The first ever mobile phones.

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  1. Joshua Miller

    Joshua Miller

    14 timmar sedan

    Im so happy their is someone out there as sarcastic as me

  2. Al-Rizky Matin

    Al-Rizky Matin

    Dag sedan

    well another feature should be cancer....

  3. Kasun Chamara

    Kasun Chamara

    2 dagar sedan

    Evolution of Mobile Phones - Short video

  4. Buhgingo


    3 dagar sedan

    But can it run Raid Shadow Legends?

  5. Gamer Goose

    Gamer Goose

    4 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: take a stick and a old Nokia to make Thors hammer

  6. Liam Booth

    Liam Booth

    4 dagar sedan

    5:32 "Everyone's at home with multimeter's just monitoring their brick phones" I can imagine some people actually did that 😂😂😂

  7. Rey Del Rey

    Rey Del Rey

    4 dagar sedan

    the clamshell looked like batman

  8. YaKefir


    5 dagar sedan

    In manual - Don't drop it, it may breaks your floor to Earth's core

  9. Christopher Jackaman

    Christopher Jackaman

    5 dagar sedan

    My dad had one of these. But it was the thicker one

  10. Bence's Phone Collection

    Bence's Phone Collection

    6 dagar sedan

    thats funny

  11. Squid and Ink™️

    Squid and Ink™️

    7 dagar sedan

    Nokia phones

  12. Sujit Barua

    Sujit Barua

    7 dagar sedan

    You in the intro:a hoe ne (the original name that you say:phones)

  13. RedHachi


    9 dagar sedan

    What about suitcase phones?

  14. korozDx


    9 dagar sedan

    Yes kids this were the first "mobile"phones, a feature he didnt mention is you could microwave your food on the go with it and recreate a chernobyl nuclear meltdown if the battery exploded, also you can use it as a large hadron collider that could potentially cause a rift in time and space.

  15. News_Internationale


    9 dagar sedan

    Mobile phobe was already made in the Soviet Union by 1961.

  16. Mr Trash

    Mr Trash

    9 dagar sedan

    It's crazy that this is a Motorola, and that I am typing to you on Motorola smart phone rn. Isn't technology amazing?

  17. William Peng

    William Peng

    9 dagar sedan

    And people complain that iPhones are too expensive 😂

  18. Autumn Gabriella

    Autumn Gabriella

    10 dagar sedan

    Mate can ya maybe search for the best ever thing ever in existence ever THE CRAUG PHONE

  19. Scientific Videos

    Scientific Videos

    10 dagar sedan

    This is how you keep the weaklings off of wallstreet you have to be strong to do BISNESS in the 80s lol

  20. Oun Nak 21

    Oun Nak 21

    11 dagar sedan

    Yes 6210 it's old you say that it looks like an this phone from a year free billion but actually no I found the new version bro it was 6310 he's the link from Nokia

  21. aharris206


    12 dagar sedan

    Lol, that Nokia at the beginning is the first one I remember my mother having as a kid :P (I was born in 1995, so this was sometime around 2001ish)

  22. Smiley


    13 dagar sedan

    My first phone as a young kid was a flip phone, granted, when I was a kid, the iPhone was actually out and flip phones were starting to die but it was still a fun phone for little me to play with.

  23. Logan does stuff

    Logan does stuff

    13 dagar sedan


  24. Nero


    13 dagar sedan

    but funnily enough the Landline quality is still the same.. the same gritty muffled quality

  25. Sfs nicebug

    Sfs nicebug

    13 dagar sedan

    The connector for the battery for the Big one is covered with a sticker

  26. Nate Newman

    Nate Newman

    14 dagar sedan

    I was screaming at my TV, that’s now how you remove the flip down phone battery. You push IN on the tab. Not down. But it wouldn’t be Dank if it was done right. ;)

  27. Muhammad Abubakar

    Muhammad Abubakar

    16 dagar sedan

    You remind me of "Love Fist" in GTA Vice City

  28. Darth Pikachu

    Darth Pikachu

    16 dagar sedan

    He forgot the 3rd feature of the original Motorola A Bludgeon

  29. Skateboardcentral


    16 dagar sedan

    just imagine someone robbing his house and seeing all those mp3 players and stuff

  30. Eric N. Wilson

    Eric N. Wilson

    17 dagar sedan

    So many old man memories from this video. Kind of sad you don't have one of the bag phones, though. They were extra powerful and had longer range back when coverage was a joke out in the boondocks.

  31. Maya Natasha Pirzada

    Maya Natasha Pirzada

    17 dagar sedan

    7:53 tell me that doesn’t look like a calculator with solar panels

  32. Shaylee Ford

    Shaylee Ford

    18 dagar sedan

    I have my parents old Star TAC in my basement and I think it has a larger battery pack. It’s bulkier and sticks out of the phone more. There is also a dent in it, probably from me and my brothers using it as a play phone. We still have the original box and chargers too! One for home and the car.

  33. Thesnakerox


    19 dagar sedan

    I think when I was really young my family actually had two old MicroTACs in our house. No idea why we had them given that it was the mid to late 2000s and the phone was from 1989, but now I kinda wish we still have them.

  34. Jkdabomb10A


    19 dagar sedan

    But why did you buy the second one before opening the first one?

  35. Stormcrash


    19 dagar sedan

    The Centel logo on the DynaTAC is the name of the telephone company/network that originally sold that handset. Centel (originally Central Telephone) was a regional telephone company in the US, they ended up becoming part of Sprint, and the landline business sold off multiple times

  36. Syarif Badaruđin

    Syarif Badaruđin

    19 dagar sedan

    When I saw the title of the video I actually thought that was one of those giant knives



    20 dagar sedan

    See, I like having an annoying ring tone, cause whenever the actual phone app rings it's never good news. So whatever banger of a song I put on there I just end up hating a like a week. Anyone else?

  38. Saif Khan

    Saif Khan

    20 dagar sedan

    Thank you for the Xbox reference. If only you had the Steel Battalion chonkster setup to compare your gizmos to.

  39. coolelectronics


    20 dagar sedan

    When I was 12 I had the 2006 nokia with a builtin flashlight in blue/gray. It was the smaller one where the keypad and earpiece overlay was the same silicone rubber material and the rest of the phone was hard plastic. I remember it was when rompe was out and I would sit in the car flashing the light to the beat of the song! The ringtone composer was always fun to come up with your own creations. I think mine had snake and some kind of brick game I can't remember. oh good times!

  40. TheFilmMixer101


    20 dagar sedan

    But can you make an actual call

    • Ö Ö

      Ö Ö

      17 dagar sedan

      No, because analoque cell service doesn't exist anymore.

  41. AdoH


    20 dagar sedan

    Damn it looks like the phone tommy varceti used (I hope I pronounce the name correctly)

  42. :D


    20 dagar sedan

    it would be cool if the phones had the same model as the old ones but had the same functions as the new ones

  43. Mcm Vlog

    Mcm Vlog

    20 dagar sedan


  44. matthew kowalczyk

    matthew kowalczyk

    20 dagar sedan

    This is like the PS3 slim, do you want see the original Xbox. *LAUGHING*

  45. Bukari Fairuz

    Bukari Fairuz

    21 dag sedan

    Boduh siot review ko nie... Zaman tu kira canggih la fon tu....

  46. Bobbie Graham

    Bobbie Graham

    21 dag sedan

    the motorola 8000x was not the first ever mobile phone, i dont remember the name but there was a mobile phone before that but it wasnt given to the public to use

  47. Name


    21 dag sedan

    HeLlO MoTo

  48. Ojayith Cheni

    Ojayith Cheni

    21 dag sedan


  49. Deku Kitty

    Deku Kitty

    21 dag sedan

    This thing is a mobile phone in the same way that the Virtual Boy is a portable gaming system.

  50. Teto Kasane

    Teto Kasane

    21 dag sedan

    80s phones, wow

  51. S&P VLOG'S

    S&P VLOG'S

    21 dag sedan

    Nice video, but you are taking toooo much

  52. Florida farmer

    Florida farmer

    22 dagar sedan

    I had a startac lol

  53. Ryan McFly

    Ryan McFly

    22 dagar sedan

    At least you have props you could rent out for people to use for videos

  54. Catgamer615


    22 dagar sedan

    Y’know, this channel is such a good pickmeup for after i catch the sads. Say for instance, your old-ass cat is about to die but is holding on just for you, instead of her original owner. A good way to make the sads temporarily vanish is watching you talk about big chonkphones.

  55. Balázs János Dominkó

    Balázs János Dominkó

    22 dagar sedan

    These literal bricks look like the pdas from tf2, that plays in the fuckin 60's

  56. Herobrine 100x v2

    Herobrine 100x v2

    23 dagar sedan


  57. G


    23 dagar sedan

    i got 4:25 in to the video and had to turn it off, stop repeating yourself to make those lame a** jokes about thickness.

  58. Rj Gaming

    Rj Gaming

    23 dagar sedan

    Might as well Throw in the "sheeeeeeeeeeeesh"

  59. da'paca


    23 dagar sedan

    Imagine talking to ya homies through a literal cinderblock

  60. dorstefan


    23 dagar sedan

    Zack Morris called (pun intended). He wants his phone back.

  61. itadoriKen


    24 dagar sedan

    amazing intro

  62. Garrett K.

    Garrett K.

    24 dagar sedan

    Keep in mind that one of these were operational up until 2008, when they shut down the networks. 2008.

  63. Jd Iv

    Jd Iv

    24 dagar sedan

    I'm watching this on a Moto One G Ace 5G lmao! What a trip 😂

  64. Lockheed AH- 56 Cheyenne

    Lockheed AH- 56 Cheyenne

    24 dagar sedan

    "nghaaang stupid eighties" -dankpods

  65. Caleb Smit

    Caleb Smit

    24 dagar sedan

    Bro where is 5110?

  66. Surja Sekhar Sengupta

    Surja Sekhar Sengupta

    24 dagar sedan

    The first mobile was very immobile.

  67. JediSpaghetti


    24 dagar sedan

    The Startak was my first phone... i felt like a badass cyberpunk with it in my hand... i just finished Ghost in the Shell when i had this bad boy xD

  68. wazilei yoon ji-hoo

    wazilei yoon ji-hoo

    24 dagar sedan

    3210 is more stronger than 3310...

  69. RAGNAR


    25 dagar sedan

    Disliked for overacting 👎

  70. liz31319


    25 dagar sedan

    I hate to buy a Nokia lumia 800

  71. Bob Wareham

    Bob Wareham

    25 dagar sedan

    Yes, I had one it was named the brick in the UK but it was a long time ago I am now 75 so thanks for the memory.

  72. AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

    AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

    25 dagar sedan

    Call the first device 8000x !?!

  73. Inachu Ikimasho

    Inachu Ikimasho

    25 dagar sedan

    my first one was erricson and it was a lil squareish rectangle with wonderful chicklet keypads that light up.

  74. Puss Gaming

    Puss Gaming

    25 dagar sedan

    "It's got the DAD CASE"

  75. Code 3 Gaming

    Code 3 Gaming

    25 dagar sedan

    remember when 1TB in the 70s and the 80s were the size of a semi truck?

  76. Lilly Rose

    Lilly Rose

    26 dagar sedan

    I had a motorola phone in 2015 and it was the worst phone I ever owned. I can't believe they're the OG phone makers lol

  77. Katarzyna berlikowska

    Katarzyna berlikowska

    26 dagar sedan

    Why you call it a nugget 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. J


    26 dagar sedan

    i love how DankPod keeping letting himself down & cutting himself with these glorious artifacts 😂 mate you're too much 🤙🏼

  79. NSZTG


    26 dagar sedan

    And here we are complaining about phones costing 2000 plus.

  80. Max default

    Max default

    26 dagar sedan

    Those little Nokia screens cracked and would bleed out all across the display like a mf.

  81. StoriedLeader


    26 dagar sedan


  82. JayCee Kali

    JayCee Kali

    26 dagar sedan

    I would have watched the video, but that stupid pretend laugh made me run away screaming....

  83. Xiaowei Tan

    Xiaowei Tan

    26 dagar sedan

    its can be a weapon

  84. A_GamingChannel


    26 dagar sedan

    now that you’ve went through the first ever phones, you should see if you can pick up some of the first ever mp3 players

  85. Dragon Fire

    Dragon Fire

    26 dagar sedan

    I remember selling the star tek at Radio Shack as a salesman. Now I'm using a note 20 and trading it for galaxy zfold3.

  86. Dee van

    Dee van

    26 dagar sedan

    But... can it run raid shadow legends?

  87. Zmite


    27 dagar sedan

    GTA vice city vibes 0:50 at least that's how I remember phones looked like in that game and especially the part where you beat up a chef or something and get his phone if I remember correctly

  88. Norman jr Walroth

    Norman jr Walroth

    27 dagar sedan

    You know how you look up knock off like the show my knock off in the world i can't believe it

  89. Norman jr Walroth

    Norman jr Walroth

    27 dagar sedan

    Who likes chicken nuggets and chicken shrimps



    27 dagar sedan

    The old ones are more durable than new ones

  91. Ronald Jankowski

    Ronald Jankowski

    27 dagar sedan

    Hey even Polish pepole such as Maciej Piwowarczyk pay for your shit xD

  92. Shiv dadhwa

    Shiv dadhwa

    27 dagar sedan

    Man o Man that is like father of nokia 3310 man you can kill someone even if it falls accidentally on someone from above

  93. Jules Yak

    Jules Yak

    27 dagar sedan

    My dad had a couple of startacs in the late 90s, and apparently the hinge on the phone would give out after like 3 months of regular use, and just snap apart. He went through like 5 of them in total LOL

  94. Zen4real fight man

    Zen4real fight man

    27 dagar sedan

    One thing you have to say about Nokia especially the 6800 is that it was bar near indestructible you could torture that thing then call your buddies to come over and torture it then they could torture it call their friends to come over and torture it in fact call the whole neighborhood to come over and torture it and it would still be okay

  95. edward jocson

    edward jocson

    27 dagar sedan

    Now, unlike nokias which break the surface it was dropped or even hit by, the first EVER mobile phones could break planets itself!

  96. ČínskýBůhSrandy


    27 dagar sedan

    I'm sure you'd design a better product from scratch.

  97. McFinnaPants


    27 dagar sedan

    imagine technology made from plastic and metal and shit, the past was crazy.

  98. Chris M.C

    Chris M.C

    27 dagar sedan

    All jokes aside - somebody used the Centel phone to call your momma up for a booty call.

  99. Yuri


    27 dagar sedan

    That Motorola Brick it’s called was originally sold for 1000$ and back in 1989 it was a lot of money I think it’s a lot more now anyways that phone was solid and name Brick was given to it for a reason that it was unbreakable, I was able to buy Panasonic phone in yearly 90’s and we ll had pagers then. And I think my second phone was Motorola StarTek flip phone it was great phone.

  100. ThatGuy358


    27 dagar sedan

    I'm a bit late but I got flashbacks for the 1983 thumbnail