The Galaxy Z Flip is junk.

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  1. Barry Homeowner

    Barry Homeowner

    29 minuter sedan

    I really like the idea of these new flip phones. I'd like one, in about 4 years when they've perfected the design

  2. Turtle Pain

    Turtle Pain

    52 minuter sedan

    Saw this video before buying my flip 3 made me nervous. Just bought it today and I still love it. Will update if it gives me any issues though

  3. Tyler Hanks

    Tyler Hanks

    7 timmar sedan

    Wow. Basing a phone reviews on 1 persons phone and experience. Imagine lmao

  4. Aly9315


    7 timmar sedan

    It makes sense that they made this folding smartphone though because all the smartphone companies kept making their phones so big that they had to start going back to making flip phones again, so they made this 🤣 Seriously though, I hate how big my Samsung Galaxy A02S is. It's

  5. Red


    10 timmar sedan

    I have the 4g moto RAZR its 2 years old still works fine minus the slower hardware its a far better phone. Even hides the folding mechanism better than the Samsung flip (you feel hinge through the screen more but you dont really see it). Only issue I had was repairing the secondary screen after getting it shot point blank from an airsoft bb. $300 after fighting tooth and nail to get the parts (still beats the iphone that bricks itself with hardware swaps). also motorola runs a much nicer more vanilla android. The real stress test will be when I take it up north to see how it handles winter (florida man ftw).

  6. Before Tax

    Before Tax

    12 timmar sedan

    Why would anyone even want this? It's like intentionally buying a shittier version of the modern phone.

  7. Newsletter Email

    Newsletter Email

    14 timmar sedan

    I like the idea of it, gives me these mid 2000s vibes where Flip Phones were on top. But I think that a few more years have to pass by until they are fully developed and have a good longevity.

  8. Fronk Hoonigan

    Fronk Hoonigan

    18 timmar sedan

    Still rocking my Note 9, zero desire to buy a new phone. My wife's pixel just went to shit from a drop on thick carpet after having a crack from a drop onto the floormat of the car. Now she will have a Note 9 also! I've dropped mine from a scissor lift fully extended onto unfinished concrete in a one piece TPU case. It didn't even crack! My S8 survived the same thing from a roof onto pavers with cracked back glass. I still have it as a loaner for friends and family with broken phones

  9. It's Andy, me

    It's Andy, me

    20 timmar sedan

    You would think that after buying the first phone, you would learn your lesson and never buy a fold or flip ever again, but nope someone with more money than sense bought 2 more after that.

  10. Big Boy Hours

    Big Boy Hours

    Dag sedan

    Yeah can confirm

  11. Nicolas Winter

    Nicolas Winter

    Dag sedan

    the cliq was the best phone for price and had a full keyboard that worked great for emulators

  12. John Foster

    John Foster

    Dag sedan

    The modern flip phones now are just useless. It damages your screen peremently

  13. Marcus Schnierer

    Marcus Schnierer

    Dag sedan

    The "plastic film" that was on the galaxy fold was actually part of its screen...

  14. Ruben Koassechony

    Ruben Koassechony

    Dag sedan

    But u know if apple did it people would be bashing apple even more

  15. rondoman78


    Dag sedan

    You're only about a year late on this review and a new version is now out. What a 🤡

    • 15cm sIG 33 b sfl

      15cm sIG 33 b sfl

      Dag sedan

      when you cant justify your purchase on a prototype piece of garbage so you call other people out ^🤡

  16. mike jones

    mike jones

    Dag sedan

    The Sidekick was the shit

  17. AmeliaBuns


    Dag sedan

    This won't happen.... Monthly... Lots of people have the Z fold 2 for a year without issues. Also the screen protector can be removed this time. You're wrong It's just bad luck. Tho they're way to common

  18. Manish Singh

    Manish Singh

    Dag sedan

    Actually they have been improving greatly.

  19. Courtney Thompson

    Courtney Thompson

    Dag sedan

    Honestly, not being able to "read a small section of social media feed" is such a first world complaint, but I get it. That is a lot of money to have to STILL payout for something that resembles years of wear and tear after only a month or two.

  20. Yerik Palacios

    Yerik Palacios

    Dag sedan

    "Glass Is Glass. And Glass Can..."

  21. mario mario

    mario mario

    Dag sedan

    I want me dat galaxy note 22 Ultra next year bruh

  22. iPetroSS


    Dag sedan

    "Create a need and satisfy it". Companies make a boatload of money out of this principle. So they created the need of crappy foldable devices.

  23. V LOnG

    V LOnG

    Dag sedan

    Meanwhile Samsung is still making fun of Apple

  24. The Aviation Channel

    The Aviation Channel

    2 dagar sedan

    if apple made it people would think it was legendary.

  25. Explodie Boi

    Explodie Boi

    2 dagar sedan

    jak the one and only baglel

  26. LofieJm


    2 dagar sedan

    its a great phone. pls dont listen to this.. boy,..

  27. Retroflection


    2 dagar sedan

    Don’t forget: The Note died for this

  28. Conor Kindlon

    Conor Kindlon

    2 dagar sedan


  29. Conor Kindlon

    Conor Kindlon

    2 dagar sedan

    And that is why flip phones should be a thing of the past

  30. Jamesstrife


    2 dagar sedan

    One of my super reliable close friends informed me that if you apply 3 drops of essential oils to the screen every day, that it will fix it in no time. Essential oils are essential for anything that plays an essential role in your life essentially. For a list of oils readily available click or tap *here* (available only on essential browsers)

  31. UnKnown


    2 dagar sedan

    Now take an iPhone 12 that suddenly died and judge all iPhone 12s by that single occurrence. Or take a Lamborghini that suddenly broke down and go tell all the Lamborghini drivers that their car sucks. This was the most pointless and stupid review I have ever watched. I am not against mentioning that it broke for some people, but making it seem that it happens or will happen to every phone, is just stupid and it is obvious you are biased here. Btw, just go watch MrMobile’s long term review of this phone and you will get a better picture of how this phone actually does. There is a guy who tortures the phone and it still works perfectly well. I honestly wonder if you would have taken that one and made a review saying that the Flip is the most durable phone ever. I wanna go back and watch your videos. I really wanna know how you handled bendgate or antennagate. Did you tell everyone that their iPhone 6s will bend?

  32. Chocolate Chips

    Chocolate Chips

    2 dagar sedan

    8:54 The turtle beach cult people after being told Turtle Beach sucks

  33. Gasper Edits

    Gasper Edits

    2 dagar sedan


  34. idk


    2 dagar sedan

    Well the glass is bendable a certain amount, but if it was in a non flip phone would that help the screen from cracking?

  35. Tobormax Omega

    Tobormax Omega

    2 dagar sedan

    I used to be a Galaxy Note fan, but after the 7 got recalled....twice...I switched to a "fruit based smartphone" and haven't looked back.

  36. DeadbeatJean


    2 dagar sedan

    Yeah, smartphones that bends, cool and all... But why would why spend 500 US on basically a prototype when I can buy a modest android for 200 US that is not only reliable but has great longevity?

  37. Aiden


    3 dagar sedan

    Me watching on a z flip: I agree

  38. Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    3 dagar sedan

    Why would anyone buy a flip, it's like you crack a normal phone in half...



    3 dagar sedan

    In time that gonna break in half

  40. JustWill


    3 dagar sedan

    This phone is awesome, but nothing will beat the pen for compact usability

  41. Nathan Mason

    Nathan Mason

    3 dagar sedan

    I see so many videos posted that say the Z series is crap. The only reason those phones would be crap, is if it was being used by someone who is usually rough with their phones. It says in the instructions that you pretty much have to baby the phone. Just take care of your stuff and the phone is fine. Mine is in like new condition after using it for a year and I work on a farm.

  42. zzzzzz


    3 dagar sedan

    I just realized he only reviews android products when there bad, I 100% bet if that phone didn't break he wouldn't make a video on it

  43. The Void

    The Void

    3 dagar sedan

    You rly know how to put on a show! Subscribed.

  44. Farid A

    Farid A

    3 dagar sedan

    Just wondering if these idiots ever tested this screen before accepting it to production... Not to mention that the whole conception of Z Flip in a modern world is just a wrong way (with all the messengers and social networks people are using their phones the way too often to accept clamshell device).

  45. Wayne Fields

    Wayne Fields

    4 dagar sedan

    You forgot blackbarry

  46. GttiqwT


    4 dagar sedan

    ill buy it from you for like 20$ lol

  47. Jomer Tomale

    Jomer Tomale

    4 dagar sedan

    _*flashbacks to iPhone 6_



    4 dagar sedan

    god its annoying that everything is so dirty even his fckng hands

    • Blackpink ot⁴ Blink

      Blackpink ot⁴ Blink

      3 dagar sedan

      Cleaner than yours?

  49. Dr. Stoned

    Dr. Stoned

    4 dagar sedan

    So glad I didn’t buy this overpriced garbage haha

  50. Hiilumaru


    4 dagar sedan

    sobs when will i finally get a flip phone that isn't a piece of suck

  51. Leonaldo Brum

    Leonaldo Brum

    4 dagar sedan

    Thanks. You just saved me away from temptation.

  52. Barry Jackson

    Barry Jackson

    4 dagar sedan

    It’s…the screen protector that comes with the phone 😭

  53. Quardek


    4 dagar sedan

    Are you polish?

  54. labqrvnth


    4 dagar sedan

    As someone who actually owns a samsung z flip phone, i've dropped the phone around 4 times and the middle part of the phone just has some random black line and i can't completely bend it back to its original form anymore :( not worth the 2000 dollars. Yes, it fits in my pocket but they're still as heavy as the normal samsung phones. Don't even get me started on the repair fees

  55. Lost Potato in pain

    Lost Potato in pain

    4 dagar sedan

    Finally someone who can think

  56. Jan Maurice Gomez Mato

    Jan Maurice Gomez Mato

    5 dagar sedan

    just slap a lot of carbon in the glass it would probably be foldable 😏

  57. 1v1Dogfights


    5 dagar sedan

    For a tech geek, this guy has some MANLY hands

  58. - VistaSaturn6002 -

    - VistaSaturn6002 -

    5 dagar sedan


  59. zzzzzz


    5 dagar sedan

    Me watching this on a z flip 3: omg that phone sucks🤣🤣🤣

  60. kits GMD

    kits GMD

    5 dagar sedan

    Try the third generation now, to see if it's better or not

    • Content 100

      Content 100

      4 dagar sedan

      Its definitely way better but afterall its still just plastic and if you fold plastic too many times its gonna show

  61. Grant Forbes

    Grant Forbes

    5 dagar sedan

    Fold-gate wouldn't of happened if the reviewers didn't remove the "screen protector" that was actually just part of the screen

    • Grant Forbes

      Grant Forbes

      4 dagar sedan

      @CrazyDragy some say they didn't, but others did. Its possible Sunsung changed the packaging mid-way through sending them to reviewers, it was still in the User guides but not Super easy to See. I don't blame anyone really, Just a pretty unfortunate thing all around

    • CrazyDragy


      4 dagar sedan

      @Grant Forbes Oh there was a warning? It sounded like there wasn't

    • Grant Forbes

      Grant Forbes

      4 dagar sedan

      @CrazyDragy equally unfair to blame the manufacturer when said product had a warning on it too...

    • CrazyDragy


      4 dagar sedan

      We need to put 'don't drink' labels on cleaning products... so I think it's a little unfair to only blame the consumer when the rug gets pulled from under them.

  62. Centepides


    5 dagar sedan

    Me watching this in my z flip 😆



    5 dagar sedan

    4:25 that's what sprint loves doing pay for a phone that breaks and no insurance your fuqd that's why I left sprint

  64. TobiHudi


    5 dagar sedan

    the z flip 3 is actually nearly perfect one week in...

    • TobiHudi


      4 dagar sedan

      @Bryson Hall your not that funny if you write like you would like one but can't afford it because of school or idk what your reason is.

    • Bryson Hall

      Bryson Hall

      4 dagar sedan

      looll yo shit finna break🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. Javier Jose Reyes Otero

    Javier Jose Reyes Otero

    5 dagar sedan

    I literliy got the z flip 3 so if it breaks gonna need your shipping info lmao 🤣🤣🤣bad joke

  66. Ever the ever lasting

    Ever the ever lasting

    5 dagar sedan

    Future Nintendo

  67. Hecksi


    5 dagar sedan

    "Are you ready for this life"

  68. Kitana Klein

    Kitana Klein

    6 dagar sedan

    My first walkman was the big portabel CD player with batteries 😂

  69. Mr. G

    Mr. G

    6 dagar sedan

    The concept is stupid anyways why would I want to unfold it every time?

  70. Squidboy1400


    6 dagar sedan

    If iPhone makes a phone where it doesn’t do this screen crap, I’m sold!

  71. Taz D

    Taz D

    6 dagar sedan

    All these people talking about it lasting 2 years of use. I can't last a year on the same phone, never satisfied... I upgrade to a new phone every year...though recently it's been every 6 months... I'm not rich either, I just shop the deals... and Samsung's website has the best deals over going with the carriers.

  72. shaden489


    6 dagar sedan

    I had that same Nokia phone you showed in the intro and man if that phone wasn't literally the biggest garbage phone I've ever used Holy hell

  73. Alexander Stevenson

    Alexander Stevenson

    6 dagar sedan

    when you bend the laws of physics… physics fights back.

  74. PhilfreezeCH


    6 dagar sedan

    It sure looks like the laws of physics still apply, hard things don‘t like the be folded and material fatigue exists.

  75. FallenAngelPlays


    6 dagar sedan

    Oh dope a new way to emulate game boy advanced games.

  76. Heavy0331


    7 dagar sedan

    I constantly get the energy from you that you want to 1 grit every device you own (with some exceptions) regardless of the quality.

  77. Heavy0331


    7 dagar sedan

    I think that foldable phones are really in their VERY early stages. I bet that in a few years, foldable phones will be durable.

  78. ldobehardcore


    7 dagar sedan

    Folding screen phones are a terrible idea that are impossible to execute until the entire display can be made out of a technology that can be folded.

  79. Gamer Monke

    Gamer Monke

    7 dagar sedan

    Sound great in 2x

  80. jereme heffington

    jereme heffington

    7 dagar sedan

    I'm actually watching this on an old fold. I love this thing.

  81. Julia Gao

    Julia Gao

    7 dagar sedan

    1.why are you reviewing an older model? 2. Lots of ppl who bought it had no problems?

  82. onederman0


    7 dagar sedan

    I used to love the stuff from Samsung but it's been 3 years since the Note 9 came out and that's the last one I was interested in. The only reason I'd want to upgrade is for the camera and even then Google has an arguably better camera for way less. 3 years down with the Note 9 and hopefully another 2 to 3 to go. (unless if someone can actually impress me between now and then)

  83. Xerict RS

    Xerict RS

    7 dagar sedan

    Z flip 3 seems to have fixed so much 120 Hz with stereo sound feels nice

    • Francesco_420


      4 dagar sedan

      That’s the problem, the other things are good

    • Francesco_420


      4 dagar sedan

      Yes but it’s still a plastic screen

  84. trans teen

    trans teen

    7 dagar sedan

    Idk why people would spend money on that hunk of shit

  85. jojo hi

    jojo hi

    7 dagar sedan

    schmutz is german

  86. Super Hans

    Super Hans

    7 dagar sedan

    This is the most enjoyable, genuinely funny, non-cringey tech video I've ever watched. Subbed

    • Jota C

      Jota C

      4 dagar sedan

      Except he probably broke that phone on purpose just to mock Samsung ...

    • calamorta


      7 dagar sedan

      This guy is a genius. I don't even care about earbuds/headsets or whatever and still binge watched most of his channel

  87. Honor Thirteen

    Honor Thirteen

    8 dagar sedan

    Why yes. Yes it is PURE PLASTIC JUNK. So is apple

  88. Kris Shadow 216

    Kris Shadow 216

    8 dagar sedan

    honestly, slide screen phones would do better than fold screens, literally, you can have a 7 inch screen without any significant problems (bessides making cases)

  89. Atty Mizer

    Atty Mizer

    8 dagar sedan

    I wonder if the new ones will do this

  90. Nova2512


    8 dagar sedan

    *Bends the laws of physics? Your bending the truth*

  91. Nova2512


    8 dagar sedan

    *Do Aussies say hand it up instead of hand it in? Or is this Dank being Dank (ie being charming and wonderful)?*

  92. McReaper


    8 dagar sedan

    Glass is glass and glass breaks

  93. General George S. Patton

    General George S. Patton

    8 dagar sedan

    Imagine they kill the note series for this trash fuck the z flip and fold

  94. Yuki L. Spencer

    Yuki L. Spencer

    9 dagar sedan

    I honestly just want it cause it can fold and turn into a little square and I never got to use a fliphone. Yeah I have low standards for what I want on my phone XD but it was also fun watching this. Still might buy it tho

  95. Anthony "Haious" Miele

    Anthony "Haious" Miele

    9 dagar sedan

    Hello. Z Flip3 owner. 3 days so far and it hasn't shown any problems so far.. Will update a month from now.

  96. patepvp


    9 dagar sedan

    I just got the z flip3, I hope this wont happen to it but I do trust Samsung when they said they made it better

    • patepvp


      15 timmar sedan

      @Mr. Hat the middle bend thingy on the screen is definitely noticeable when looking at the a screen in a off center angle but when the brightness is cranked up I don't see it if I don't try, other than that I love it, it's small folded size in my pocket is super cool and it's an all-around nice phone

    • Mr. Hat

      Mr. Hat

      15 timmar sedan

      Week in, how's the screen?

  97. Brock Nolden

    Brock Nolden

    9 dagar sedan

    Ironically there was a Z flip ad on this video

  98. Aaron Lindstedt

    Aaron Lindstedt

    9 dagar sedan

    If only good phone company's do the same amount of testing like gun company's

  99. DageLV


    9 dagar sedan

    why do people jump on those trends with obvious faults but which look good? Like iphone, u look at it the wrong way and it almost explodes, samsung literally explode (ik dead joke) and now screen breaks from intended use after months... I have cat s60 and it works fine, it has the apps i need, youtube, discord, whatsapp, and i can be safe itll work if i drop it in water or on concrete, doesnt matter.

  100. DageLV


    9 dagar sedan

    phone broke, put it up for guarantee tho... its ATLEAST 2 years, no? theyll get it fixed and give it back, cant fix it, give u back new phone, dont have such phone ready to go, theyll ask to pick another phone or money back...