Even Ben 10 made an MP3 player...

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  1. trumoo


    Dag sedan

    thumbnail looked like one of those things you put in your crocs

  2. Bri3nWithA3


    2 dagar sedan

    "Can you believe no one bought this?" " auxiliary mode" "Na-no" "It's in that plastic everyone loves" "Oh my PKCELL" Dankpods quotes

  3. The SektorZ

    The SektorZ

    3 dagar sedan

    It's unfair to call this the lowest effort ever, because it's actually shaped like a something It's not just a generic Chinese MP3 player with a brand's sticker on top (like the Hello Kitty one) They actually shaped this one uniquely, even if the end result is terrible and it's still a Chinese bootleg on the inside

  4. EVER 957.001 🇦🇷

    EVER 957.001 🇦🇷

    3 dagar sedan

    This makes the Lego nugget look like the best nugget in the world

  5. John The Mate

    John The Mate

    5 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for the kid who brought this to school and his friends were like, “Bro why do your ears stink?” And from then on he hated Ben 10

  6. Rider 02

    Rider 02

    5 dagar sedan

    Family “what do you watch on SE-one” Me “a man Australia yelling at MP3 players in the for of a dude”

  7. tyler r

    tyler r

    5 dagar sedan

    you're right franks a good doge

  8. cgwworldministries


    6 dagar sedan

    What's sad is it wasn't until you that I knew about mx500s. They should sue for brand damage.

  9. LiquidBlackWolf


    7 dagar sedan

    Plot twist.. There is no MX500 rip off's.. they are all real MX500's.. they are just the ones that failed QC

  10. Brominated Vegetable Oil

    Brominated Vegetable Oil

    7 dagar sedan

    This mp3 player shape can lead to sone REALLY bad headlines... Grown man touches boys backside to hear the sounds he makes.

  11. DJ Supa Dupa

    DJ Supa Dupa

    9 dagar sedan

    2am in my room…. unconsciously smelling my headphones.

  12. OPS Hurst (Owen’s Data Center)

    OPS Hurst (Owen’s Data Center)

    11 dagar sedan

    Sell those crappy USB cords on ebay

  13. Science and mayhem Productions

    Science and mayhem Productions

    12 dagar sedan

    When u said headphone warning I took the opportunity to turn in to full volume, and btw I usually keep youtube at the lowest it can go without muting which is still fairly loud and when I did it sounded like there was a 3-year-old crying in my ear at the top of there lungs because they didn't get the I Carly mp3 player

  14. Akshith Grade 9

    Akshith Grade 9

    12 dagar sedan

    What if Ben 10 made it's own smartphone, like in collaboration with Samsung etc.?

    • Bri3nWithA3


      2 dagar sedan

      It probably wouldnt sell well

  15. Akshith Grade 9

    Akshith Grade 9

    12 dagar sedan

    Speaking of Ben 10, any fans here like me?

  16. I'm DeadShot

    I'm DeadShot

    13 dagar sedan

    I had the ben 10 oneee

  17. Topaz


    14 dagar sedan


  18. Flame


    15 dagar sedan


  19. rossmallo


    15 dagar sedan

    7:50 / 8:15 - What was the thing that made you suddenly reconsider and Scarlet-Immolate them more at these times?

  20. Idky


    16 dagar sedan

    Damn… Ben got some dummy thicc hands…

  21. IJust WatchAndComment

    IJust WatchAndComment

    17 dagar sedan

    I would have bought this as a kid cuz I loved ben 10 oof, Im glad my mum said no to most of my mp3 player wishes.

  22. Erik Hedlund

    Erik Hedlund

    18 dagar sedan

    You have funny looking dogs over there. Frank is a very slim breed… mostly tail

  23. КреКер Деккер

    КреКер Деккер

    20 dagar sedan

    Why would you need that, if you need pc to use that? You can't just connect headphones to pc in the first place? What were they thinking?!

  24. owo


    21 dag sedan

    great "perdido" cover we love jazz

  25. Андрей Вавилин

    Андрей Вавилин

    21 dag sedan

    How are they still selling these, when even the shittiest possible cellphone has built-in player nowadays?

  26. Joel Collinson

    Joel Collinson

    21 dag sedan

    i love sassy the sasquatch's reviews

  27. Quinula


    21 dag sedan

    when you say "bootleg mx500 headphones" i think of the crucial mx500 ssd

  28. Oliver Dyer

    Oliver Dyer

    22 dagar sedan

    4:01 Local Aussie man assaults a child in order to read a manual XD

  29. Bank Robbing Gangster Squad

    Bank Robbing Gangster Squad

    23 dagar sedan

    Are you sure that’s not just a fridge magnet?

  30. KR - H

    KR - H

    24 dagar sedan


  31. Insect S

    Insect S

    24 dagar sedan

    guys, press 7 on your keyboard for headphone breaking haha

  32. Filip De

    Filip De

    24 dagar sedan

    I had a photo of this guy from manual on my school notebook cover more than once. Must be rly popular stock photo

  33. Gabriel Jacobi

    Gabriel Jacobi

    24 dagar sedan

    i really hope you don’t think frank is a dog

  34. Luthfi Zaennuri

    Luthfi Zaennuri

    24 dagar sedan

    This dude is almost same level as Joji and How to basic, I Love Aussie

  35. Peter Marsella

    Peter Marsella

    25 dagar sedan

    This doesn't even deserve an "I don't even think you tried at all" medal

  36. JacksonIsJedi


    25 dagar sedan


  37. spectral spectra

    spectral spectra

    25 dagar sedan

    I had a mp4 from Ben 10

  38. Ev Gamez

    Ev Gamez

    25 dagar sedan

    Can anyone tell me what kind of speaker that is?

  39. Virsho


    25 dagar sedan

    I thought it was a smelling bag

  40. VIN7ER


    26 dagar sedan


  41. Hebonky


    26 dagar sedan

    kevin 11

  42. lloydlloyd323


    26 dagar sedan

    The real question is if he has a mp5

  43. Wolfette Plays

    Wolfette Plays

    26 dagar sedan

    Trust me: as a PS3 gamer, Mini usb is the best thing in the world

  44. IAmKMar


    27 dagar sedan

    Watch Ben 10 classic it's on avatar levels

  45. StockImagesMan08


    27 dagar sedan

    10 Ben

  46. TheMemeStone


    27 dagar sedan

    Listen dankpods I love your channel but how dare you insult Ben 10 he saved our univer- Hold one one second [what do you mean Ben 10 isn’t real? Bullshit how else do you explain the TV show and all the merchandise do you think they would do all of that for a fake person fuck outta here] Anyway sorry about that. But listen I know it might not be the best MP3 player but he is trying hard to save the world and make MP3 players so how dare you!

  47. Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo

    27 dagar sedan

    That watch is an omntrix, wich looks hella cool, why not JUST MAKE A MONITRIX?? jeez..

  48. Zen4real fight man

    Zen4real fight man

    27 dagar sedan

    The dude you never seen Ben 10 Ben 10 was a show about a kid who found an alien watch that turned him into different aliens And he fought crime alien crime that was unfortunately brought on by the watch itself because so many people want it

  49. gthom


    27 dagar sedan

    omg guys ist dream from minceratft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111!!1!!11

  50. coby screech

    coby screech

    28 dagar sedan

    t o y o t a c a m r y b l u e

  51. God


    29 dagar sedan

    I had one of these. So stoked at the time. Can't find it now though.

  52. €¥€


    29 dagar sedan

    4:02 wtf

  53. kitten no like banana 🍌

    kitten no like banana 🍌

    Månad sedan

    Ugh.. there cooked..

  54. The Dootsterr

    The Dootsterr

    Månad sedan

    The original theme song is a bop

  55. Cabby


    Månad sedan

    I haven’t seen your channel since probably 2019. I never knew you got a mic

  56. rayco santana

    rayco santana

    Månad sedan

    Imagine the kids who grew up with this thing and someday they will get nostalgia for this garbage.

  57. Firelion Warrior109

    Firelion Warrior109

    Månad sedan

    ah yes the B E N I O

  58. Đạt Đỗ

    Đạt Đỗ

    Månad sedan

    They should have do the charge portal at his djk

  59. Nizar Naasim

    Nizar Naasim

    Månad sedan

    What the heck

  60. Liviu Squinky

    Liviu Squinky

    Månad sedan

    yucckkkhh snake i dont like snakes

  61. Memeist


    Månad sedan

    Im totally buying this to friend for birthday 😂😂😂😂

  62. GoTi4No


    Månad sedan

    Did he watched Ben 10 ever

  63. Ulrich d'Arth

    Ulrich d'Arth

    Månad sedan


  64. Jack Poneh

    Jack Poneh

    Månad sedan

    How about Ben transforms into a better mp3 player

  65. Jehel


    Månad sedan

    But you can bring it to school

  66. Hypeonpoint Kamikaze

    Hypeonpoint Kamikaze

    Månad sedan

    My god you are unfunny, anyone who does needs to seek help lol

  67. Eczacto 300

    Eczacto 300

    Månad sedan

    Those kids percussion like AirPods

    • Eczacto 300

      Eczacto 300

      Månad sedan

      There’s supposed to be Look in it

  68. SMOKEY


    Månad sedan


  69. DeSmolBoi 404

    DeSmolBoi 404

    Månad sedan

    Ever needed a hand warmer but you left yours at home? Well just grab your MOJO headphone blaster and plug in your off brand ear buds and you'll be warm for days!

  70. derMemory


    Månad sedan

    Looks like a shitty fridge magnet

  71. Will The Awesome

    Will The Awesome

    Månad sedan

    I just realized the top of his shirt is miscolored wich makes it even more garbage

  72. Mike Roshe

    Mike Roshe

    Månad sedan

    "I think its like Animorphs" Woah, now thats nostalgia. I forgot about that show

  73. ZeroSlash


    Månad sedan


  74. btomye


    Månad sedan

    this channel is not for kids

    • [insert username here]

      [insert username here]

      Månad sedan

      What a random statement, and an incorrect one too.

    • Ranting Commenter

      Ranting Commenter

      Månad sedan


  75. Axolovely


    Månad sedan

    what a coincidence, 10 is also how many MBs it can hold before spontaneously combusting

  76. oxy contyn

    oxy contyn

    Månad sedan

    Have you reviewed a sony erickson mo3 player ?????

  77. Mir


    Månad sedan

    Am I the only person who saw an ad for I Carly on this video

  78. Mr. Doge

    Mr. Doge

    Månad sedan

    Honestly if I got money for making these I don’t think I’d be saying yes to stopping

  79. faster than you Black

    faster than you Black

    Månad sedan

    Always nice to find a product with some engrish

  80. Forkmaster


    Månad sedan

    8:17 dude he just eat so much beans stop laughing at him

  81. Orion 2021

    Orion 2021

    Månad sedan

    I feel your pain man. My gaming headphones I spent my birthday money on, mic broke on me after like a month or so later

  82. Four Scarlet

    Four Scarlet

    Månad sedan

    The only mp3 player I ever had was a bulging gen 3(?) blue ipod nano. It had a pretty big black spot.

  83. Phat Video and More

    Phat Video and More

    Månad sedan

    It seems the batman and Icarly look the same right @DankPods ?

  84. Akemitsu


    Månad sedan

    You know I probably would've bought this back in the day.

  85. Felix Manefield

    Felix Manefield

    Månad sedan

    Alright lets put music in the child - Dankpods

  86. Marx's Sweet Ass

    Marx's Sweet Ass

    Månad sedan

    Damn, so this is Ultimate Echo Echo's true form.

  87. TransIvy


    Månad sedan

    This has so much potential to be a cool design (like being the watch) but just completely fucks it up. I have a feeling they just slapped in a PNG from something else and said "mhm design done!"

  88. Cheezyplayz


    Månad sedan

    8:20 coming home from Taco Bell!

  89. ᴄᴀɪɴ


    Månad sedan


  90. WolfiePlays


    Månad sedan

    try covering the "ports" on the ear buds it should trap a little more bass and and if I'm correct it'll blow them up quicker due to there being less cooling

  91. Ronzku


    Månad sedan

    I was just complaining about my blue Camry... God damn it.

  92. Jordan Coyle

    Jordan Coyle

    Månad sedan

    You should go over the jbl tune 225 tws

  93. Dilnar Sethna Patel

    Dilnar Sethna Patel

    Månad sedan


  94. Critical3rrror Not Found

    Critical3rrror Not Found

    Månad sedan

    Yes we need 5 min of Scarlet Fire

  95. BrandonRiver


    Månad sedan

    A lot of Ben10 merch is so fricking weird, I remember decals where Wen child version is pregnant. And Ben is the FATHER

  96. memeland


    Månad sedan

    Please actually do the icarly MP3 player

  97. J.G. Digital

    J.G. Digital

    Månad sedan

    anybody else catch the headphones SPARKING at 8:33

  98. Ranger Zickle

    Ranger Zickle

    Månad sedan

    Can u send some usb cables my way

  99. Vexil


    Månad sedan

    10:27 meet Frank

  100. jess


    Månad sedan

    the ben 10 looks kinda sick. if u wanna send it my way 🤲🏽