The worst headphones I've bought.

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  1. fans, tech, etc

    fans, tech, etc

    6 timmar sedan

    put air pods in them

  2. fans, tech, etc

    fans, tech, etc

    6 timmar sedan

    who would spend 40 bucks on an earpod adapter?

  3. Zechen Wei

    Zechen Wei

    8 timmar sedan

    11:44 AHHh..I know why they sound so bad:))) u need to break them in!!

  4. Boss Battle

    Boss Battle

    8 timmar sedan

    9:29 OneOdio Studio 60 Vs. 10:16 Superlux HD681 Vs. 2:40 Sennhieser HD600

  5. RAD REX


    13 timmar sedan

    They look cooool though hmmm I think IMA try one

  6. Thepuppyplay Z

    Thepuppyplay Z

    19 timmar sedan

    My Sony headphones are cheaper than that price

  7. twisted freddy23

    twisted freddy23

    23 timmar sedan

    Life goes 🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅🧅

  8. BeAsT thelegend27

    BeAsT thelegend27

    Dag sedan

    What if you used the dirty bud embigginers... With dirty airpods?

  9. BeAsT thelegend27

    BeAsT thelegend27

    Dag sedan

    If I can tell the difference between then with me smashing the vid our on my phone speaker... They're bad.

  10. Chad Hill

    Chad Hill

    Dag sedan

    AirPods mini

  11. zombieCNC


    Dag sedan

    there more expensive than a actually decent pair of over ear headphones, get the skull candy riffs those are better than these.

  12. ozhan tasdemir

    ozhan tasdemir

    Dag sedan

    plug cables both sides and it returns to senheisser hd600

  13. WOOF


    Dag sedan

    Should’ve tried to stick AirPods in those tho

  14. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    Dag sedan

    Can you use these with airpods?

  15. AllTheGoodNamesWereTaken


    Dag sedan

    these exist purely because of a meme. if you saw this before you saw the meme. F for respects

  16. Nayan Pokhriyal

    Nayan Pokhriyal

    2 dagar sedan

    it took me a moment to realize he said over-ears not ovaries.

  17. Kobi Hameed

    Kobi Hameed

    2 dagar sedan

    put airpods in it

  18. Flameengo


    2 dagar sedan

    This is something the TikToker who creates useless inventions would make.

  19. Meyanda Wahyu

    Meyanda Wahyu

    3 dagar sedan

    what a cute animal in end of video

  20. Uriel LeBaron

    Uriel LeBaron

    4 dagar sedan

    Embiggeners is an amazing word

  21. FallenAngelPlays


    4 dagar sedan

    Imma call em the Dingus Sykes. Cause they trick you into thinking your buying Bluetooth headsets. I'd know cause it happened to me

  22. shark x

    shark x

    4 dagar sedan

    Its technically a good idea, but its also not a good idea

  23. Fithi


    4 dagar sedan

    Did he ever mention why he uses the back of an ipad to film on?

  24. Kavukamari


    5 dagar sedan

    I got HD518's and now I can never feel good about headphone purchases anymore because they all suck in comparison

  25. Whiskers


    5 dagar sedan

    Jabra 75ts are the best wireless ear buds I have ever bought and I own the air pods pro 2

  26. Darman Skirata

    Darman Skirata

    5 dagar sedan

    Can you put the wireless earbuds in them?

  27. lvcsslacker


    6 dagar sedan

    ok that flipable cable is a good idea. Or rather, it's the headphones that implement that sort of idea... nice!

  28. Ariq Naufal | Riqmann

    Ariq Naufal | Riqmann

    6 dagar sedan

    Damn bro I'm laughing all night! This is entertainment!

  29. alarmingly good games

    alarmingly good games

    6 dagar sedan

    This video stopped me from panicking when my house was on fire literally right now I clicked on it because it was recommended to me and I wanted to stop panicking

  30. Ic3Cr3am 22

    Ic3Cr3am 22

    8 dagar sedan

    How the fu## 29 dollars is cheap for an earphone? My BLUETOOTH headphones only cost 11 US dollars (no I AM NOT joking)

  31. Vincristine


    8 dagar sedan

    Ok, I was never expecting these to sound particularly good. But on what fucking planet does it make sense to be comparing these to audiophile headphones...instead of comparing them to the experience of *not having the additional chassis*? I want to hear what these can actually accomplish by affecting the soundstage. These are effectively pneumatic headphones (which yes, are a thing, though I've only ever seen them on cheap airlines ~20 years ago) All comparing them to audiophile headphones shows me is that you're missing the point of what these might actually be able to accomplish. Gimmie a reference point of what the earpods sound like on their own vs with the chassis, instead of comparing them to headphones *that we clearly know are better and don't need a video to demonstrate*.

    • Jamie Vatarga

      Jamie Vatarga

      7 dagar sedan

      @Vincristine it's more of an issue with the seal. It's the same reason when he records on ear headphones they sound terrible on the rig. A more expensive industry rig is able to create a proper seal and can record IEMs. This is just a hole in hard plastic

    • Vincristine


      7 dagar sedan

      @Jamie Vatarga I very much doubt he couldn't have just taped the headphones in position on that recording rig.

    • Jamie Vatarga

      Jamie Vatarga

      7 dagar sedan

      Two things to note. His recording rig doesn't work for IEMs. So even if he wanted to he wouldn't be able to record the sound of the airpods on their own. Second, he was trying to make a point how you're going to end up spending $60 for these plus the airpods, when something like the superlux for half the price sounds better. The HD600 is just always brought out as a consistent reference for every headphone video he does

  32. ert 21

    ert 21

    8 dagar sedan

    Dang dem superluxes sound crisp

  33. Skylxne


    9 dagar sedan

    Sounds like elevator music quality

  34. Clayton Carter

    Clayton Carter

    10 dagar sedan

    Honestly it’s better than I thought

  35. Der Mann

    Der Mann

    11 dagar sedan

    Now the elevator music actually sounds like if you'd actually be in one nice 10/10 if you wanna if you wanna use em for that

  36. CrystalEevee 133

    CrystalEevee 133

    11 dagar sedan

    I live in the states. I bought a cheap pair of over ear blue tooth headphones at Big Lots for $20 usd. I wanted a cheap headset with decent battery for yard work rather than use my good pair. It’s not the most comfortable, but at least it’s decent sound. The fact that this exists at double the cost of my cheap set, and you still have to have another headset to truly work is insane! This is the sort of thing you’d see at a discount shop or dollar store here! What the heck?!

  37. chric.


    12 dagar sedan

    If you put the airpods inside this, can you have a bluetooth headphones, mindblowing

  38. Yeeter


    13 dagar sedan

    My dirtybuds have been through several washing machine cycles

  39. Dandy Pickle

    Dandy Pickle

    14 dagar sedan

    Love your channel man

  40. Coatochi Ortiz

    Coatochi Ortiz

    14 dagar sedan

    well, in my country those earphones are indeed worth 1 week of food for the family

  41. hassan rehman

    hassan rehman

    14 dagar sedan

    ive came back to this vid and thought would airpods fit ???

  42. tall confused bloke gaming

    tall confused bloke gaming

    14 dagar sedan

    try the surface earbuds in it

  43. Josh Macelroy

    Josh Macelroy

    15 dagar sedan

    Me hearing ovaries instead of over ears each time

  44. Rehbstar


    15 dagar sedan

    Everytime he said over ears i heard “Ovaries”

  45. st4rm4st3r


    15 dagar sedan

    2:14 i have a name for them: "filthy liar"

  46. Just a glass of milk with internet connection

    Just a glass of milk with internet connection

    15 dagar sedan

    If it would work with AirPods this won’t be too bad

  47. stiky


    15 dagar sedan

    what if you gut them and put actual headphone hardware in them

  48. Evan Hartmann

    Evan Hartmann

    16 dagar sedan

    I wanna see if airpods work In them.

  49. Logan Baker

    Logan Baker

    17 dagar sedan

    "potato potato"

  50. Jill Banthburough

    Jill Banthburough

    17 dagar sedan

    wait are you from Thor ragnarock? That rock guy? Korg right?

  51. Kid


    17 dagar sedan

    Is there one of there headphones for the indy evo wireless earbuds?

  52. LW


    18 dagar sedan

    I lost it when the instructions said fiddle with the equaliser to make these work

  53. Paul Potter

    Paul Potter

    18 dagar sedan

    They're certainly an 'interesting' idea. That's brilliant with the two sizes of jack plug.

  54. MisingLinkGTRS


    18 dagar sedan

    Funny enough..I’m watching this with a pair of dirty buds that have seen better days and it might be the fact that I’m a smooth drain idiot but I feel like I can distinctly tell the difference in audio quality each and every time you do this test

  55. Aidan


    18 dagar sedan

    this bangs

  56. Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter

    Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter

    19 dagar sedan

    I DJ for a living and have spent hundreds on high-end headphones; name it, i have it. But these are amazing. They literally rival the sound quality of my expensive headphones. These are so good. I bought two more for my dad and brother as Christmas gifts.

  57. Thumper Dumper

    Thumper Dumper

    19 dagar sedan

    Whats next? Wired wireless headphones

  58. toxic_icecream


    19 dagar sedan

    Just put on top of your earbuds soundproof headphones and it will be better than this.

  59. JulesOnly


    19 dagar sedan

    Just found this channel, this dude is so funny wth

  60. Praecantetia


    19 dagar sedan

    It's a decent idea it'd say.

  61. DOCTOR J


    19 dagar sedan

    This guy's voice is beyond annoying

  62. Grant-does-hobbies


    19 dagar sedan

    Wait how did the son listen to music when his dad only bought him dirty buds, the dad couldn't get him a Craig come on dad

  63. Blade III

    Blade III

    20 dagar sedan

    Ovaries, over ears

  64. Mikkel Andersen

    Mikkel Andersen

    20 dagar sedan

    7/10? what?!

  65. BreakingGood


    20 dagar sedan

    the song u play reminds me of the old days of gran turismo 😋

  66. That Bill Guy

    That Bill Guy

    20 dagar sedan

    The superlux are legit sparkling

  67. random nerd

    random nerd

    21 dag sedan

    You can get a pair of used Bose for 50-100 dollars. Any of the ones worth buying have replaceable wires & ear pads.

  68. Cmoth040


    21 dag sedan

    I've never laughed so hard watching someone figuratively kick a puppy.

  69. Sad_roomba 4

    Sad_roomba 4

    21 dag sedan

    Hey does anyone know the name of the song he uses to test headphone quality

  70. Michael Segal

    Michael Segal

    21 dag sedan

    The one odio studio 30 ones are still missing a cord with a lightning connector so you would still need to use a dongle whereas the other ones just put your EarPods with the lightning connector in them and no dongle needed unless you use Bluetooth but with Bluetooth you can’t use the microphone

  71. Michael Segal

    Michael Segal

    21 dag sedan

    I would actually like these because I could use my EarPods with the lightning connector with my iPhone SE send gen without using a dongle like I do with my beats

  72. Kawaiicrocodile 1

    Kawaiicrocodile 1

    22 dagar sedan

    Mechsuit for dirty buds

  73. Bip


    22 dagar sedan

    Listening on a pair of Zannu's right now, I didn't hear a difference in the audio quality. : )

  74. Daniel Makahin

    Daniel Makahin

    22 dagar sedan

    Zaanus has a fitting name, am I right?

  75. metaphysia


    22 dagar sedan

    all i can hear is “ovaries”

  76. Tom Barton MTB

    Tom Barton MTB

    22 dagar sedan

    Stick AirPods in them to make them Bluetooth lol 😂

  77. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    22 dagar sedan

    I have the do version of that type of headphones from one audio

  78. DestructiveBurn


    23 dagar sedan

    DestructiveBurn Maybe their good for earmuffs in the winter lol

  79. Jonsly Sanchez

    Jonsly Sanchez

    23 dagar sedan

    Bro why do they sound like an elevator speaker playing elevator music

  80. stampy Dragon

    stampy Dragon

    23 dagar sedan

    I actually need those because I can't wear in ear headphones due to medical reasons So they just be handy for that reason but if I had to buy them then that's crap

    • stampy Dragon

      stampy Dragon

      19 dagar sedan

      @Mewtwo3 my headphones go through so much abuse I brake the cables once every 5 weeks plus I can't be bothered to buy a phucking adapter that apple charges you for because they couldn't bother to put a headphone jack on there phones anymore

    • Mewtwo3


      23 dagar sedan

      Those ones are obviously trash

    • Mewtwo3


      23 dagar sedan

      Sorry but are you stupid you can just buy normal Headphones



    23 dagar sedan

    Are Superlux HD681 bootlegs from Presonus HD7 or the same thing?

  82. Jonah Archibald

    Jonah Archibald

    24 dagar sedan

    He's saying "Over-Ears" not ovaries...... Gosh i swear im high sometimes

  83. Aliece Bergen

    Aliece Bergen

    24 dagar sedan

    I genuinely looked up the headphones just to see if they even still were sold after this video. They do, how they do, I have no idea.

  84. AnDrEs


    24 dagar sedan

    Is that.... the club penguin pizza theme??

  85. patti441


    24 dagar sedan

    we need an review of the microsoft musical buttplugs for your ears

  86. dasking22


    25 dagar sedan

    the classification of headphones for the zanuus is funny because they should be called a adapters

  87. Spyro The Gerudo

    Spyro The Gerudo

    25 dagar sedan

    I can sort of see the appeal here. I hate wearing in ear headphones because I have weird ears, and there is not a pair of buds that fit them properly. I have to wear over ear headphones because they are comfortable, and this product allows me to plug in a pair of earbuds I can't normally use.

    • The King

      The King

      13 dagar sedan

      But you could just buy real overear headphones for the same price, and they would sound a lot better

    • Fernando Aguila Gonzalez

      Fernando Aguila Gonzalez

      22 dagar sedan

      Or just buying a pair of headphones would do too

  88. Ty Seng

    Ty Seng

    26 dagar sedan

    Wow I actually have the OneOdio headphones, genuinely great for the price

  89. 26 dagar sedan

    Me “ I got turtle beach head phones for £36 and it’s got amazing sound quality and a damm mic” company “buy our crappy over priced “headphones” that you need headphones for and our product IS overpriced” “oh”

  90. c Will

    c Will

    26 dagar sedan

    So you have sony Mavica?

  91. itryen


    26 dagar sedan


  92. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust

    27 dagar sedan

    Do these work with regular AirPods

  93. Paulo Silveira

    Paulo Silveira

    27 dagar sedan

    with wireless airpods you would have a wireless headset. 💆🏻‍♂️

  94. tmzilla


    28 dagar sedan

    Maybe the ZaanU's might be good for obscurely wired and poorly fitting dongled headsets that used to come with some nuggets, but I guess that's a tiny market...

  95. Fedal


    28 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know the song that dankpods use to test headphones

  96. This Bird Has Flown

    This Bird Has Flown

    28 dagar sedan

    Good grief I feel like my ears are sinking with that thing.

  97. JohnnyVVlog


    28 dagar sedan

    I mean they sound I guess?

  98. Zen4real fight man

    Zen4real fight man

    29 dagar sedan

    You can get jlab headphones for cheaper than those Bluetooth last 30 hours and yes it is legitimate I've had them and if you want to go exactly the same money you can buy they're ones that last 50 hours that are noise-canceling and no they're not professional quality but they're far better than these things

  99. Retrohai789


    29 dagar sedan

    surprised they even splurged out on the glossy paper