The songs I test headphones with.

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  1. Alex R

    Alex R

    3 månader sedan

    Created a Spotify playlist of all the songs featured here: Earth, Wind and Fire - September | Let's Groove Gorillaz - DARE Noisia - Tentacles Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman The droid invasion Bennie Man - Who Am Vybz Kartel - Heavy! Yellowman - Zungguzungguzan George Benson - Affirmation (Live) Gloria Estefan - Conga Khaled - Alech Outkast - Ms. Jackson Frank Zappa - Nanook Rubs It Justice - Genesis Britney - Toxic Seatbelts - Cats on Mars Xzibit - Multiply Charles Mingus - Eat That Chicken Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves Herbie Hancock - Obsession The Mars Volta - Inertiatic Esp Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt Stevie Wonder - As Bruno Mars - That's What I Like Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Danzon for My Father General Levy - Incredible Sub Focus - Rock It Thad Jones - Tiptoe Thundercat - Dragonball Durag Randy Newman - The Scare Floor Junior Senior - Move Your Feet Regurgitator - Polyester Girl | !

    • NotZr0


      5 dagar sedan

      thanks for doing my job for me for me

    • Edward Tye

      Edward Tye

      14 dagar sedan

      Thank you, kind sir.

    • Stan Kukin

      Stan Kukin

      25 dagar sedan

      Freaking legend!

    • Alex R

      Alex R

      29 dagar sedan

      @Aidan Chappelle it's on the playlist, I can't change my post here.

    • Aidan Chappelle

      Aidan Chappelle

      29 dagar sedan

      Scarlet Fire?

  2. Krystal Doubleday

    Krystal Doubleday

    9 timmar sedan

    s c a r l e t, f i r e

  3. Tri ho

    Tri ho

    Dag sedan


  4. Trevor's Tech&Gaming Corner

    Trevor's Tech&Gaming Corner

    Dag sedan

    This channel is too good. This guy is hilarious. Plus it is because of him that I got myself an ibasso DX300 DAP and some proper IEMS to listen to music. Always been in audio but his recommendations and advice got me more into the hobby. Dave? Danny? Whatever your real name is please know your channel has brought me so much joy since I first dicovered you last year. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Amazing Rofa

    Amazing Rofa

    2 dagar sedan

    Dislike this video.

  6. Dionysus


    3 dagar sedan

    Watch out where those huskies go, don’t you eat that yellow snow.

  7. Audai


    3 dagar sedan

    Dude most of SEATBELTS is ridiculous production. Especially those Cowboy Bebop tracks

  8. Aero


    4 dagar sedan

    zxibit multiply sounds like if a local gangleader became a rapper/ hard core audiofile

  9. Rayyan A

    Rayyan A

    5 dagar sedan

    A few others for consideration guys (Sound excellent on my nuraphones) New divide - linkin park S.T.A.Y - Hans Zimmer A small measure of peace - Hans Zimmer Come over - Gyptian (amazing steel drums) Waves - Robin Schulz ("stinky bass" as señor dank would say) Ghetto - Akon (highs and lows) Turn me on - Levin Lyttle (wide sound stage) Toxic love - Deno (HIDEOUS amount of bass, rattled my brainium)

  10. YMG_Xzavyer The Hedgehog

    YMG_Xzavyer The Hedgehog

    5 dagar sedan

    What about those sexy ass speakeasy-style songs? Are they in here?

  11. NotZr0


    5 dagar sedan


  12. Dinkar Fowkar

    Dinkar Fowkar

    7 dagar sedan

    I think Crab Rave is also very good for sound testing

  13. P T

    P T

    7 dagar sedan

    The crunchy beat in the second half of Oirectine (Boards of Canada) is my go-to headphone test. I am not an audiophile though. I tend to find cheap crappy headphones just choke on it and it sounds like a buzz

  14. NCR Veteran Ranger

    NCR Veteran Ranger

    9 dagar sedan

    Gosh I love yellowman

  15. Rusty 013

    Rusty 013

    9 dagar sedan

    I find that “people are strange” by the doors is a really good song to test headphone quality

  16. 5 Percent Juice

    5 Percent Juice

    10 dagar sedan

    I just went and listened to Droid Invasion on a set of headphones I got because of this channel and I felt that bass drum in my SOUL

  17. Michael Biddinger

    Michael Biddinger

    11 dagar sedan

    This channel got me to buy some fz zsn pro x's

  18. takedowntheinternet


    12 dagar sedan

    just an endless playlist of scarlet fire

  19. GreenBalaclavaMan


    12 dagar sedan

    5:02 cowboy bebop fans have been vibin to this one for a while

  20. Finn Darius

    Finn Darius

    12 dagar sedan

    I just got the Sony WH-1000XM4, and as someone who's never owned good quality headphones, songs that I listened to even countless times before really hit different. Never had ANC headphones either and that definitely took some getting used to as well

  21. Braskus


    13 dagar sedan

    Damn.. that 'HEAVY' song.. talk about 'stinky' bass. Once i tested it on my monitors i had to rush to the car and see what i heard like. I don't do subs in my cars.. Quality over quantity.. But damn..

  22. Ferry van Tichelen

    Ferry van Tichelen

    13 dagar sedan

    Jacques - L'incroyable vie des choses

  23. EDcreative


    14 dagar sedan

    Taken me an hour to watch this video and I'm only half way through, have to keep pausing and going to listen to the songs you mention.

  24. Mark Bator

    Mark Bator

    19 dagar sedan

    OMFG, this video should be way more popular than it is. I really liked this song list, really liked this content, create more :D

  25. Juan Garay

    Juan Garay

    20 dagar sedan

    I got my KZs because of you. Cheers from Argentina!

  26. Toast


    20 dagar sedan

    just put on pushaman in my Hifiman Ananadas and.. bongo man is now life.

  27. Horrible Piano Records

    Horrible Piano Records

    21 dag sedan

    Not a single Fleetwood Mac song, gutted 😅

  28. Shubham Kumar

    Shubham Kumar

    21 dag sedan

    Seatbelts did cowboy bebop's score

  29. Walter Comunello

    Walter Comunello

    22 dagar sedan

    actually surprised to see a Cowboy Bebop tune in your favs.

  30. Matt A

    Matt A

    22 dagar sedan

    How about the song Alfadhirhaiti by Heilung? I love the energy, vocal and instruments in this one, feels like your about to go into battle and it gets me pumped up.

  31. Spoopy


    23 dagar sedan

    Just listen to the white stripes seven nation army (original) and you'll know

  32. C Silver

    C Silver

    23 dagar sedan

    I’m about to listen rn with my m40x’s

  33. mryeet01


    23 dagar sedan

    U forgot scarlet fire

  34. Mahathir Musaddiq A.k.a Dex Mushroom

    Mahathir Musaddiq A.k.a Dex Mushroom

    23 dagar sedan

    Name of the device please

  35. SumPatti Official

    SumPatti Official

    24 dagar sedan

    that Tentacles - Noisia one is good.

  36. Jenny Reiswig

    Jenny Reiswig

    26 dagar sedan

    One of my test songs is always Dinosaur's Lament by African Headcharge. That bass should be slightly nauseating.

  37. Daniel Blair

    Daniel Blair

    26 dagar sedan

    im jamaican and i love that a good bit of your songs are from jamaica

  38. ActionMan


    29 dagar sedan

    Shout out to the legend on soulseek that had this whole playlist!

  39. J Bush

    J Bush

    29 dagar sedan

    I'll give you a song. Icky thump it's just beautiful

  40. Colin GZ Network Plus

    Colin GZ Network Plus

    Månad sedan

    Of course Randy Newman is a banger, this has usually been the case

  41. DarthFennec


    Månad sedan

    "I can't believe how many people are using nicer sets of headphones all because of me" I've had my herder sixhundos by sen for the last decade and a half, but your channel finally convinced me to buy an amp/dac for it. Got my new Monolith and balanced cable in today, and it's like a whole new experience, it's wild~

    • iHaveNoIdea


      29 dagar sedan

      Haha, same here (but with Raycons and in ear phones) I mean, the KZ zsn absolutely SMASH them

  42. William Olsen

    William Olsen

    Månad sedan

    The zappa is so all over the place all the while making so much sense. Great audio track. Used amazon hd for the track for flac audio codec

  43. William Olsen

    William Olsen

    Månad sedan

    Just listened to the yellowman song and the lyrics are so sesame street it's hilarious.

  44. Anderson Silva

    Anderson Silva

    Månad sedan

    And, after Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon etc. playlists... I made my own on Cassette:

  45. Kosmikme


    Månad sedan

    Yellowman is one of my favourite artists! My dad saw him live sing Zunguzunguguzunguzeng :D

  46. Sanders


    Månad sedan

    what song does he use to test the headphones when he compares them?

  47. LuiseRat


    Månad sedan

    One of my favorite songs to reference headphones off is “No BS! Brass band- RVA all day”

  48. Big Drippy

    Big Drippy

    Månad sedan

    a great song for nice wide headphones is the live version of Soul Sacrifice by Santana from Woodstock.

  49. TheDoomSpyder


    Månad sedan

    If anyone likes Cats on Mars then you should check out Dads in Space. I know it's fairly popular because of Rocket League, but it's really enjoyable as well

  50. Liggliluff


    Månad sedan

    (7:50) Suddenly a Swedish song. I wanted him to butcher that name :(

  51. John Alden Davis

    John Alden Davis

    Månad sedan

    My late bass instructor, Jorge Casas, was the director of The Miami Sound Machine (Gloria Estefan’s band) since the very beginning! Very cool to see one of the many songs he helped write is part of your headphone testing playlist. Been really enjoying watching your videos, mate! 🤙🏻

  52. GabaGooGoo


    Månad sedan

    Cats on Mars, and nobody in the comments mentions Cowboy Bebop

  53. Stellar_Pug


    Månad sedan

    Another absolute banger on many headphones is a song from The Outer Wilds soundtrack, Timber Hearth, phenomenal game sound track!!!

  54. punchy


    Månad sedan

    another one: The Imp's Song from DooM

  55. Kevin Arnold

    Kevin Arnold

    Månad sedan

    Hey @dankpods . What do you think about the jazz band Snarky Puppy?

  56. vler


    Månad sedan

    Got the hurr-durr 6000s

  57. EricTPM


    Månad sedan

    Thanks a lot!

  58. FuckShitGaming


    Månad sedan

    this man really just made me listen through cats on mars with 300 dollar headphonies

  59. Mark Dah Shark

    Mark Dah Shark

    Månad sedan

    Down to the River by Ben Caplin is also great. To me it has the presence of a big production orchestra while having a very Jazzy vibe.

  60. Shudane Hendricks

    Shudane Hendricks

    Månad sedan

    Also December, 1963 Deep Bass Drum wide soundstage and killer bassist

  61. BeeTheImmortal


    Månad sedan

    >Cowboy Bebop soundtrack absolutely based and chad music taste

  62. Hunter's Moon

    Hunter's Moon

    Månad sedan

    Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans) is what I love listening to through ear-ph-on-es

  63. Texas Red

    Texas Red

    Månad sedan

    Shout out to that one guy giving money to old mate who’s username is just black Betty.

  64. Brian Bommarito

    Brian Bommarito

    Månad sedan

    There are two songs I test /everything/ with: "Scene One: Regression" from "Metropolis Part 2" by Dream Theater. The ticking bounces around and it gives you a good idea of the sound stage of headphones. The other one is "Truth" from "Transcendence" by Devin Townsend Project. It's just a massive wall of sound, but there are clear vocals mixed in. Gives a good sense of how good the mids are, and the seperation.

  65. Jordan Coyle

    Jordan Coyle

    Månad sedan

    You should go over the jbl tune 225 tws

  66. alpingu


    Månad sedan

    whats the one that goes badum ddddddddddauuuuuuooooo tttttttttttttthhthtthththt and sounds like a song youd hear in a youtuber intro i swear i heard it in one of his videos

  67. Dead Ass

    Dead Ass

    Månad sedan

    Are you sure it’s bongos or a cow bell ? On that song

  68. ali aydin

    ali aydin

    Månad sedan

    how is nobody talking about the bongo man

  69. simkarte123


    Månad sedan

    Why didn't you talk about DARE ?

  70. Mustachio


    Månad sedan

    What is the song he plays through headphones into the freakish ears on a stand to compare them?

  71. Karolis Valeika

    Karolis Valeika

    Månad sedan

    Was makin' this mix at 3 am for like an hour... Did it at 3 am for like an hour cuz im a broke boi with my new Superlux'es HD681 and too broke to afford spotify... Hope its good enough though for you bois! Imma go shleep shleep now... P.s. it doesnt have the zero to hero hercs cause YTKids dont like adding stuff to playlists... Thanks SE-one.

  72. Mr Zark

    Mr Zark

    Månad sedan

    Tentacles was an…interesting listening experience. “Nanook Rubs It” reminds me of a old blues song for some reason.

  73. Michał


    Månad sedan

    fuck you dankpods, now i cant unhear the bongo man, i cant pay attention to the rest of the song.

  74. Yefet Weiner

    Yefet Weiner

    Månad sedan

    Check out yosi horikawa's bubbles. My go-to for open backs. Insane resolution and detail, not an ounce of mud in that track. No bass though

  75. Fernando Teixeira da Silva

    Fernando Teixeira da Silva

    Månad sedan

    I have a good one for testing sub-bass: Mais um - Souleance If the Headphone can't reproduce the four notes at 2:35 it has no use for listening bassy music

  76. Mercuryy gamingg

    Mercuryy gamingg

    Månad sedan

    Almost at 1 mill, you got this danky pooods

  77. Arangizo Kish

    Arangizo Kish

    Månad sedan

    Another good one is No Cry by Fasion.

  78. Alan Reames

    Alan Reames

    Månad sedan

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Slow Dancing In The Dark. It sounds immaculate and it is honestly an experience that gives You chills

  79. JamezvdB


    Månad sedan

    So when are we getting the Austrian Audio's on this channel, I'm super intrigued ever since you mentioned them but I have no clue what theyMll be like and I only take you as my audiophile equipment reviewer

  80. canned peaches

    canned peaches

    Månad sedan

    some of the tracks from DROELOE are amazing to listen to

  81. Christiaan Vorster

    Christiaan Vorster

    Månad sedan

    How many Ipods does it take to stop a bullet How manu Nuggets does it take to stop a bullet #demolitionranch #offtheranch

  82. Christiaan Vorster

    Christiaan Vorster

    Månad sedan

    Please join bunkerbranding it will explode this channel You can even shoot all the nuggets!

  83. Kindred Spirit

    Kindred Spirit

    Månad sedan


  84. Albin Nibla

    Albin Nibla

    Månad sedan

    Är du svensk?

  85. Vlad Ventura

    Vlad Ventura

    Månad sedan

    Ok I'll be honest, I only cli ked cause cowboy bebop soundtrack

  86. Vash Hernandez

    Vash Hernandez

    Månad sedan

    As a fellow cowboy bebop fan 🤝🤝🤝

  87. skywalker14


    Månad sedan

    i really recommend to listen to Aphex Twin, he's a legend in electronic and IDM music industry

  88. Ian Gray

    Ian Gray

    Månad sedan

    Killing in the name is my test for bass, what about me by snarky puppy for some highs with the horn sections, uh uh by thundercat, maybe some other stuff but those are the big ones

  89. made with real cheese

    made with real cheese

    Månad sedan

    I use king of the road for my bass tests and electric funeral and blue jay way to see how wide headphones are

  90. Joe Arnold

    Joe Arnold

    Månad sedan

    It’s been a month and I still keep getting *Zungguzungguguzungguzeng* stuck in my head.

  91. ش.ع


    Månad sedan

    We need youtube list

  92. everton


    Månad sedan

    I’ll never unhear the bongo man again from this point

  93. Nero


    Månad sedan


  94. Lolaks


    Månad sedan

    Lmao cats on mars i just heard it in cowboy bebop

  95. shi77e


    Månad sedan

    man just dissed Vybz Kartels lyricism. dislike

  96. Apple wow

    Apple wow

    Månad sedan


  97. Sparks Husky

    Sparks Husky

    Månad sedan

    Ah yes. Fasten your seatbelts is a great song. Love that one.

  98. ComicArtifact


    Månad sedan

    you should just make the playlist public

  99. *facepalm*


    Månad sedan

    That one song that he uses to compare the huh-duh-six-hungos with other headphones is called Walk Through The Park from the SE-one free audio library

  100. Vũ Dương

    Vũ Dương

    2 månader sedan

    Dude. I put on Let's Groove and I can hear the damn kick drum kicking outta my freaking eyeballs HOLY SHIT