I look at some Prototype iPods.

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  1. compaq deskpro

    compaq deskpro

    7 timmar sedan

    Why didn't you hold down power and home to reset the frozen iPod?

  2. Jack McSomeone

    Jack McSomeone

    17 timmar sedan

    Can't wait for the SkankPhone 13

  3. gameo7


    21 timme sedan

    Seeing a back camera in the center of ANY apple device is so cursed

  4. Liam Booth

    Liam Booth

    5 dagar sedan

    7:53 31st December 1969 is exactly one day before the start of Unix computer time. So it might be a reference to a before Unix time crash fix they were working on?

  5. Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1

    6 dagar sedan

    9:46 i have this game on my 2013 lg smart tv (its not smart aanymore) and its a fun game (its now bots only :( sad)

  6. Dominus Gaming

    Dominus Gaming

    7 dagar sedan


  7. Fekuki


    7 dagar sedan

    I have the iPod the first one that you charged lol

  8. SpoiledCola


    8 dagar sedan

    skankphone my beloved

  9. Divide


    8 dagar sedan

    My iPod 4th gen is still in perfect condition and I’m pretty happy about that

  10. Erisolandmore


    8 dagar sedan

    I had an iPod and for some reason, and I don’t remember how, but it got locked for like 43 years.

  11. Hank P

    Hank P

    9 dagar sedan

    9:31 Haha

  12. BAC Klapof The Anti Good User Colilation Fan UTTP

    BAC Klapof The Anti Good User Colilation Fan UTTP

    11 dagar sedan

    iPods are cool.

  13. mielcus


    13 dagar sedan

    9:28 its for switching systems, you should probably had to reboot the iPod

  14. SpoiledCola


    15 dagar sedan

    skankphone 👍

  15. webcookie


    15 dagar sedan

    DankPods phrases: Can't you believe no one bought this AUGZILIARY MOAD A brand new nuuuuggg AH YOU JERKS EEE PC!

  16. kackers


    15 dagar sedan

    what the hell needed to be censored at 11:44, it come up with a location or wifi network or something??

  17. The Master Of XD

    The Master Of XD

    18 dagar sedan

    How to pronounce “Oh my PKCell!” Ou-Mai-Puck-Seoul!

  18. Tristan183


    18 dagar sedan

    The newest best android is the galaxy s21 not the s3

  19. alex12win


    18 dagar sedan

    7:00 Those old iPods didn't actually have a battery percentage indicater, Just like normal iPods.

  20. BlastedProgrammer


    21 dag sedan

    Why do idiots keep giving crApple their money?

  21. African Child

    African Child

    21 dag sedan

    Any1 got water?

  22. Thurmammerman


    23 dagar sedan

    That’s actually completely normal for screens to go black on those iPods. It’s because the battery on them is so drained they stay blank until they get enough power to turn on

  23. bagel


    23 dagar sedan

    se-one.info/cycle/gNJnic-Sr3l-lsw/video touch fighter

  24. Jonas Boortz

    Jonas Boortz

    24 dagar sedan

    9:32 isn't that from the Mac vs PC commercials where both create a movie the movie that the PC created? Edit: se-one.info/cycle/pp56pNFpoGWhZMw/video 5:22 it is

  25. soraboken


    24 dagar sedan

    The most funny thing is when he tries to interact Switchboard and the internal application lmao

  26. ‏‏‎ ‎

    ‏‏‎ ‎

    26 dagar sedan

    You know, you could've just click and hold the power and home button for the iPod that took too long for everything.

  27. Riley games

    Riley games

    27 dagar sedan

    "The first ipod touch to come with a cammera was the the 4th gen which *gasp* HAAAAAU

  28. Chicken soup

    Chicken soup

    27 dagar sedan

    The fossil is alive

  29. Lambolii


    27 dagar sedan


  30. Katarzyna berlikowska

    Katarzyna berlikowska

    27 dagar sedan

    It's the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra

  31. Katarzyna berlikowska

    Katarzyna berlikowska

    27 dagar sedan


  32. Horizontalvertigo


    28 dagar sedan

    Tank! is a great song, if you only had one song on an ipod, that's not a bad choice 😎

  33. dogs are cool

    dogs are cool

    29 dagar sedan

    iPod: Still hasn't died yet My phone: Sorry man, best I can do it 10 minutes.

  34. Nick Barnett

    Nick Barnett

    29 dagar sedan

    I’ll stick to Hugh.

  35. Nick Barnett

    Nick Barnett

    29 dagar sedan

    Can’t keep watching reminds me of that annoying Australian with the voice overs. 👊🏽

  36. MariusIsLazy


    29 dagar sedan

    yo that yt logo tho

  37. hasan kayisci

    hasan kayisci

    29 dagar sedan

    I am considering buying an iPod wich model would you recommend

  38. zerofive


    Månad sedan

    You really see Linux shining through in the early builds!

  39. Paul SWEN

    Paul SWEN

    Månad sedan

    I can’t remember did my dad brought one with camera or not

  40. Justin Reek

    Justin Reek

    Månad sedan

    Plot twist: the year was 2069 and apple is from the future

  41. Google User

    Google User

    Månad sedan

    I love this guy, mom is askin me why I laugh when I watch the computer...

  42. KJLg4meZ Soul Knight

    KJLg4meZ Soul Knight

    Månad sedan

    I would love to have any prototype iPod

  43. Xnepp Exty60

    Xnepp Exty60

    Månad sedan

    So today I got EarPods, and they were the clearest best sounding headphones I have ever heard. Thank you dank for making me want these! (Yes I buy my Apple stuff used)

  44. Terra T

    Terra T

    Månad sedan

    We've confirmed it apples new products are just old gen with hi res

  45. Ruido Kun

    Ruido Kun

    Månad sedan

    on the other hand, on mobile, bottom ad of this video are the newest android phone-

  46. youtolxy


    Månad sedan

    Hey you need to hold volume down and power button to restart the device 6:16 or command exit or restart device

  47. MS Chanandler Bong

    MS Chanandler Bong

    Månad sedan

    The PVT was jailbroken.... right?

  48. Pastor Nezuko

    Pastor Nezuko

    Månad sedan

    Pretty sure there was a command to power off that dev ipod.

  49. Christopher does stuff! 2

    Christopher does stuff! 2

    Månad sedan


  50. The marshmallow girl

    The marshmallow girl

    Månad sedan

    I remember when I got my first iPod it was a iPod touch but my brother had the 4 gen and the 3 gen

  51. Månad sedan

    My first iPod was the 4th gen

  52. Mizosherry


    Månad sedan


  53. jacksinp♫


    Månad sedan

    ipad table

  54. Justin Willis

    Justin Willis

    Månad sedan

    How haven’t I found you before. Such awesome content and such an awesome funny SE-oner. Subbed and bell notifications on. Now going to spend the next 50 million hours watching all your uploads. 😂😂👍👍

  55. Some Random On The Web

    Some Random On The Web

    Månad sedan

    Holy crap! More scratches!

  56. Jordan McDuff Official

    Jordan McDuff Official

    Månad sedan

    Okay so that dude in drag was from the old "HI, I'm a Mac and I'm A PC" commercial. The Home Movie one!

  57. SKCro


    Månad sedan

    11:14: Why is the middle of the screen censored?

  58. janska


    Månad sedan

    idk why but his voice is hot

    • janska


      Månad sedan

      @audaudin why? :(

    • audaudin


      Månad sedan


  59. Gio


    Månad sedan

    ur jokes plus the accent has earned a sub lol

  60. Kota Hyatt

    Kota Hyatt

    Månad sedan

    In the oh so sacred words of dankpods (oh my pkcell) (Oh my pkcell)

  61. firecat


    Månad sedan

    Me watching this on my Note 7 why is my phone smoking

  62. Christina Williams

    Christina Williams

    Månad sedan

    When your at 10 mill I can flex I was subbed before 500k

  63. CybershamanX


    Månad sedan

    AT commands were for old POTS modems. If that's what that app is for, it's weird. Typical commands were for, like, dialing a number, setting the initial baud rate, hanging up, that sort of thing. Freak show is right. 😉

  64. CybershamanX


    Månad sedan

    (7:05) That teapot is the first thing that was ever modelled in 3D on a computer way back in the day. (70s?) It's sort of an in joke in 3D modelling circles these days.

  65. Don Lucio

    Don Lucio

    Månad sedan

    Can you believe no one bou-

  66. The Connor Baird

    The Connor Baird

    Månad sedan

    The guy in the dress was from the ima Mac commercials

  67. firecat


    Månad sedan

    Bro Apple be like how did you get these

  68. Ricky B

    Ricky B

    Månad sedan

    the jailbreak in me had a fit when i read switchboard

  69. Puggy420


    Månad sedan

    Brazzaville requires a subscription to live there unfortunately. :(

  70. klinghoffersimp


    Månad sedan

    From theiphonewiki: When opened on certain devices, CameraFA will put SwitchBoard.app into a "respring" loop, leaving the user stuck on a spinning wheel until they hard reset. This is due to the target device lacking a front camera. That might be why it wouldn't open.

  71. akiey


    Månad sedan

    8:03 friends… ohh aa no friends 😞.. 😂😂😂😂

  72. Liam


    Månad sedan

    theres something about old IOS and these ipods that made everyone feel like they were in the future.

  73. Redsky


    Månad sedan

    My respect for him just went up when he said A-T-A-T and not AT-AT

  74. Nicholas McQuade

    Nicholas McQuade

    Månad sedan

    9:25 That’s actually the PC guy’s knock-off model for one of the Mac vs PC advertisements back in the day. Very interesting to see it in iPod development firmware!

  75. Shaldur prime

    Shaldur prime

    Månad sedan

    I remember playing angry birds on a fucken iPod 3 or something back in 2011-13, the special-ed room had a bunch of them and they would let me play it for like 20 minutes during my regular visits to keep me calm because; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder + Asperger Syndrome + still trying to figure out what meds work = frequent and spectacular meltdowns where I thrashed and screamed incoherently 'til I couldn't feel my brain in my skull I was a goddamn threat to society and getting me to play fucken angry birds rio on a washed-up iPod 3 or whatever was the only way they could reliably placate me

  76. Zain Basir

    Zain Basir

    Månad sedan

    Bruh skankphone is apple’s development software for testing on the iPhone 2G. But ugly and look like a ripoff

  77. Osiris The Fallen

    Osiris The Fallen

    Månad sedan

    Typical doodoo iphone charge time

  78. Enzo EdoggYT

    Enzo EdoggYT

    Månad sedan


  79. Enzo EdoggYT

    Enzo EdoggYT

    Månad sedan

    I haven't seen a Nokia 5190 box in at least 10 years!👍

  80. Mopower Baby

    Mopower Baby

    Månad sedan

    "Ooh ooh oh no friends".

  81. FennecTECH


    Månad sedan

    The developers clearly have to test bolth mac format and windows format.

  82. Luca Skywalker

    Luca Skywalker

    Månad sedan

    I wanna see skank phone

  83. Lilchunkyzoomer


    Månad sedan

    that ipod has more storage than my iphone 7

  84. Dallas190


    Månad sedan

    I actually have the last version of the iPod, iPod touch series 2

  85. Trey


    Månad sedan

    I own a few of these, I had no idea they were prototypes.

  86. Za Groovy Phrog

    Za Groovy Phrog

    Månad sedan

    "retrieve persona" *I am thou, thou art I*

  87. Amateur Programmer

    Amateur Programmer

    Månad sedan

    "we're just gonna have to wait for it to run out of battery" so no offense but did it just not occur to you to hold down the power button? regardless of device if you hold it down long enough it'll trigger something in the hardware controller that cuts power to the thing or just popping the battery out that's a third gen ipod touch

  88. Colton Byles

    Colton Byles

    Månad sedan

    So you know how you filmed a video on the nano, I have an idea😂 and you know what it is

  89. Kajibyf Ghc

    Kajibyf Ghc

    Månad sedan

    Keep it up

  90. Kajibyf Ghc

    Kajibyf Ghc

    Månad sedan

    I love your videos man I will Subscribe right now

  91. Kajibyf Ghc

    Kajibyf Ghc

    Månad sedan

    You should use nufinish On it to get rid of the scratches

  92. idk what to say same here

    idk what to say same here

    Månad sedan


  93. powderrider700


    Månad sedan

    controle your voice volume..please!

  94. Owen’s Mixed Channel

    Owen’s Mixed Channel

    Månad sedan

    Atleast someone else says dingus

  95. นิชานันทน์ มาลัย

    นิชานันทน์ มาลัย

    Månad sedan

    14:15 *Wow. This is Cursed*

  96. Swan


    Månad sedan

    That camera put in the center feels so cursed

  97. Dragonmaster


    Månad sedan

    Isnt 1969 the year where you brick ur phone?

  98. IcE Eternal

    IcE Eternal

    Månad sedan

    I still have my ipod

  99. Maddy Chastain

    Maddy Chastain

    Månad sedan

    Galaxy S3 is not the latest android

  100. Teme


    Månad sedan

    This dude sounds like EddieVR and Joshdub at the same time