The Mystery Nugget Surprise.

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  1. Big Things

    Big Things

    Dag sedan


  2. Mr.Derpy


    Dag sedan

    The PKcell never gets old 🤣

  3. FZ


    2 dagar sedan

    I want another one

  4. Zombie


    3 dagar sedan


  5. Frenchy Fry's

    Frenchy Fry's

    4 dagar sedan

    I want a face reveal. Like if you agree.

  6. Amrqo


    5 dagar sedan

    It's so funny how excited he is for everything in these boxes

  7. baja_sa_kraja


    6 dagar sedan

    the last nugget in the vid i had the same one worst part of all is that it was on japanese language

  8. Brennen Snyder

    Brennen Snyder

    6 dagar sedan

    6:20 8:15. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Sanskar Agarwal

    Sanskar Agarwal

    6 dagar sedan

    He laughs like a mad scientist

  10. William Peng

    William Peng

    7 dagar sedan

    Someone in China farted 10 years ago in that assembly factory

  11. Gathered Storm

    Gathered Storm

    8 dagar sedan

    Dude it’s crazy to see how fast this channel is growing, I subbed back when this channel was at 225K and now he’s closing in on a million, I want to buy merch at 1 mil but currently I don’t have the money and if this channel keeps growing at the rate it is now then I actually won’t be able to get merch until a fair bit after 1 mil

  12. punchy


    8 dagar sedan

    fun fact: Craig made one of those generic flash drive nuggets

  13. ChinaVirus


    8 dagar sedan

    Wtf? How did I miss this episode... I even watched re runs like a dozen times 🤷‍♂️ I don't get it but episode to me. I get a bonus this week.

  14. Jet Kazama

    Jet Kazama

    9 dagar sedan

    Did they really just rip a song off of the Kung Fu Hustle soundtrack for Song1?

  15. B bob gaming

    B bob gaming

    9 dagar sedan

    "kids are watching don't say peanut" automatically generated subtitles

  16. yaboiminecraff


    9 dagar sedan

    00:17 I've never thought about it like this but now I will read like this forever



    9 dagar sedan

    I wantttttttttt the iPhone 1

  18. Neon Mushroom

    Neon Mushroom

    9 dagar sedan

    How is his ipad still not broken.

  19. Gabriel Opazo

    Gabriel Opazo

    10 dagar sedan

    Did no one notice that "Soulcker" sounds like "Sucker"?

  20. Joshua Ringle

    Joshua Ringle

    10 dagar sedan

    Just now realizing that "SOULCKER" is pronounced "Soul Seeker"

  21. Gero13 ,

    Gero13 ,

    10 dagar sedan

    Actually had one of those pen mps players as a kid. Mainly used the radio feature on mine but was very useful for sneaking past the metal detectors

  22. Graham Wolfie

    Graham Wolfie

    10 dagar sedan

    *MP3* P e n

  23. ToCarlosWebos


    10 dagar sedan

    Not gonna lie, I can see myself using a pen/mp3, it's not a bad idea at all, maybe with Bluetooth earphones and better quality you can get a good invest



    10 dagar sedan

    4:28 what Samsung ad is it???

  25. RealHuman568


    11 dagar sedan

    8:26 lmaooo

  26. Freddie, charm and mr roster

    Freddie, charm and mr roster

    12 dagar sedan

    I might get that case for my ipad

  27. mattymerr701


    13 dagar sedan

    Mini is way better than Micro-USB to be honest. After about 3 months, the micro connectors no longer click in, the absolute pieces of shite. The USB-IF can go shove a tuna can up their buttholes with how poorly they handle literally anything (See: How many times the different USB 3.X Gen Y standards have been renamed to be the same thing as each other)

  28. Random Nurd

    Random Nurd

    14 dagar sedan

  29. webcookie


    15 dagar sedan


  30. Fritz


    16 dagar sedan

    Fun fact if you search mp3 Australian guy his channel shows up

  31. Abdullah Elattar

    Abdullah Elattar

    16 dagar sedan

    Why don't you just 1grit the stupid USB mp3 players

  32. Purplecloud


    16 dagar sedan

    Dankpods really starts to enjoy killing cheap buds, eh?

  33. DavidM21


    16 dagar sedan

    1:00 it's an MP34 player they invented a new format just for this

  34. TermedPolecat40


    16 dagar sedan

    Review the timoom TRRRRRRRUST ME

  35. Idky


    16 dagar sedan

    Idea for manual nickname: Handy Manny…

  36. Cri


    16 dagar sedan


  37. webmasale


    17 dagar sedan

    You can complain a lot about these generic players, but for some of us it was the only thing we could afford back then :'(

  38. Mr Pikle

    Mr Pikle

    17 dagar sedan

    you need a data cable for the soulker

  39. Mono Mono

    Mono Mono

    17 dagar sedan

    The first nugget's name was meant to be read as "soulseeker"...🙎‍♀️

  40. Fred Kellermann

    Fred Kellermann

    18 dagar sedan

    Awww my PKCELL

  41. Rassak Aakifhakkam

    Rassak Aakifhakkam

    19 dagar sedan

    LOL I should memorise eenee needed minee dingus

  42. Erica Mull

    Erica Mull

    19 dagar sedan

    Someone should make a chicken nugget nugget

  43. Jorge Soto

    Jorge Soto

    20 dagar sedan

    The only nugget to talk to a computer: Am I special? (。◕‿◕。)

  44. PS1 Hagrid

    PS1 Hagrid

    21 dag sedan

    Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s your dirty buds blowing up or mine

  45. Ian Attaway

    Ian Attaway

    21 dag sedan

    Actually had a soulcker when I was younger. I thought it was pretty cool 🤷🏼‍♂️

  46. Xaptus_4 Living Mice∞

    Xaptus_4 Living Mice∞

    22 dagar sedan

    12:14 The little man looks like some guy running with a letter up to a refrigerator while making a trollface for a split second XD I can't

  47. Agent 8

    Agent 8

    23 dagar sedan

    I actually kinda want that pen one tho

  48. Tobias Ramsing

    Tobias Ramsing

    23 dagar sedan

    Wha’r’u tekin’ eboot¿ kids r’n’t watcin’

  49. Oxy_02


    23 dagar sedan

    The year is 3021; mp34 players are in high demand, but a relic from the past might just save the day.

  50. Zen4real fight man

    Zen4real fight man

    23 dagar sedan

    The ambulance is on the way

  51. Zen4real fight man

    Zen4real fight man

    23 dagar sedan

    There's also pen radios

  52. Raine Wilder

    Raine Wilder

    24 dagar sedan

    We only need this much... ROFLOL

  53. Alessandro Sanna

    Alessandro Sanna

    24 dagar sedan

    1grit AND double Pkcell in one video, i feel blessed

  54. Avery Lindner

    Avery Lindner

    24 dagar sedan


  55. JediSpaghetti


    24 dagar sedan

    i sincerly fkin love you YOU FKIN LEGEND!!!

  56. Luthfi Zaennuri

    Luthfi Zaennuri

    25 dagar sedan

    I'm soo glad to SKIP aalll those JUNKK waiting patiently my childhood saving money of my lovely parents, and now I got reliable smartphone buttonless, no shit no junk

  57. /Wulfy_animations\


    26 dagar sedan

    "oh no this is all sticky feeling" *_h m m m_*

  58. Fulkrom


    26 dagar sedan

    I bet if someone heard him recording one these episodes, out of context, they would think he was having a seizure.

  59. thisfallengoth


    26 dagar sedan

    You: joins Xbox live party 12:23 - the random person's mic quality

  60. Brian Dowdall

    Brian Dowdall

    27 dagar sedan

    The recording sounds like every single person that’s ever called in on a TV show or the news

  61. AirbornePhoenix


    27 dagar sedan

    I have the first one he showed, because it was cheep and had a long battery life. The formatting requirements are wack, and the shuffle mode is scuffed.

  62. HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

    27 dagar sedan

    Not a keyring, that's a lanyard.

  63. Mackenzie Hunter

    Mackenzie Hunter

    27 dagar sedan

    Holy fuck I had one of those generic long MP3 players as a kid in that Pepsi blue. Had like 30 mb I think lol

  64. Dib Dab

    Dib Dab

    27 dagar sedan

    The soulchkr is just a rip off *_a s t e t i k_* editon

  65. NikotheNeko


    28 dagar sedan

    you know, that soulcker actually looks pretty good, might buy one

  66. tmzilla


    28 dagar sedan

    You might have better luck plugging these nuggets into a Windows XP or Linux machine...

  67. S0ggyBeanZ


    28 dagar sedan

    I love it when the faux-pods scream in agony.

  68. RexxGaming1


    28 dagar sedan

    Me when the earphones pop: *laughs* *claps* "JOLLY GOOD SHOW"

  69. Jay holloway II

    Jay holloway II

    28 dagar sedan

    I hate the Manuel’s that come like a road map As

  70. Scarlet


    29 dagar sedan

    Kids are watching

  71. Rachel Colameco

    Rachel Colameco

    Månad sedan

    These videos are my favorite. It's so much fun.

  72. Shadow Sabre

    Shadow Sabre

    Månad sedan

    the middle nugget you have covered before in a old episode.

  73. John Foster

    John Foster

    Månad sedan

    Every time I watch this the "eenie meenie, miney dingus" gets me.

  74. Xppp1


    Månad sedan

    Dankpods videos need smell-o-vision so we can enjoy the fried dirty buds

  75. YEET Security & Electrical

    YEET Security & Electrical

    Månad sedan

    4:43 It won’t appear on the compiooter

  76. Simon Arne Myklebust

    Simon Arne Myklebust

    Månad sedan

    i actually bought one of the last one you showed. because i wanted to have something that i didnt care about when mowing the lawn

  77. voomvoom goes the chicken

    voomvoom goes the chicken

    Månad sedan

    Make more surprise nugget videos!

  78. Shaldur prime

    Shaldur prime

    Månad sedan

    how come he sounds even more Australian when heard with a crappy bitrate?

  79. JuanMunzerAsakura


    Månad sedan

    half the time I come over ust to watch Frank's cameos

  80. Sky The Dumb CatGirl

    Sky The Dumb CatGirl

    Månad sedan

    I used to have one of those triple AAA mp3 players freaking loved that thing as a kid

  81. Eggboi McEggerson

    Eggboi McEggerson

    Månad sedan

    ah, kalinka, a russian classic

  82. chistine lane

    chistine lane

    Månad sedan

    As someone who got their hands on a soulcker mp3 player. Quality has gone up 15% But the software still sucks hot ass. If i can flash rockbox on it I'll use it every day but until then, it's staying in a draw

  83. Pog naught

    Pog naught

    Månad sedan

    You should make SE-one shorts of the one-grit decimating all the trash earplugs from the junky MP3 players

  84. Nolan Males

    Nolan Males

    Månad sedan

    hey boys, what about the 32 GB card. HELLO?

  85. Shaq Man

    Shaq Man

    Månad sedan

    i am the 600,000th viewer, nice.

  86. William Olsen

    William Olsen

    Månad sedan

    I would love it if you could find the samsung YP-P2 mp3 player from like 10 years ago. It was the best high fidelity sounding player I've ever had. I preferred over my zone. I promise you will be impressed by the audio adjustments and settings plus there a huge amount of mods for the operating system and audio tweaks to make it even better.

  87. Lee


    Månad sedan

    1:56 the biggest business in the world, the US Army. Facts

  88. Soup :]

    Soup :]

    Månad sedan

    My chihuahua's nickname is "nugget" so everytime someone calls her I wonder why they're calling an ipod



    Månad sedan


  90. Stanford McCorkle

    Stanford McCorkle

    Månad sedan

    Glad to catch the name of the song, “Scarlet Fire”

  91. Aidan 5

    Aidan 5

    Månad sedan

    You could pack much more terrible content into each video if you were to explore the software CDs

  92. 1 way to game

    1 way to game

    Månad sedan

    I love the blue mp34 player



    Månad sedan

    Too Easy

  94. Anuj Thakare

    Anuj Thakare

    Månad sedan

    So funny

  95. binary841010100


    Månad sedan

    why break it? might as well put it online sell as 2nd hand stuff..... mayb if u install the cd, all the other nugget mayb able to talk to the pc

  96. Ossi Saurio

    Ossi Saurio

    Månad sedan

    Why did the middle box on the thumbnail make me think Asus made an mp3 player lol

  97. Luisa Amélia Rossetto

    Luisa Amélia Rossetto

    Månad sedan

    I seriously have no idea why I love your videos so much... It can't get more random than this hahaha But it's awesome! Please, never stop

  98. joel mtz

    joel mtz

    Månad sedan

    why didn't you change the cable maybe it was just a cable for charging, not data xd

  99. Nurb Xam

    Nurb Xam

    Månad sedan

    i like mp34's

  100. FoilCandy


    Månad sedan

    You think dankpods sleeps in a nest made of fried earbuds?