better headphones, and now I'm watching this video with my very on KZ ZSN Pro Xs and Samson SR 850s.

  26. Sincersan


    15 dagar sedan

    that end part about just enjoying the music being the most important point really made the whole video so much better

  27. Orga_24


    16 dagar sedan

    I have seen some people complain about the K52s right ear dying after a few months of normal usage, does anyone have long term experience with these headphones? Samsons are out of stock everywhere and they are the best deal I could find.

  28. Humanoidfrenzzy


    16 dagar sedan

    I had a pair of the first koss headset, in my country, back then, they were less than 40$ and they also came with a life warranty. I remember tons of teens smashing them to pieces, breaking them and getting new pairs for free. I've always thought that's why they were so cheaply made. 😅

  29. Ygdrasii


    16 dagar sedan

    Can u do skull candy dime

  30. Charlie Griffith._

    Charlie Griffith._

    17 dagar sedan

    How would oL’ mate sen sound through a focusrite 4i4?

  31. OC2


    17 dagar sedan

    It doesn't matter what device I am watching your videos on, the headphones with the V frequency chart always sound more open and wide and 3D than the HD600 to my ears.

    • Jamie Vatarga

      Jamie Vatarga

      11 dagar sedan

      That's an effect of the V shape and why so many people like it. Having the bass and treble up front with the mids recessed gives a bit of a large room feel. But once you get used to more flat responses, than the V-shape starts to sound closed in and missing stuff

  32. Bosko


    18 dagar sedan

    Porta-Pro’s? Nah. *Porta-Potty’s*

  33. Electricburner


    18 dagar sedan

    Just got the Samson sr850s and i love them thanks so much man

  34. xXRunDeathXx


    19 dagar sedan

    KB listed your video on their amazon page mate:D

  35. PS1 Hagrid

    PS1 Hagrid

    19 dagar sedan

    You should try the tribit xfree go’s they sound like crap over Bluetooth but you jam an aux cable in them and they are surprisingly good for the price

  36. Andreas Walder

    Andreas Walder

    19 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the info on the Porta Pros... almost considered getting them because of the look.

  37. Michael7R


    19 dagar sedan

    The K Bs microphone is surprisingly really good, to me they sound almost equal to the mic you usually use to record.

    • Kevin Jaden

      Kevin Jaden

      11 dagar sedan


  38. Noucat


    19 dagar sedan

    Pls try the Beats flex

  39. ツNoucat_The_Bass_Teser [JBL]

    ツNoucat_The_Bass_Teser [JBL]

    19 dagar sedan

    You should try Beats flex

  40. ThatSpeakerGuy


    19 dagar sedan

    Try Beats flex

  41. Jyotirmay Gupta

    Jyotirmay Gupta

    20 dagar sedan

    I started my journey with the Sennheiser PX80. Nice open back on-ears. Gave me the first taste of a decent soundstage. Still have those after so many years. Bought them for about 13USD in India.

  42. ‍⃠UnIcOdE‍⃠


    20 dagar sedan

    no thanks i'll stick with my macbook air speaker

  43. James


    20 dagar sedan

    Okay so there's that one brand called house of marley and they make headphones and speakers and I love em buuuuut I'd really like to know how they rank up in comparison to the huh duh sixhungeos. And they're like recycled and partly made out of bamboo and stuff and I'd really like you to review one or two of em

  44. Kye JT-R

    Kye JT-R

    20 dagar sedan

    6:31 I'm listening to the recording of the Samson SR850 with my very own Samson SR850s

  45. Pichu Yang

    Pichu Yang

    21 dag sedan

    Bought Kbear KS1 thanks to your recommendation. Fair price. Works well for a casual like me XD Love you!

  46. Indian DIY Boy by -KANISHK

    Indian DIY Boy by -KANISHK

    21 dag sedan

    Hey next time it would be great if you will compare cosmic byte stardust, Salazar, h11, redgear cloak,and some other cheap gaming headphones with your senheiser hd600 if you will do it I will sub you (don't mock me it is for a joke in your future video😌but do compare them for real) pleaseeee......

  47. Gerardo Velazquez

    Gerardo Velazquez

    22 dagar sedan

    fiio makes great output things, but goddamit their mic's sucks ass..... fiio just buy them from kz or samsung XD

  48. Ryan Axelrod

    Ryan Axelrod

    22 dagar sedan

    You should try out the Fidelio X2HRs. Amazing open-backs for the price

  49. Grand Ma Auto

    Grand Ma Auto

    23 dagar sedan


  50. JSB HIFI


    24 dagar sedan

    Watching this with the AirPods Max off of your recommendation.

  51. Mr FirmTeacher

    Mr FirmTeacher

    25 dagar sedan

    Would love a Astro A40 review. Mixamp not necessary but i feel like is part of the full astro experience.

  52. Supercat Melee

    Supercat Melee

    25 dagar sedan

    the minute you showed the Koss Porta Pros I knew I needed a pair for my cassette walkman

    • Jamie Vatarga

      Jamie Vatarga

      25 dagar sedan

      They're really great after a pad swap (the default ones are too dense and muddy up the sound)

  53. Classy Days

    Classy Days

    25 dagar sedan

    Madd brillz. Might get me a set of one of these when my $20 Kmart boys croak.

  54. Kye JT-R

    Kye JT-R

    25 dagar sedan


  55. Una Salus Victis

    Una Salus Victis

    26 dagar sedan

    weird, my koss porta pros cost 20bucks off amazon, and have had them for years now...use them ALOT when out and about... pocket them alot havent broken yet...

    • Jamie Vatarga

      Jamie Vatarga

      25 dagar sedan

      Meanwhile my KPH30i snapped in a month at the plastic slider. Porta Pros are very durable

  56. Anthony Joseph De Guzman

    Anthony Joseph De Guzman

    26 dagar sedan

    AKG also has the M220's which are about $50-$60. I heard it's basically the K240 with a different name.

  57. SmokyGR !

    SmokyGR !

    27 dagar sedan

    Ayyy! My dad has them superluxes! (Don’t know where they are though)

  58. MyNameIs Ritzo

    MyNameIs Ritzo

    27 dagar sedan

    My first "fancy" headphones are the Philips SHP9500's. I think they were like 60 freedom bucks, I really enjoy them. I want to try the HD600's next, but also don't want to spend that kind of money.

  59. Asinine


    27 dagar sedan

    ✋ Kay bee ears 👉 Kay bears

  60. mychemicalbromance


    28 dagar sedan

    can't believe we didn't get Haitch Pea for the first ones

  61. Another Brick In The Wall

    Another Brick In The Wall

    28 dagar sedan

    i need some headphones, thx man

  62. Cheep&Cheerful


    28 dagar sedan

    $30 USD Superlux? Goes to Amazon... $77.97 USD. You done killed it!

  63. bebo


    29 dagar sedan

    13:43 two headphone jacks ThAts mOrE tHaN oNe

  64. RED FROM Amog us

    RED FROM Amog us

    Månad sedan

    1:13 BRUH DOG 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. alarmingly good games

    alarmingly good games

    Månad sedan

    When you hear so like you know that you are in for a treat

  66. mathextsGD


    Månad sedan

    listening to this through AKG K52s, pretty damn good, thanks for the reccomendation i actually never realised how much my old sony mdr 110 lp stank, they don't fit, they have no headband, you actually have to push them closer to hear anything. these are a massive upgrade to me. oh yeah and i needed closed backs because my music sounds like heresy to 99% of humanity

  67. ravishankar sammeta

    ravishankar sammeta

    Månad sedan

    rocking my new k52's now

  68. Dijon Mustard

    Dijon Mustard

    Månad sedan

    i saw the SR850's and immediately bought them, such a worthful purchase

  69. withadancenumber


    Månad sedan

    just ordered the KZ's and a slightly different Fiio (BTR3k, fit my budget the best)

  70. Pibblepunk


    Månad sedan

    Honestly that second pair of Koss headphones look exactly like the kind of thing you see in schools and offices all the time already, but with genuinely good sound. They'd be great for filling up a classroom on a budget

  71. A bunny that will chew on your cables

    A bunny that will chew on your cables

    Månad sedan

    I just had a look at the Kbear ones on amazon and they added a screenshot of your this video xD to show that you recommended them lmao

  72. Braskus


    Månad sedan

    Couldn't finish the video.. Talking about different nice parts of music made me go.. F this.. gonna go jam with my studio monitors..

  73. Dani


    Månad sedan

    Listening to the Sammies with the Sammies

  74. Kerem Şahin

    Kerem Şahin

    Månad sedan

    your ipad so old you change yor green ipad

  75. arciks11


    Månad sedan

    I don't think my insight on audio comparison will be good since since I use budget OneOdio with high bass frequencies in it.

  76. Tayojb


    Månad sedan

    I listen to most stuff on vinyl and i ended up spending £4000 on my set up

  77. Antoni Kubiak

    Antoni Kubiak

    Månad sedan

    Meanwhile me listening on those sony headphones from the cheap headphones stink vid "Hmmm yes. interesting"

  78. Aidan Chappelle

    Aidan Chappelle

    Månad sedan

    Just a personal recommendation: Corsair's HS45 are a great pair of affordable headphones at $70 CAD, they're pretty bassy but not unlistenable by any means :)

  79. Simpson


    Månad sedan

    the samson hurt my ears, be prepared to purchase aftermarket earpads.

  80. brutality gaming!

    brutality gaming!

    Månad sedan

    what if... i told you dank was brittish not austrailian

  81. Cael Stecklein

    Cael Stecklein

    Månad sedan

    what happened to ya using the old senn hd540 for editing the vids?

  82. Horizontalvertigo


    Månad sedan

    I like ol' mate Pete just hanging in the background, like: "Sup? My hat's baller, right?"

  83. Deadestify


    Månad sedan

    I’m pretty happy with my AirPods 1st gens. I can hear everything. If EarPods are 7/10, then my AirPods are around 8.4/10.

  84. punchy


    Månad sedan

    Turtle Beach Recon 50. one of the best and cheapest headphones out there at 25 bucks

  85. Elemaniel Pagan

    Elemaniel Pagan

    Månad sedan

    "the word blatant comes to mind" will never fail to make me laugh

  86. Nathan Eddy

    Nathan Eddy

    Månad sedan

    Just got some hd 599s last month and omg it's like taking earmuffs off

  87. Billy Bertsch

    Billy Bertsch

    Månad sedan

    10:48 We need more BoganPod

  88. irbricksceo


    Månad sedan

    I had to go check Toxic for that sound. Couldn't hear it on my 6XXs, but I switched over to my old 598's and damn, there it is. I've been frustrated before that the 6XX has such severe top end roll off but this is the first time I've missed a sound on it. Now that I know where it is, I can pull it out if I really listen for it on the 6XX but wow...

    • Jamie Vatarga

      Jamie Vatarga

      Månad sedan

      @Algis-kun the 6XX isn't a crappy headphone though. Objectively it's better than the 598 and is phenomenal at vocals and midrange (6XX is a Sennheiser HD650), but it's a completely different tuning than the 598 with focus on almost a perfect midrange rather than treble and bass

    • Algis-kun


      Månad sedan

      I went with my crappy Dell branded headset... if youre not specifically looking for it, you totally miss it with crappy headsets.

  89. Ashley Joseph Thachoth

    Ashley Joseph Thachoth

    Månad sedan

    the thing is I'm listening this vid with my AKG K72s. a small step up from K52s from this vid...

  90. fahim 2012 unedited

    fahim 2012 unedited

    Månad sedan

    I just have a 1 pound headphone for listening to fm

  91. Printworks


    Månad sedan

    2:55 every instrument sounds like a cheap snare drum on the “studio” headphones.

  92. AtomicWolf 11

    AtomicWolf 11

    Månad sedan

    What about ksc75

  93. 63SONIC1991


    Månad sedan You're welcome

  94. Riddhi Ghosh

    Riddhi Ghosh

    Månad sedan

    AKG is dead and the corpse is owned by samsung LOL

  95. Theo Pickering

    Theo Pickering

    Månad sedan

    listening to the hd681s through my hd681s

  96. Lucas Da Ronco

    Lucas Da Ronco

    Månad sedan

    Love ya man. Subbed.

  97. RetroJackal


    Månad sedan

    Porta Pro masterrace

  98. Hendrik Voss

    Hendrik Voss

    Månad sedan

    OH MY GOD.. Some of these are so bad sounding that i actually thought my inears broke for a second

  99. Dayman88


    Månad sedan

    That would be a good shirt. "I bought my dreams with memes" and then have a picture of Doge on it.

  100. Jordan Coyle

    Jordan Coyle

    Månad sedan

    You should go over the jbl tune 225 tws