I present to you, the JAMP3.

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  1. Alex t

    Alex t

    2 timmar sedan

    as soon as you said jampy i spit out my water😂

  2. RainbowBread


    7 timmar sedan

    1:58 Is that a ghost in the back?

  3. kamra man

    kamra man

    Dag sedan

    6:04 looks like an alien 👽

  4. Gh0sTly


    6 dagar sedan

    You REALLY need to do a video on what's known as the father of the MP3 player. The Diamond Rio PMP 300 MP3 player, and the grandfather, the MPMan F10.

  5. Gabriel Jacobi

    Gabriel Jacobi

    6 dagar sedan


  6. AstralTeaLeaf


    6 dagar sedan

    9:57 And So I Watch You From Afar - Like A Mouse

  7. GD ReeDude

    GD ReeDude

    7 dagar sedan


  8. Andrew Matonak

    Andrew Matonak

    8 dagar sedan

    I had a second hand one of these things back in the day, literally changed my life. Went from a pocket radio to this, then to a portable cd player with amazing skip protection(which I found at summer camp complete with a copy of Nirvana's Nevermind). What a strange time. Music downloading and mp3 players took kids out of record shop to buy cds to using their computers to share music that they ripped off of the cds they bought at the record shop. And a lot of cds were like 15-30 bucks and so free internet music, even with the slow download times was a good deal cheaper.

  9. Niko Nista

    Niko Nista

    10 dagar sedan

    These guys or their brand , exists to this day and they are JAM Audio , and owned by HMDX. I got as gift their "top tier" JAM Zero Chill BT speaker (the most expensive one according to their catalog) , and they sell TWS earbuds and headphones and speakers aswell turntable (one model). Jam logo is somewhat similar to this one , so I assume they're the same brand / company. The speaker I have mimics one of those JBL water resistant speakers in some aspects and has some feats of it.

  10. how I crashed

    how I crashed

    10 dagar sedan

    What battery sizes do change over time

  11. JO BE

    JO BE

    10 dagar sedan

    Netbooks were the worst they were so slow but it was just the gimmick of being really small that was cool back then

  12. NerdPuppy


    11 dagar sedan

    I would have pronounced it as "Jamp-3"

  13. Eric N. Wilson

    Eric N. Wilson

    13 dagar sedan

    No lie, I had that Jam Studio drawing tablet from the booklet. Hooking that thing up was a LOT more complicated than an industrial-strength USB.

  14. Hayley’s Comet

    Hayley’s Comet

    13 dagar sedan

    I miss the Windows xp log in sound so much not gonna lie.

  15. Cullen Mills

    Cullen Mills

    15 dagar sedan

    Everytime I hear him complain about low bit rates, I remember the USB stick I was given with an album at 2 kbps. That is crunchy

  16. Jyotirmay Gupta

    Jyotirmay Gupta

    16 dagar sedan

    The included cable reminds me of the high quality cables Sony has always provided with its products. I have used very less Sony products but I've always admired their commitment to maintain the cable quality. Most of the cables nowadays are a joke. No stress release. Worse materials. Garbage.

  17. burnt_ash


    16 dagar sedan


  18. Grymyrk


    16 dagar sedan

    It's probably your crappy Jaycar batteries that are the wrong size. Go to Bunnings mate.

  19. Snarkastic Douche

    Snarkastic Douche

    17 dagar sedan

    Man cheap 90's and early 00's earbuds were literally sharp enough to cut vegetables with. About 3 seconds after putting them in, they literally hurt the insides of your ears.

  20. Thatcher4180


    17 dagar sedan

    I love how in the Power pop section it says korobeiniki, a russian folk song

  21. Smitty Hat Mgee

    Smitty Hat Mgee

    17 dagar sedan

    It looks like a panda

  22. Monke


    17 dagar sedan

    I had this nug in 1999 for my 7th birthday, folks here in Indonesia called it JAMPE-JAMPE😂

  23. Raghav GUPTA

    Raghav GUPTA

    18 dagar sedan

    The transfer screen looked like among us download task

  24. Tec Master

    Tec Master

    21 dag sedan

    its genius to have it in multiples of 2 odd numbers are illegal in the volume world (except for 5)

  25. Marcus Lindgren

    Marcus Lindgren

    22 dagar sedan

    I've never seen anyone put a battery in negative side first like that... It's like writing with the back end of a pen and complaining that it doesn't work.

  26. Untitled_Pribor


    23 dagar sedan


  27. Giddins2000


    24 dagar sedan

    Musicmatch jukebox was my CD ripping software of choice back in the day. Way better than windows media player.

  28. hitlers penis69

    hitlers penis69

    25 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one noticing they Peppa Pig bandage

  29. RedneckSwede


    26 dagar sedan

    In 2010 I found a nugget mp3 player in a local Thrift Store. The beauty had TWO multimedia card slots. Could handle 128 mb in total. Oh yes. Why did i buy it? Well it was only as much as a 6-pack of Cola. Aaaand i wanted something ridiculous to play music in my living room.

  30. De Lirium

    De Lirium

    26 dagar sedan

    Thank you for your Windows XP Home Serial key!

  31. Ponti the Avali

    Ponti the Avali

    27 dagar sedan

    My favorite DankPods quote: "That is impressively long!"

  32. Tristan183


    27 dagar sedan

    7:15 my mom got so nostalgic when i showed this to her se-one.info/cycle/bZqNmtuceYVqlsg/video

  33. Zen4real fight man

    Zen4real fight man

    27 dagar sedan

    I'm pretty sure there's a word for when you use the same letter twice like how a Teen Nick used to be teenick but they still pronounced it like TeenNick

  34. RealHuman568


    27 dagar sedan

    2:11 keep pressing it lmaooo

  35. Mütheimムツ広 März

    Mütheimムツ広 März

    27 dagar sedan

    it's ''Yes MP3" in German Ja mean yes.........

  36. themightyjees


    28 dagar sedan

    I hope at some point in their lives the models used in the photos come across this video.

  37. Harri


    29 dagar sedan

    8:16 can we just take a moment to appreciate that beautiful singing?

    • channel5980


      25 dagar sedan

      It does sound good LMAO

  38. Ganfalf


    Månad sedan

    7:47 ah, good 'ol times, when you had to type in the license key for Windows yourself... and they also sticked that code on the bottom of the EeePeeCee

  39. DexterTheWulf


    Månad sedan

    Gotta love that proprietary software for them MP3 players

  40. eric jackson

    eric jackson

    Månad sedan

    The etymology of Australian slang for 500!

  41. Rishaan Baidya

    Rishaan Baidya

    Månad sedan

    Ja mp3

  42. FoilCandy


    Månad sedan

    Woah... This is nugget pre history. Back when you surfed the information superhighway and when you lost your mouse ball you had to hard boil another egg green and pick out the yolk.

  43. William Olsen

    William Olsen

    Månad sedan

    In the second pic on the box, did anyone notice the creepy guy in all black in the background??? JAMP3 LOL

  44. Warded Mirror

    Warded Mirror

    Månad sedan

    i like to think of the name as Just About MP3

  45. cfredrics


    Månad sedan

    I forgot I had one of these for 20 years until I saw this video.

  46. Aidan Chappelle

    Aidan Chappelle

    Månad sedan

    My LG Stylo+ from 2018 can store 2,000x more than this nugget! 32GB, what a decade! I can only dream of getting my hands on 128GB...

  47. WindowsXPforever


    Månad sedan

    Behold, the power of windows xp!

  48. ﹰ

    Månad sedan

    0:45 This guy looks like Ninja

  49. DavidM21


    Månad sedan

    The P in JAMP3 stands for Peppa Pig band aid

  50. Brian H

    Brian H

    Månad sedan

    love the peppa pig band-aid m8, she is legendary

  51. A normal JoJo player

    A normal JoJo player

    Månad sedan

    His voice saying a brand new nug is better than other peoples voice… better than girls

  52. Shaked Singer

    Shaked Singer

    Månad sedan

    my favorite parts are when he says "can you believe no one bought this"

  53. LLCoolJD D

    LLCoolJD D

    Månad sedan

    At 2:04 it cut off:(



    Månad sedan

    GET, SORT, LOAD , JAM!!!!!

  55. ripon rip

    ripon rip

    Månad sedan

    Your videos cheer me up!

  56. HoennLink 2003

    HoennLink 2003

    Månad sedan

    Now when are you gonna put a terabyte in it?

  57. Gigidag77


    Månad sedan

    I thought MP3 players started at 64mb. But 16??? 😂

  58. Ayman Aldahshan

    Ayman Aldahshan

    Månad sedan

    I've watched this vid 2 times and finally realised he has a peppa pig pavement

  59. Cole Shoemaker

    Cole Shoemaker

    Månad sedan

    It’s better if you pronounce it Ja. M. P. 3.

  60. Joe Arnold

    Joe Arnold

    Månad sedan

    It’s actually the Ja. MP3. It is German.

  61. homemade Superstar

    homemade Superstar

    Månad sedan

    6:23 who remembers this sound?

    • [insert username here]

      [insert username here]

      Månad sedan

      Ah, the nostalgia.

  62. Dragonfire Productions

    Dragonfire Productions

    Månad sedan

    2:03 don't a what?? 😐

  63. Le Duc

    Le Duc

    Månad sedan

    2:55 2000! This has been manufactured in the year 2000! A YEAR BEFORE THE FIRST IPOD!

  64. Azalea :'D

    Azalea :'D

    Månad sedan

    .... jamp 3 :'D

  65. Daniel Gonneville

    Daniel Gonneville

    Månad sedan

    It did state 17 minutes of battery at CD quality lol

  66. Jay Maverick

    Jay Maverick

    Månad sedan

    Ah the days of innocence where people would call 128kbps "CD-quality".

  67. Dylan Johnson

    Dylan Johnson

    Månad sedan

    You could hear how really happy he was when he said we will check out the nugget In a minute

  68. Joar Söderström

    Joar Söderström

    Månad sedan

    It's funny that on the list on translated words, dag means a funny person. In Swedish dag means Day.

  69. Apple wow

    Apple wow

    Månad sedan

    Do 10 tb ipod

  70. CyberHunterWolf


    Månad sedan

    Its looks like a panda

  71. The Nameless

    The Nameless

    Månad sedan

    This thing needs a 1TB card upgrade.

  72. Andrew Ellis

    Andrew Ellis

    Månad sedan

    Sega genesis + ipod=BIG CHONK CHUNGUS MONSTER MONTSTROSITY!!!!!!!@

  73. Quiet Wanderer

    Quiet Wanderer

    Månad sedan

    *16 megabytes* Glances to my Fiio M9 with a 500gig SD card: "hey mate, it's your great grandpa, look at that silly old nugget!"

  74. Bulpup


    Månad sedan

    The Jampy's cable harkens back to a time when a computer's only USB ports were on the back. Ahhh the late 90's/early 00s

  75. Killbonilla4life


    Månad sedan

    "But the most important thing is don't a" -Dankpods 2021

  76. Masterzoroark666


    Månad sedan

    Wellp I like Ausie lingo far more than Brish lingo

  77. Ben Waffle

    Ben Waffle

    Månad sedan

    6:31 wow what a callback

  78. Nero


    Månad sedan


  79. Test Subject 4624

    Test Subject 4624

    Månad sedan

    To the uninitiated, Dank looks like he ate too many Tim Tams.

  80. Brother Ozzo

    Brother Ozzo

    Månad sedan

    this bloke has a peppa pig bandage

  81. Madeline lastname

    Madeline lastname

    Månad sedan

    uh actually sir i don’t wanna own you in public but in this video you call the pig on your bandaid peppa pig but in actuality that’s her brother george

  82. Unguided


    Månad sedan




    2 månader sedan


  84. ą̲̉n̤̎͡o͙͋n̠ͫ͞ k̦̿u̢͔ͥn̶͚̚

    ą̲̉n̤̎͡o͙͋n̠ͫ͞ k̦̿u̢͔ͥn̶͚̚

    2 månader sedan

    We achieved comedy

  85. Charlie Ramirez Animatión Studiös

    Charlie Ramirez Animatión Studiös

    2 månader sedan

    2:16 Maybe doesn't matter, but I can't find any song named "Telephone song" by Poor Kids. even though it's been a daily top 10

  86. Blackspooby24 productions

    Blackspooby24 productions

    2 månader sedan

    The jamp3 is older than me...

  87. Liggliluff


    2 månader sedan

    (5:45) Proper SI format is "kbit/s", just like it's "km/h" When I see "kbps", I just want to read it as a word; "kebpus"

  88. XirallicBolts


    2 månader sedan

    I remember obtaining one of these in the early 2000s and recognizing it was garbage. Tried to compress my MP3s to stay within the 16MB onboard limit. I think I used it for a month or so before some design flaw got to be too annoying.

  89. Galexion


    2 månader sedan


  90. Nermaltheterrible


    2 månader sedan

    So... Are we just completely glossing over the fact that, in the lowest picture down on the front if the packaging there's definitely a grim reaper-esque figure just chillin behind this unassuming late 90s skater-punk who undoubtedly is blasting nickelback out of his '94 Honda civic hatchback...? Just curious..

  91. Jabber 1974

    Jabber 1974

    2 månader sedan

    So this this channel is Ashens with an Ozzyman voiceover?

  92. Jacob Lombardi

    Jacob Lombardi

    2 månader sedan

    You used the doing battery's .

  93. shetwizard


    2 månader sedan

    You should record a video only using the jam cam and jam it

  94. Jaqen H'Ghar

    Jaqen H'Ghar

    2 månader sedan

    Man this is giving me flashbacks, I remember this thing so clearly. Especially that design on the box with the different pictures. I also had the RCA Lyra that you had in another video, I had a couple different models of that one. I was big into MP3 players from the start and actually the fact they didn't skip was a big reason in the beginning. That and just how much music you could fit. Never got into the iPod though for some reason. Can't remember why though.

  95. Spock1777


    2 månader sedan

    Hey, we could have had the Jamusic.

  96. KillerGrooves


    2 månader sedan

    Oh my god! The hand in the picture of the guy bungee jumping on the box and the hand of the girl blowing the bubble on the software is the same hand! They photoshopped the same hand onto each picture!!! They just changed the color of the device!

  97. KillerGrooves


    2 månader sedan

    They could make one shaped like a jewel and call it the GEMP3.

  98. Plautus


    2 månader sedan

    Oof, those MusicMatch Jukebox icons take me back.

  99. DippyDup


    2 månader sedan

    Is no 9ne gunna talk about how he missed the jamit ... it's damn it.

  100. Pastor Nezuko

    Pastor Nezuko

    2 månader sedan

    9:47: meanwhile, above the two, where it says "JamP3 (E:)"