Even BATMAN made an MP3 player.

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  1. Leo Hultén

    Leo Hultén

    3 dagar sedan

    Ah, the Classic theme. Bada-bada-badaa-badam... mmmmmmBatman...

  2. Zombie Halo

    Zombie Halo

    6 dagar sedan

    I love that the bottom text said ashens reference

  3. A. D

    A. D

    7 dagar sedan

    It has been 3 months, I still sing the batman theme.

  4. mastermegatron


    8 dagar sedan

    Really looking forward to Hand Sword Man's game

  5. Sephy animates

    Sephy animates

    8 dagar sedan

    da ba du bu dweeby duuuhhhh... batmunnn

  6. DJ Supa Dupa

    DJ Supa Dupa

    10 dagar sedan

    “Give me the Batmen” 😂

  7. RealHuman568


    11 dagar sedan

    8:15 thhat laugh lol ha ha ha

  8. punchy


    11 dagar sedan

    B I G L E B O W S K I

  9. Matt Kazachinsky

    Matt Kazachinsky

    12 dagar sedan

    Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na Bat-nuggggg

  10. url


    13 dagar sedan

    0:01 I always wondered if that was just an iPad case or if it was an actual iPad.

  11. Sfs nicebug

    Sfs nicebug

    14 dagar sedan

    SAKAR INC made this

  12. Bagel Person

    Bagel Person

    15 dagar sedan

    I didn't know there actually was an ipad in that case, for some reason I thought it was empty

  13. Major Pie

    Major Pie

    15 dagar sedan

    Am i the only one who got freaked out when he unfolded hid ipad first thing in the video. Like, thats a first right there.

  14. DanMan135B


    15 dagar sedan

    That iPad works?! I thought it was just dead and used as a display platform.

  15. danner253


    16 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who is shocked that Ipad actually works and yet he abuses it so much?

  16. Islem Hamiani

    Islem Hamiani

    17 dagar sedan

    I come back to this video every day for the "give meee the batmun"

  17. Anbun


    17 dagar sedan

    Nananananananananananananananana *BAT-TREE!*

  18. Olimar Putin

    Olimar Putin

    19 dagar sedan

    One of the primary reasons they make product boxes that big is so that people can't steal them as easily. If it could easily fit in a pocket anyone could tuck it in their pocket and nobody would notice.

  19. CMNDRGreyFox


    20 dagar sedan

    A batman mp3 player seems like the kind of thing that would have been marketed during batman and Robin. That movie did things goofy enough that it would make sense that batman had an mp3 player. There's a part in b&r when batman and Robin are controlled by poison ivy and are biding on something at a gala and batman says "put it on my bat-credit card"

  20. Sahra Farah

    Sahra Farah

    20 dagar sedan

    The firs time ive seen the shrekpad in use!

  21. MhykkeParks


    21 dag sedan

    2:23 "Give me the Batmin." - Commissioner Gordon (probably)

  22. Snicktlogan


    21 dag sedan

    I think one of the buttons ended up in between the bins next to the vacuum cleaner.

  23. Guy Magson

    Guy Magson

    22 dagar sedan

    Ashens reference made me happy

  24. Manuel Topete

    Manuel Topete

    23 dagar sedan

    3:18 He find me :D

  25. angelina


    23 dagar sedan

    you gotta get your hands on the barbie one next

  26. Bunker Squirrel

    Bunker Squirrel

    27 dagar sedan

    Love how DankPods is collecting Americans who listen to 500 feet of music in the comments

  27. cheeseman the 2nd

    cheeseman the 2nd

    27 dagar sedan

    Technically if you listen to two thirty minute cassette tapes you would've listening to five-hundred feet of music

  28. BearFlipsTable


    27 dagar sedan

    why the heck is only this video quiet as fuck for me. tried playing music off my computer, it was working. tried watching netflix, it was working. tried other videos on youtube, they were working. wat is going on.

  29. Iraq countryball:)

    Iraq countryball:)

    27 dagar sedan

    That nugget is fucking awful after 1 millisecond of looking

  30. Sebastian Aquino

    Sebastian Aquino

    28 dagar sedan

    Mhhhhhh batman

  31. Sebastian Aquino

    Sebastian Aquino

    28 dagar sedan


  32. Joe Evans

    Joe Evans

    29 dagar sedan

    Bat semen

  33. Medieval Folk Dance

    Medieval Folk Dance

    29 dagar sedan

    Ashens might have the phrase "Sad Onions" copywritten. Kinda his thing

  34. EUROPA Music - Official Channel

    EUROPA Music - Official Channel

    Månad sedan

    Fun fact. Europeans use the Imperial system more often than Americans do. It's usually to spite us. I have used the metric system since I was 12 years old.

  35. AMMO Box Gaming

    AMMO Box Gaming

    Månad sedan

    typical American product: 10% product, 90% waste OOF!

  36. Gay Priest

    Gay Priest

    Månad sedan

    All that plastic is Batman’s plan to defeat Aquaman

  37. Justikman


    Månad sedan

    Calls the batarang the most Australian weapon in the DC universe, completely disregarding Captain Boomerang.

  38. Exitum


    Månad sedan

    My favorite superhero is Big Labowski

  39. Chobrenga


    Månad sedan

    I don't know which is scarier. The way he opened it or that he said he opens beans that way.

  40. ALF


    Månad sedan

    0:44 wait until he finds out about capitan boomerang...

  41. Pog naught

    Pog naught

    Månad sedan

    666k views. Sus

  42. Liggliluff


    Månad sedan

    (1:45) USA, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece One of these is not like the others.

  43. Gabriel Hernandez

    Gabriel Hernandez

    Månad sedan

    nah mate, you missed a super hero, big green bean (shrek)

  44. codaah


    Månad sedan

    you shouldve presented it as the orphanpod not the batman pod

  45. Gigidag77


    Månad sedan

    *0/3 sad onions*

  46. Nicholas Aggarwal

    Nicholas Aggarwal

    Månad sedan


  47. FoilCandy


    Månad sedan

    This was seriously the greatest episode. On the channel. Your a master of your craft sir.

  48. sizzlefly “animations”

    sizzlefly “animations”

    Månad sedan

    0:21 the dude abides

  49. Jordan Coyle

    Jordan Coyle

    Månad sedan

    You should go over the jbl tune 225 tws

  50. benster82


    Månad sedan

    Ashens and Dankpods collab when?

  51. Matt Sanders

    Matt Sanders

    Månad sedan

    Like that Ashens reference

  52. Hotcakes


    Månad sedan


  53. Cristobal Barra

    Cristobal Barra

    Månad sedan

    Big Lebowski is my favorite superhero

  54. Takimeko and his Random Channal

    Takimeko and his Random Channal

    Månad sedan

    His interpretation of the Batman theme is an unironic groove.

  55. Phillip Nunya

    Phillip Nunya

    Månad sedan

    I think it's pretty funny when English is represented with an American flag. The Brits must love it.

  56. RainCloud Nimbus

    RainCloud Nimbus

    Månad sedan

    I think my favorite gag ever is just "ᵒⁿᵍʰ ᵐʸ ᵖᵏᶜᵉˡˡ"

  57. That one up and coming cinematographer

    That one up and coming cinematographer

    Månad sedan

    " Most australian weapon in the DC universe" what about captain boomerang who uses boomerangs

  58. Iseigha


    Månad sedan

    This was the best intro ever

  59. Marisel Ojeda

    Marisel Ojeda

    Månad sedan

    5:45 does it stand up?, does it sta- ʸᵉʰ

  60. Dave Radman

    Dave Radman

    Månad sedan

    I didn't even know that iPad even worked. I thought you literally just used as a table because It didn't work

  61. disgustd


    Månad sedan

    oh his ᴾᴼᴼᴷᶜᴱᴸᴸ

  62. Ashuraman


    Månad sedan

    You joke but I wouldn't be surprised if in universe Bruce Wayne had one of those

  63. Denzter


    Månad sedan

    8:27 i see what you did there 😂

  64. Nero


    Månad sedan


  65. Jabber 1974

    Jabber 1974

    Månad sedan

    You can hear when sexy speaker says auxiliary mode she KNOWS she is a sexy minx.

  66. Chunkies


    Månad sedan

    rip trees

  67. Mr Heru

    Mr Heru

    Månad sedan

    00:31 BLEeechh batmaan... 06:40 owhh my pkcell...

  68. andrej


    Månad sedan

    I like your style but one question: Why do you choose to make most of ur vids about mp3s and Ipods (they aren't relevant today) or they might be in the audiophile community but im not aware? Imo headphones/audiophile equipment and giving audio lessons are much more fun to watch. This is still entertaining tho.

  69. Kreal Dawwg

    Kreal Dawwg

    Månad sedan

    heros hmmm if i c it splld lik that i know whr thy cam from

  70. Tait Loyek

    Tait Loyek

    Månad sedan

    I didn't realize the iPad actually worked. Amazing🤣

  71. plain Joycon124

    plain Joycon124

    Månad sedan

    *not to 3 sad onions*

  72. dɘath_writtɘn


    2 månader sedan

    the amount of money this man has spent on these delicious nuggets.

  73. TheAlexToolStudios


    2 månader sedan

    Is that a iPad 3?

  74. Cinnamon


    2 månader sedan

    All of your vids make me laugh to DEATH

  75. Cinnamon


    2 månader sedan

    You really said hand sword guy

  76. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer

    2 månader sedan

    Tbh i was really wanting to know what was in that disc

  77. Yoshihiro TPA Gamer productions 667 スーパーロボット大戦

    Yoshihiro TPA Gamer productions 667 スーパーロボット大戦

    2 månader sedan

    Big Lebowski is the best super hero.



    2 månader sedan

    I love when he’s careful with the boxes for his collection

  79. Albeit_Jordan


    2 månader sedan


  80. Shadow_dogs


    2 månader sedan

    Yo it’s the malformed nugget

  81. Apple wow

    Apple wow

    2 månader sedan

    Did you Learn how to use the red brick boi?

  82. Johnny Millar

    Johnny Millar

    2 månader sedan

    NOUGHT TO THREE SAD ONIONS. ashens represent

  83. Tom


    2 månader sedan

    The Ashens reference is gold

  84. Doctor Nemmo

    Doctor Nemmo

    2 månader sedan

    They could have packed it with a comic and it would be a "collectible".

  85. Adam Abu

    Adam Abu

    2 månader sedan

    8:22 what's the song here called?

  86. Ben Haggerty

    Ben Haggerty

    2 månader sedan

    That is the horniest bluetooth speaker I've ever did heard

  87. Jack Velvet

    Jack Velvet

    2 månader sedan

    Uh batman

  88. Josh Z

    Josh Z

    2 månader sedan

    I only watch these videos to hear you say "aw, my pkcell....". Sounds so sad

  89. PyroClaymore


    2 månader sedan

    *1:50* As an American I can confirm that this is how we measure everything. Since we use something known as the "Freedom System". Which is something I totally didn't just make up in order to defend the use of an outdated Measuring System.

  90. UKball


    2 månader sedan

    Sharp pointy bat thing that hurts your hand? OHHH…I KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO WITH THAT THING, I NEEDA THROW IT AT MY WORST ENEMYYYYY! Edit: grammar and spelling fixes.

  91. Multiverse One

    Multiverse One

    2 månader sedan


  92. Wyatt Rogers

    Wyatt Rogers

    2 månader sedan

    Some day he’s gonna talk about opening a package with care and actually open it with care.

  93. Lucas Peters

    Lucas Peters

    2 månader sedan

    “Most Australian weapon in the DC universe.” *sad captain boomerang noises*

  94. Soul-Struck


    2 månader sedan


  95. ButterKing -28

    ButterKing -28

    2 månader sedan

    1:51 ..... wow... xs

  96. Austin Martin

    Austin Martin

    2 månader sedan

    Bro it's just minimalistic not featureless excuse you sir.

  97. Gaia Soren-Ladris

    Gaia Soren-Ladris

    2 månader sedan

    I personally enjoyed the warcrimes segment

  98. Rabbit's Refuse

    Rabbit's Refuse

    2 månader sedan

    Thanks for the quick Ashens reference. Made my day.

  99. brunoAS - Computery stuff

    brunoAS - Computery stuff

    2 månader sedan

    Aussie man yells at a pile of garbage

  100. William Jackson

    William Jackson

    2 månader sedan

    I come back every now and then just for 0:28